Bathroom Distance Was Cause For Concern For Clinton Campaign Before Debate

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AP News in Brief at 11:59 p.m. EST.

A gender gap of sorts is being blamed for an embarrassing moment during Saturday’s presidential debate when Hillary Clinton returned late to the debate stage after taking a bathroom break. WASHINGTON: US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders apologised to front-runner Hillary Clinton at a debate for a breach of Clinton voter files by a Sanders staffer that intensified tensions between the two camps.

US.Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Sunday that Democrat Hillary Clinton was a “liar” for claiming that his proposal to ban entry of all foreign Muslims into the United States has aided Islamic State’s propaganda efforts.For months, the Democratic primary contest has been a relatively civil affair – offering a tone that party leaders see as a much-needed contrast to the raucous Republican field. According to The New York Times, Clinton campaign vice chairwoman, Huma Abedin, expressed concern to debate organizers before Saturday’s contest, held in the gymnasium of St.

The Sanders campaign also suspended two staffers in connection with the breach, a campaign spokesman said after the ABC debate, following the firing of its top data director after reports of the incident surfaced late. “Yes, I apologise,” Sanders said when asked about the controversy by debate moderators. Yet beneath the theatrics of the comment lies one of the most significant points of debate in the war against the Islamic State: What role should Americans themselves play?

The Vermont senator, however, renewed his criticism of the Democratic National Committee for freezing access to his own voter files until the issue was resolved late on Friday and called it an “egregious act.” “What the DNC did arbitrarily without discussing it with us is shut off our access to our information, crippling our campaign,” Sanders said. Counterterrorism experts and Reuters reporters who monitor Islamist online activity have found no evidence so far that Islamic State has mentioned Trump in its official online accounts.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign roiled the Democratic Party, a political truce between Hillary Clinton and Sanders largely held – even as Sanders’ aides seemed itching for a more aggressive confrontation with the front-runner. Asked to comment on Sunday, the Clinton campaign did not respond to Trump’s charge but reiterated that Hillary Clinton’s remark was based on evidence that supporters of the extremist group frequently cite Trump’s comments to make the case that Americans hate Muslims. Mindful of the grassroots support she’ll need to fuel a general election bid should she capture the nomination, Clinton accepted his apology, instead, keeping her criticism carefully aimed at her GOP rivals – particularly businessman Donald Trump. “I’m very clear that we have a distinct difference between those of us on this stage tonight and all of our Republican counterparts,” she said, in her opening remarks. “We have to prevent the Republicans from rolling back the progress that we’ve made.” Clinton’s brush-off of the data breach controversy underscores her confidence in a race in which Sanders is struggling to regain momentum as it shifts away from an economic message – the core of his campaign – to one over national security, because of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California. Clinton, whose campaign said its chief rival made a number of breaches into Clinton computer files, accepted the apology and said it was time to move on. “I very much appreciate that comment, Bernie,” the former secretary of state said. “Now that I think we’ve resolved your data, we’ve agreed on an independent inquiry, we should move on. Sanders’ pledge to avoid personal attacks in favor of policy disputes has seemed to frustrate his aides at times, who have occasionally gone on the offensive on their own.

MADRID (AP) — A strong showing Sunday by a pair of upstart parties in Spain’s general election upended the country’s traditional two-party system, with the ruling Popular Party winning the most votes but falling far short of a parliamentary majority and at risk of being booted from power. Ted Cruz of Texas, have cast the conflict in the terms of a conventional war – whether talking of temporarily banning Muslim visitors or of “carpet bombing” Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq. Because I don’t think the American people are all that interested in this.” The rising tensions over the breach came at a crucial moment for Sanders, who is trying to erase Clinton’s lead in the November 2016 Democratic White House race just six weeks before the first nominating contest in Iowa.

Days or weeks of negotiations will be needed to determine who will govern Spain, with the new far-left Podemos and business-friendly Ciudadanos parties producing shockwaves because of strong support from voters weary of high unemployment, a seemingly endless string of official corruption cases and disgust over the country’s political status quo. If forced out of government, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his Popular Party would become the third European victims this year of a voter backlash against austerity — following elections in Greece and Portugal seen as ballot box rebellions against unpopular tax hikes and spending cuts invoked during the eurozone’s debt crisis. In past Spanish elections, the Popular Party and the main opposition Socialists were the established powerhouses and only needed support from tiny parties to get a majority in parliament when they didn’t win one from voters.

In this scenario, overseas military might and domestic surveillance are crucial, but so is the active participation of Western citizens themselves – to stem the sense of Muslim alienation in their own communities that fuels Islamic State recruitment. But Podemos came in a strong third place and Ciudadanos took fourth in their first election fielding national candidates — setting up a period of uncertainty as parties negotiate with each other to see which ones may be able to form a governing alliance. But in that case, CNN moderator Anderson Cooper waited to resume the debate until Clinton returned to the stage. “And welcome back to this CNN democratic presidential debate. In taking on Trump Saturday for his proposed Muslim ban, Clinton was fundamentally asserting that how Americans act and what they say on the homefront has the power to strengthen or weaken the Islamic State. The apparent distance between Sanders and his aides may be designed to benefit their candidate by disassociating him from the kind of political tactics that could undermine his truth-telling reputation.

The homemade apparatus was discovered around midnight hidden in a lavatory cabinet behind a mirror where it was apparently placed during the approximately 11-hour flight to Paris from the island of Mauritius, said the airline’s CEO, Frederic Gagey. But it also highlights the organizational challenges Sanders faces as he tries to turn an insurgent candidacy into a campaign that can topple a world famous political celebrity with a solid double-digit lead. He said the airline has had heightened security checks around the world since the Nov. 13 attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris. “It was an ensemble of cardboard, papers and something that resembled a kitchen timer. Infamous executioner Jihadi John nicknamed him “baldy.” After the Paris attacks, however, the Frenchman was moved to sadness but not to hate or revenge, he wrote in an article for The Guardian. His aides believe that wins in those two states would give them momentum heading into the next contests in South Carolina and Nevada, territory where he’s struggled to gain traction over the former first lady.

They will be heartened by every sign of overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia; they will be drawn to any examples of ugliness on social media. Sanders’ campaign has successfully turned grassroots energy into a sizeable war chest, announcing last week that it had received two million contributions – a milestone only matched by President Barack Obama in his re-election campaign. Central to their world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims, and every day their antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence. On national security, he reiterated years-old criticism of her vote for the 2003 Iraq invasion, accusing her of being “too much into regime change.” Rather than drag out the confrontation when the instability in Libya came up again later in the debate, Sanders seemed to drop it. “The secretary is right.

Cohesion, tolerance – it is not what they want to see. “Counterterrorism tries to do two things: You try to neutralize existing terrorists and you try to not breed new ones,” said Max Abrahms, a political scientist at Northeastern University who studies terrorism, to The Daily Beast. Its most potent weapon is its ideology – the claim that the West is fighting an apocalyptic war against Islam and that all true Muslims must rally to its cause.

And its only tactic beyond its bare patch of land in the Middle East is to use its ideology to exploit and exacerbate rifts in society though the Internet. Kantar had said that he had been working, with the backing of Hezbollah, to set up “the Syrian resistance” to liberate the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967 and annexed 14 years later.

According to Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV, two Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace and fired four long-range missiles at the residential building in Jaramana. You should be afraid of the other side, not my side.” While critics point to such actions as a low point of Roosevelt’s presidency, Clinton appeared to be making a different point Saturday night: This war is different. To Dominic Tierney of The Atlantic, extremism becomes its own cause and effect – a cycle that survives by feeding upon itself in a “global confederation of extremists.” One extremist action provokes a reaction.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Miss Universe contestant from the Philippines is this year’s winner but for one brief moment Sunday evening, it appeared as if it might be a repeat win for Colombia. Colombia contestant Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was already wearing the crown as this year’s Miss Universe winner when host Steve Harvey returned to apologize. KSNV-TV says the crash occurred in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino on South Las Vegas Boulevard, north of Harmon Avenue. Internationally, the film brought in $279 million, bringing its global gross to $517 million — second only to “Jurassic World’s” global bow of $525 million. Government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd, flanked by several police and navy officials, held a news conference Monday to address issues raised by the AP report.

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