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Donald Trump: Cop killers should face death penalty.

When he is president, Donald Trump declared upon receiving the endorsement of the New England Benevolent Police Association, a union representing police and corrections officers on Thursday, he will sign an executive order to make sure any person who kills a cop will get the death penalty. In a speech to a New England police officers’ union, the New York billionaire businessman, who’s the frontrunner for his party’s nomination, insisted time will prove he is right about the issue. “When I talked about what I said the other day, all of a sudden I’m watching the shows this morning, and I’m watching the shows tonight, ‘Well you know Trump has a point. He also defended his plan to ban Muslims from entering the US in response to recent terror attacks, controversial comments that attracted hundreds of protesters.

Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from traveling to the U.S. did come up briefly, said union executive director Jerry Flynn, but the board decided on Trump because of his past verbal support of police. “Listen, our message [is] very clear: It’s what is the next president of the United States going to do to unite this country in an effort to save police officers?” Flynn said. “Because it’s open season on police officers.” He added that the NEPBA had invited several candidates to attend the board’s meeting, including Jeb Bush, but Trump was the only one who showed up. This woman came in on a marriage visa and she was totally radicalized, and she came in…We just can’t afford anymore to be so politically correct,” he said. Speaking at a police labour union meeting in New Hampshire, Mr Trump criticised efforts by the Obama administration to take away military equipment from security forces following a spate of deadly shootings by officers. “A lot of police officers have been killed,” he said, painting an image of a policeman watching a suspect from his car and then being attacked from behind.

Mr Trump’s comments will likely cause anger among the Black Lives Matter movement, among others, who have led demonstration at what they say is a problem with police racism. As Republican candidates have delicately tried to stake a position in the roiling debate over alleged brutality between police officers and minorities, Trump has firmly planted himself on the side of police. I like him for the straight talk and the no political correctness.” “I started thinking about all the things that Muslims have invented,” she said. “I found out that a form of shampoo was first invented in an Islamic country several centuries ago.

These forces throughout the country have had a hard time: A lot of people killed, a lot of people killed really violently.” During comments that lasted fewer than 10 minutes, Trump said police have the most difficult job and should be given “the finest equipment and the finest training”. A group of retired women stood together, yellow stars with six points pinned to their coats: “These symbolise the stars that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis,” said Diane Straddling, 70. “He is not representing this country or its future. If he talks about rounding people up, then that is a dangerous road to go down.” But Mr Trump used some of his stage time to defend his claims, insisting that he was leading Americans to talk openly about fears they had harboured quietly for a long time. One reporter asked if making the endorsement this week would reflect badly on law enforcement. “How much more can law enforcement be reflected badly on?” Flynn said. “Every time we open up the news, people are taking potshots at us – whether it’s literally or figuratively.

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