5 things about Barack Obamas Robin Hood tax plan

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5 things about Barack Obama’s Robin Hood tax plan.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he’ll be more relaxed and “a little better at it” when he delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday night. WASHINGTON: Day after day from morning to night, a small cadre of wordsmiths searches for the right message, tone and cadence for the U.S. president to speak to the American people.Though Republican leaders have said they share Obama’s desire to reform the nation’s complicated tax code, the party has long been opposed to many of the proposals the president is expected to outline Tuesday. The Robin Hood-style proposal would raise taxes on capital gains and close various breaks for the wealthy in order to finance more generous education, family and retirement benefits for those further down the income ladder. “By ensuring those at the top pay their fair share in taxes, the president’s plan responsibly pays for investments we need to help middle-class families,” the administration says in a summary. The Braves drove us to distraction and brought “termination” to Frank Wren, the general manager who built them, by swinging big, missing big and spitting the bit in September.

So, too, will astronaut Scott Kelly – who is about to join the International Space Station for a year-long mission and is the twin brother of retired astronaut and gun-control activist Mark Kelly. It faces long odds in the Republican-controlled Congress, where lawmakers have bitterly complained about a string of recent tax increases on the wealthy. CAPITAL GAINS: The administration wants to increase the top rate to 28 percent, from the current rate of about 25 percent with various surcharges, while expanding the number of things that would be subject to it. It would do that by cracking down on what’s known as a “stepped-up basis.” Here’s how it works: If you sell stock for $1 million that you bought for $100,000, you pay capital gains taxes on the $900,000 profit. Presidential aides “should be possessed of high competence, great physical vigor, and a passion for anonymity,” according to the 1937 Bronlow Committee report that recommended sweeping changes to the executive branch when President Franklin Roosevelt was in power.

The job can be grueling, but speechwriters know their time at the White House makes for an effective launchpad for the rest of their careers in politics or the private sector. “It’s an extraordinary job,” said Adam Frankel, who was part of Obama’s writing team until 2011 and highlighted the president’s taste for good writing. “He is a gifted writer and he also has respect for the writing process and understands what that process is like. Obama unveiled his free-tuition plan at a community college in Knoxville, in a state led by a Republican governor, Bill Haslam, who has been more friendly to the administration than his Republican colleagues. Some members of the Republican majority on Capitol Hill have rejected outright the free community college proposal, which would cost $60 billion over 10 years.

The difference, Shesol noted, “is that you just don’t get a grade and move on to the next assignment, you are going to rewrite this one again and again.” In their small and exclusive world, some figures stand out, including Ted Sorensen, one of the few writers who got to pen words for President John F. Watching him speak to a packed Congress was like watching Barbra Streisand sing, Michael Jackson moonwalk, Tiger Woods golf, or Steve Jobs pitch a product.

The administration’s plan would end the stepped-up basis “loophole,” though it would add various provisions aimed at shielding the nonwealthy and small businesses from having to pay the tax. John Kline, the Minnesota Republican who chairs the House education committee, said in a statement that the president was proposing “yet another multi-billion dollar federal program that will compete with existing programs for limited taxpayer dollars.” That the plan may not become a reality comes as no surprise to the Obama administration but putting the idea out in speeches across the country and stressing the importance of community colleges in educating Americans may get some states to embrace it. Malik is a seventh-grader who lives on the South Side of Chicago and told the president, “All I ask for is for safety I just wanna be safe.” Chelsey Davis (Knoxville, Tenn.) – student, Pellissippi State Community College.

Obama just last week signed a memorandum directing federal agencies to offer federal workers up to six weeks paid leave for parents caring for a new child. The administration notes that a 28 percent rate would match the levy under President Ronald Reagan, though the top income tax back then was 28 percent, while income taxes currently top out at 39.6 percent, not including various surcharges. Paradoxically, these moments of supposed great policy import where the country’s president unveils priorities for the coming year have rarely yielded historic discourse. Both position paper and performance piece, the Address must pitch policies in proportion while showcasing the president in a way that entrances 535 Members of Congress in person and millions watching it at home. That’s because illegal immigrants can currently claim a separate child tax credit while, under Obama’s immigration initiative, they might be able to claim the EITC as well.

Bush during which he branded Iraq, Iran and North Korea as members of an “axis of evil.” The phrase would become emblematic of his polarizing presidency. Both are refundable, which means if the credits exceed a taxpayer’s tax bill, the person can receive a check from the government for the difference.

After Clinton so carefully crafted a role as America’s “Good Father” in 1996, Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr was now investigating Clinton’s weaknesses as a bad husband. Obama also wants to fix an issue in which those who join a government program that forgives student loan debt after borrowers make payments for 20 years can be socked with unexpected — and big — tax bills.

The case for lowering fees on government-backed housing loans is also likely to be made, with the president arguing that it would save low- and middle-income homeowners almost $1,000 a year. Obama and Republicans actually agree to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government mortgage powerhouses — a measure that could come to a vote in the Senate.

The morning of the speech, Day 7 of the scandal, the newspapers featured Clinton’s passionate denial: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” On NBC’s “Today” Show, Hillary Clinton counterattacked against the “vast right wing conspiracy” targeting her husband since 1992. Ernst was a little-known Iraq war veteran until she won resoundingly in November and gained national attention for her memorable television ad about castrating hogs — experience that she said would help her cut pork and make big spenders in Washington “squeal.” “Americans voted for change,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters at a congressional Republican summit. “And Sen. Ernst will explain what the new Congress plans to do and is already doing to change, and what it is already doing to return Washington’s focus to the concerns of the middle class and away from the demands of the political class.”

Staff Sergeant Gibson lost both legs in Afghanistan and is now – with help from a local nonprofit – living in a specially designed home with his wife and baby girl. At the same time, the administration would expand tax breaks for small businesses that automatically enroll their employees in retirement savings accounts.

While again calling for “a government that is a progressive instrument of the common good, rooted in our oldest values of opportunity, responsibility and community,” Clinton tried mobilizing support for Social Security reform. Bush marveled, “Now I understand why he’s inside looking out, and I’m outside looking in.” Since his first inaugural address, Obama has failed to wow Americans with his speeches, as he did so effectively during his 2008 campaign. Mubiru teaches in the Los Angeles Unified School District and wrote to the president about students with technical training finding work in health care. With unemployment down but GDP up, Obama finally can deliver some of the good news his predecessor was lucky enough to sprinkle throughout his speeches.

Obama can flummox Republicans and appeal to the public by seizing the center rather than lurching left, acting as president of all the people, not a partisan leader of the opposition-to-the-opposition. He might even integrate it all into a coherent, comprehensible, and accessible vision such as Clinton’s opportunity-responsibility-community mantra, so Americans have a sense of forward momentum. But Clinton also conveyed an intense, authentic, infectious love of the people, the policies, and the politics that disarmed many Republicans, thrilled many Democrats, and wooed many independents. Because she has siblings who are US citizens, her parents are now eligible for the president’s new program of deferred action benefiting some illegal immigrants.

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