Bernie Sanders’ War on Private Prisons: Time to Plot an Escape?

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Bernie Sanders on the “Powerful and the Greedy”.

The private university’s Institute of Politics says Sanders will also take audience questions at the hour-long event that begins late Monday morning at Rockefeller Chapel.

Sanders ran through his goals to aid the struggling and not, in his words, the powerful and greedy, including a higher minimum wage, family leave, fairer incarceration, and more affordable education and health care.Clapping, Cheering and chanting filled the air as Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was back in Iowa this weekend trying to win the Iowa vote.

After about 15 minutes of questions, Sanders came down from the stage and signed autographs and allowed dozens of admirers to take photos with him as he slowly made his way toward the north exit. Sanders said the pope was “reaching out to people all over the world with an incredibly strong message of social justice, talking about the grotesque levels of wealth and income inequality”.

During the Robber Baron era, in the early years of rapid industrialization of the U.S. in the 19th century, the blatant exploitation of workers and the resulting concentration of wealth inspired a considerable number of Americans to search for solutions in the theory of socialism that was then popular in Europe. There were, of course, several theoretical socialist thinkers like Daniel DeLeon, but the greatest popularity of that theory was concentrated in the nascent labor union movement, which arose in reaction to the worst abuses of the capitalist system. Sanders pointed out that he was one of the 81 senators (Iowa’s Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst were both among them) to pass the Every Child Achieves Act in the Senate in July.

Bernie Sanders urged cheering Iowans Saturday to help him bring real reforms to promote income and racial equality by supporting his bid to capture the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. Sanders also told the crowd, “If we do not allow our opponents to divide us up, white against black, straight against gay, man against woman, people born in the United States against people who were not born in the United States, if we stand together and are united there is nothing, nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish”. During the Pullman strike of 1894, in which 13 strikers were killed by police and private armies hired by the railroads, Debs was labeled in a New York Times editorial as “a lawbreaker at large, an enemy of the human race” who should be tried for interfering with the U.S. mail. Citing recent polls, he reports that more than 2/3 of respondents think our economic system favors the rich, and more than 80 percent believe that the nation’s wealth gap is a problem for the country. “Trouble is it’s been in the wrong direction”.

Hyatt asks. “Or the t-shirts are 20 dollars”. “Most of us, I’d say the majority are Catholic or Christian”, Natalia Tinoco, a 19-year-old native of Colombia and sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, told BuzzFeed News. “No one’s been nasty to me yet”. A large swath of the American electorate is looking for a mechanism to reverse the drift towards oligarchy, and is willing to consider some kind of socialism as a framework by which to achieve that reversal. However, the poll also found that about one-third of Democrats still are not familiar with Sanders, while just 6 percent said they are not familiar with Biden. “Maybe not quite as many”. He wants to make higher education less expensive, to move to a single-payer health care system, to grant parents extended leave for births or adoptions.

During that era, the first income tax, the direct election of U.S. senators, the federal system to regulate banking, child labor legislation and the Federal Trade Commission and the Clayton Antitrust Act to regulate big business were enacted. During his 13-minute address, which was translated live into Spanish through headsets, Sanders highlighted the importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform and creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. By the end of the primaries, regardless of who wins, the candidate will either be a true progressive dedicated to combatting inequality, fighting systemic racism, and running a clean campaign, or someone forced to champion a number of progressive causes that she likely would have barely considered otherwise. He claimed that the war was a contest among German, British, French and American capitalists for increased profits while workers in the respective countries were forced to do the fighting despite having few grievances against each other. Additionally, Sanders did oppose the War on Drugs four decades ago and he has seen his poll numbers climb at the same time that he has continued to speak out for sensible Drug War reforms. “But if you’re going for a young Latino vote, I think what Sanders did was really big“.

In many respects, Sanders is the modern-day embodiment of Debs, campaigning on behalf of the eradication of income inequality, stricter controls on Wall Street, establishment of a living minimum wage, free college tuition and legislation to combat climate change. In order to attain electoral credibility, Sanders and others are forced to abandon the socialist label despite that philosophy’s many contributions to our nation’s history. Fisher of Upper Saucon Township has taught U.S. history in the Allentown School District and at Northampton Community College and DeSales University.

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