Alabama mayor withdraws complaint after fight at City Hall

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Alabama Mayor, City Councilman Get Into Fistfight At City Hall.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama mayor on Wednesday withdrew his complaint against a city councilman after a fight at City Hall that left both men hospitalized with minor injuries. Mayor William Bell and council member Marcus Lundy reportedly had an “altercation” Tuesday morning in a small room near the council chambers, reports.

As a result of the fight Mayor Bell suffered several injuries including a crushed vocal cord, according to his office. “The object will then press the larynx, the front of the neck up against the cervical spine and you can have a crush injury of the larynx and in turn have an injury to the vocal cords,” said Dr. According to a police report, Bell and Lundy had been discussing a city matter and Bell said Lundy started talking about a personal issue and began cursing at him. A video of the council meeting captures sounds of a man repeatedly shouting “No!” from outside the council chamber before the presiding member calls for a recess.

Bell told police that he turned and tried to leave the room three times, but Lundy prevented him from doing so, grabbing him by the neck and putting him in a chokehold. McCool. “If somebody is in a strangulation type of injury then potentially it could be pretty immediate but you can also have some swelling that can occur up to probably 24 hours later,” said Dr. McCool. “Somebody who has a less severe injury you know you may notice a little bit of change in the voice but within a couple of days as the swelling resolves it generally goes back to their baseline,” said Dr.

Two of Lundy’s assistants came into the room to break up the scuffle but refused to give interviews with police until after they spoke with legal counsel, police said. While both sides didn’t handle the situation perfectly, Lollar says that, together, they can repair the city’s image. “A good next step would be releasing a joint statement,” Lollar explained. Then, the two need to work on a way to work together. “I’m so happy that we have a wonderful mayor that continues to fight for the best interests of its citizens and the businesses,” Austin said Wednesday morning at a ribbon cutting. “Even if it’s not your fault,” she said. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new office space Wednesday morning, Austin lauded Bell’s economic development efforts and told the audience that Bell has been a great ambassador for the city although they don’t always agree on everything.

In an interview with WBRC News, Austin said he’s spoken with Lundy since the fight happened and Lundy is in good spirits, but very disappointed that the council is having to deal with this. “We have worked continuously to move this city forward, and it’s a sad day when council members are attacked while trying to do the job that they were elected to do”. An audio recording from a committee meeting on Monday captured a terse exchange between city councilmembers and the mayor’s chief of staff about the procedure that was used to retrieve the vehicle.

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