2 Southwest Airlines plane clip wing tips in California

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2 Southwest Airlines Plane Clip Wing Tips in California.

A flight carrying dozens of passengers had to be cancelled moments before take-off after two Southwest Airlines planes clipped wings at an airport in Northern California.Authorities say two different mainstream airlines cut fly pointers at the Oakland the world over Airport in California, however no accidents have been noted.The top of a Boeing 737’s wing tip was torn off when the aircraft collided with another plane on the runway at Oakland International Airport on Sunday night.No one on board either plane was injured in the incident, which happened Sunday night as a plane headed for Orange County “came into contact” with another Southwest plane, said airline spokeswoman Alyssa Eliasen. “Safety is always our number one focus, and we are conducting an internal review to identify details surrounding yesterday’s event,” Eliasen said. “Our employees are working as quickly as possible to re-accommodate all customers.”

Passenger Manas Gowd, who is short in to John Wayne Airport, in Santa Ana, California, instructed MailOnline Travel: ‘My stunt plane cut the seaplane in our remaining and resulted in holding up considerable devastation into the wingtip handle. “I didn’t desire to make a chance and questioned a other passenger to actually standard down departure usher and convey it into their ealier consideration where the smooth have not been likely to be equipped to glide utilizing a part of the department missing”. The minor collision occurred when Southwest Airlines flight 2647 was pushing back from the gate and its wing tip brushed the wing of another Southwest aircraft. Shocked passengers on board the outbound flight alerted cabin crew after the plane lost a ‘chunk’ of one of its wing tips, said one of the travellers. No injuries were reported on either aircraft and both planes were taken out of service and will undergo a maintenance check, according to a statement from Southwest Airlines.

We felt a sudden jolt but most passengers didn’t seem to think much of it,” Gowd wrote in an email. “I watched, somewhat incredulously, while the (now missing portion) wing tip cracked and fell to the ground as our plane continued to taxi backwards after the jolt, as though we were continuing to head out to the runway. “I didn’t want to take any chances and asked a fellow passenger to flag down a flight attendant and bring it to their attention that the plane was not going to be fit to fly with a portion of the wing missing.” After 10 minutes of watching airport maintenance crowd the aircraft, Gowd said the pilot announced another plane was waiting at the gate, but after Gowd and dozens of other passengers deplaned, they learned a backup wasn’t available. We flagged down a stewardess quickly and brought the matter to her attention as we had yet to stop moving backwards.’ Mr Gowd said: ‘We were first told that there was a plane waiting for us at an adjacent gate.

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