Bush loses top fundraisers due to ‘personality conflicts’

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Jeb Bush Top Fundraisers Leave Campaign Amid Questions About Its Strength: Report.

Consultants Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Aleksander stepped down from their positions on Friday, though their reasons for leaving remain unclear. Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, which to date has raised significantly more than his Republican rivals’, is encountering difficulties maintaining its torrid pace as Mr.

A trio of top Jeb Bush fundraisers left his presidential campaign Friday as questions about its strength and varied reports about internal squabbles surfaced, Politico reported.There’s another sign — if you needed one — that Jeb Bush is sucking wind in the Republican primary: Three top fundraisers from Bush’s home base of Florida have left the campaign. Some insiders are saying it was a mutual decision and others that they were let go by the campaign while fellow presidential hopeful Donald Trump claims the three quit. But regardless of the proximate cause, it’s a big deal because it suggests two larger issues for Bush’s campaign: He’s dug a big hole and there’s concern in his own camp that he won’t be able to dig his way out.

Bush sent an email to contributors Friday with an invitation to a breakfast fund-raiser in Washington next month, with a pointed plea that the former Florida governor’s supporters find new donors. “Please note — this is new money only,” wrote Sarah Corsaro, the staff member, using bold for emphasis. While he has had massive success raising money for his Super PAC, he is overseeing an official campaign that has many more staffers but far less money. Earlier this week, the New York Times revealed that it had taken steps to rein in some of its spending and had gone so far as to cut some employee salaries.

Even Mitt Romney, who had to fend off a rotating set of ill-fated front-runners like Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, enjoyed a pretty steady rise in polling. Bush maximized his support among backers in the Washington area capable of giving the $2,700 legally allowed, and that the campaign is now eager to add wealthy donors who have previously not contributed to Mr. And POLITICO reported one Bush fundraiser expressed concerns about the slowing pace of the campaign’s fundraising after Bush’s shaky debate performance.

Ann Herberger — a longtime aide with more than two decades of experience in state and national politics — will continue to lead the operation in Florida with our team in Miami.” The departures came at a time of uncertainty for Bush. The Bush campaign wasted no time seeking a replacement for the three fundraising consultants and has reached out to Meredith O’Rourke – one of Florida’s top Republican fundraisers who briefly worked for Chris Christie’s campaign in May but left it in July. Okay, let’s give Bush the benefit of the doubt and file this under “no chemistry between us.” My guess is that this is more than a personality conflict. But what is clear is this: It’s rare for three high-profile staffers to bolt a campaign they see as likely to land the candidate in the White House, and it’s equally rare for a winning campaign to shed three high-profile aides.

Rick Scott raise about $100 million for his 2014 reelection campaign and also works for Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who’s likely to run for governor in 2018. Others singled out Money as a problem due to what they describe as his haughtiness and his heavy-handed donate-or-else attitude with potential contributors. Bush, John Kerry brought on several former aides to President Bill Clinton in a shake-up that the Kerry campaign insisted against all evidence was not a shake-up. At the same time, he can override those concerns by talking about his record as governor, a good performance according to every one of my GOP friends in Florida. This is not about them…This is about the campaign.” Frontrunner Donald Trump seized on the POLITICO report Saturday morning and took a shot at his rival on Twitter: “Wow, Jeb Bush just lost three of his top fundraisers – they quit!” Aleksander, Money and McCarley have deep and longstanding ties to Florida’s GOP power structure.

Donors last week told POLITICO that they still felt good about Bush’s chances and that they weren’t worried about Bush’s recent slip from second to third place in averages of national polls. As the son and brother of former presidents, the former governor of the third-most populous state in the nation has a broad, deep-pocketed and savvy donor base. Still, he’s likely to remain the GOP campaign’s top fundraiser, but Bush is also spending more than other candidates because he has a mammoth operation. “Jeb has a big army, and that army needs to be fed,” said one campaign consultant familiar with the campaign’s internal numbers. “Jeb might not have a fundraiser problem.

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