Ben Carson on Muslim president: Why would you take that chance?

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Ben Carson explains Muslim president concerns.

To the editor: I have to take exception to one detail of Andrew Burt’s concise opinion piece — his statement that it is clear Ben Carson is “treading on long-settled territory about Americans’ freedom to practice their religion without discrimination or fear.” (“A Muslim president?” Opinion, Sept. 24) It is only through constant vigilance and the willingness of citizens and officials to speak up against misinformed or erroneous characterizations that the Constitution can be preserved and its precepts honored.Presidential candidate Ben Carson raised the ire of Council on American-Islamic Relations when he expressed his personal opinion that a Muslim should not be elected president of the United States.• They are running a presidential campaign decrying wage stagnation, income inequality and widespread economic malaise — as if they’ve not been in office for the past seven years. • Their leading presidential candidate is 27 points underwater on the question of honesty and is under FBI investigation for possible mishandling of classified information. • Her chief challenger is a 74-year-old socialist with a near-spotless record of invisibility in 25 years in Congress.In the wake of the kerfuffle at a New Hampshire town hall event, in which Donald Trump declined to counter a questioner’s statement that Barack Obama is Muslim, the GOP candidate went on to say that he has Muslim friends.

Sonya, who exactly passed away in May, need to be happy with the Carson Scholarship Fund, which actually has accorded more compared to eight,700 award in to 500 colleges and learning institutions, and of course the 120 Reading Rooms in 16 tells us through which Dr.Columnist Kathleen Parker’s overblown disparagement of Ben Carson’s comment about a Muslim leading the U.S. seems like just another PC response to the man’s right to express an opinion or make rational judgments. (“No shortage of bigots, ignoramuses,” Sept 23.) Being human means making judgments and decisions based on information and experiences. The other three candidates can hardly be found at all. • The only plausible alternative challenger, Joe Biden, has run and failed twice and, before tragedy struck (to which he has responded, one must say, with admirable restraint and courage), was for years a running national joke for his endless gaucheries and verbal pratfalls. Reared in poverty in Detroit by a single-parent mother who often worked three scut jobs to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of Ben and older brother Curtis, his is a genuine Horatio Alger story.

Otherwise, Carson said, “Why in fact would you take that chance?” The retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential contender’s comments in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” host Martha Raddatz came the week after he’d said he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” “I said anybody, doesn’t matter what their religious background, if they accept American values and principles and are willing to subjugate their religious beliefs to our Constitution,” Carson said. “I have no problem with them.” “What we should be talking about is Islam and the tenets of Islam and where do they come from? GOP presidential candidate Carson wants to disallow adherents of a particular religion — Islam — from becoming president? (“Carson takes aim at PC culture,” Sept. 23) And his rationale is that “Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that’s inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution”? For the GOP, this has all been a godsend, an opportunity to amplify the case being made every day by the Democrats themselves against their own stewardship. I am curious what precisely Carson, where hits are intensely notorious that often last June he was also disinvited from speaking with the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference, and his readers feel that about Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, agnostic and non-religious humanist Americans. “Why should i promote someone who contains a beliefs that’s uneven being prepared with that?” Or as an alternative to look that in fact far back, he actually need to copy another distinguished and really admired membership owner his get-together, Colin Powell, whom in 2008… Sharia provides that Islamic followers are not required to abide by Western, non-Sharia law or submit truthfully to infidels within Western culture or law.

Instead, the Republicans spent the summer attacking each other — the festival of ad hominems interrupted only by spectacular attempts to alienate major parts of the citizenry. In light of recent and historical events perpetrated by radical Islamists, be it bombings, kidnappings, beheadings, attacks, threats, intolerance, Carson, along with millions of Americans, are intelligent enough to comprehend the reality that the intent of Islamists for centuries is to eliminate nonbelievers. They come from the fatwas, which is the writings of scholars,” Carson said. “You know, and if you go back and you look at — what I would like for somebody to show me is an improved Islamic text that opposes Sharia.

Constitution, and that any candidate for president – regardless of his or her religion – whose objective is to fundamentally change the principles upon which our country was founded is unfit to serve. A number of nations are ruled by Sharia law, rather than a secular constitution, such Iran, a volatile, threatening entity that executes gays and denies women’s rights, and Saudi Arabia, the seat of radical Islam. Carson is incompatible with a Constitution that explicitly commands that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Ever. Freedom of conscience, and the thought that anyone and everyone born in this nation, regardless of race, religion, gender or creed, could lead it one day, is what makes America great.

Re: “Carson stands by Muslim jab” [Front page, Sept. 22]: I am not a supporter of Ben Carson for president, but the front page smear against him, and the Republican party, demands a response. It is up to you, as someone who is running for president, to be a statesman, and at least show some respect for the person who is the president, instead of appearing to agree when the person is belittling the president out of complete ignorance. Carson later backtracked, saying that he meant opposing someone not because of his identity, ethnicity or faith but because of his ideology — meaning that he wouldn’t want in the White House an Islamist who seeks to impose Shariah law. But it is a moot point given the cataclysmic Sept. 11 attacks and the barbaric beheadings and other actions carried out overseas, sometimes by very young recruits, who have demonstrated a callous disregard for what they have done.

These abhorrent tactics, and the images they create, detach the American people, and many more across the world, from a religion that wants to portray a sense of peace and love instead of the perversity and disregard for human life being exhibited. It is of interest to note, however, that outrage by those advocacy groups was seemingly nonexistent when radical Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center and killed nearly 3,000 innocent people. It is certainly damaging to any party when one of its two front-runners denigrates, however thoughtlessly, the nation’s entire Muslim American community.

Shariah law, with its beheadings, stonings, immolations and amputations are prescribed punishments that go along with this system accepted as normal by Muslims. Trump’s contretemps with women enjoy even more renown — his attacks on Megyn Kelly (including a retweet calling her a bimbo) and his insulting Carly Fiorina for her looks.

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