How To Buy The Good Plants

April 8, 2019 By Viona Cathryn In Garden Plants

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Most of us head for the DIY store or garden when we want to buy our plants but be aware, the colorful displays are hard to resist. Try not to be swayed by the beautiful colors though, as for the most successful borders it’s always best to plan what you want to buy beforehand.

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Use reference books and magazines to help you chose the plants which will thrive for you: sun, shade, moist soil and dry soil all make a big difference as to which plants with thrive and which will not. Also think about whether the shapes and colors of the plants will look good together. Most garden display their plants alphabetically.

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Avoid sick looking plants
When it comes to choosing you plant, take a look at its condition. Think about whether it looks weedy, whether the leaves are a good green color and whether it has just been potted into a larger pot.

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It can be tempting to pick plants for the sick bay but the bargains found there are rarely what they seem and it takes an awful lot of tender loving care to get them back into any sort of good condition.

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Plants bought online
Finally for any of us the easiest way to order plants is by post: pick them for a catalogue or website and to have them delivered straight to our homes. Obviously with this method you cannot choose which actual plant you receive but you are protected by the law if you receive substandard or diseased plants and can expect a full refund or replacement. Thankful this satiation is very rare and plants bought online are in most cases high quality.

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To summerise:
- Research which plants are suited to the conditions you have got: dry, damp, shady, sunny etc.
- Avoid sickly or newly potted plants.

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