1 dead, 4 wounded in Brooklyn hookah lounge shooting as dispute takes deadly …

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1 dead, 4 wounded in Brooklyn hookah lounge shooting as dispute takes deadly turn: cops.

A dispute turned deadly when a man opened fire at a Brooklyn bar early Friday, killing his adversary and wounding three partygoers with stray bullets, officials said. One person was killed and five people were injured when a dispute at a roti shop and hookah lounge on a busy Brooklyn street ended in gunfire early Friday, New York City police said.State police say they’ve charged two upstate New York men with unlawfully growing marijuana after 200 pot plants were found growing in a rural town on the Vermont border. Investigators say they got a call just after 3 a.m. about shots being fired at Ali’s Roti Shop located at 589 Flatbush Avenue in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

The gunman fell to the ground as he fired, leaped back to his feet and fired wildly as he scrambled out of the lounge, packed with some 70 people for “Ladies Thursday.” “I saw a guy lying between two tables,” said worker Sean Johnson. “His friend was standing over him saying, ‘Please don’t die. The suspect shot Chrispine Phillips, 27 years old, during an argument and kept firing his gun to clear an escape path, a law-enforcement official said.

Parents of a 10-year-old violinist are suing to overturn their 10-year-old daughter’s expulsion for having a knife on school property which they say she merely used to “trim broken hairs” on her violin bow. On its website, Buda Lounge calls itself “Brooklyn’s newest hotspot,” and invites locals to ”come dance the night away at our sexy venue or join us for dinner.” 27-year-old male shot in the head and torso. Phillips is known to police as a member of the Folk Nation gang and is believed to have been targeted because of his affiliation. “I was in the back, in the kitchen, getting food and stuff when I heard the ruckus,” said 45-year-old owner Johnny Ali. “I just heard hookahs falling to the floor from people trying to get out.” Employee Sean Johnson said he was in the basement and came running up the stairs once the shooting stopped to find Mr. Don’t die!’” “I saw him when they wheeled him out,” Cruz said. “He was wearing all white, a white shirt and pants, but he was covered in blood. They said the lounge opened a few months ago and say it’s become increasingly rowdy. “They be smoking and drinking and come out fighting and shooting”, one told the news station.

Another 25-year-old woman reportedly “suffered a cut leg from flying glass when the shop window was shattered during the chaos,” but is in stable condition. In an interview with CBS New York, a nearby resident said that ever since the hookah bar opened, people have been drinking and fighting in front of 589 Flatbush into the wee hours. They also suffered lacerations from broken glass that flew throughout the lounge during the gunfire, police said. “The people that go in there are rowdy.

They don’t know how to control themselves, especially when they’re drinking, smoking hookah,” said Devon Andrew, 30, adding that patrons don’t leave the lounge until the early morning hours. “Almost every night there were loud arguments between drunk customers,” said Slawecka, who has called the cops on the joint in the past. “I’m a single mom of an 11-year-old girl and I’m scared to stay in my own neighborhood.”

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