California teen seen in video jumping in to stop bully attack

25 Sep 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Bully who hit blind classmate arrested as hero teen speaks out about stopping assault at California high school.

A Huntington Beach teen is gaining national attention for his swift actions after a video shows him knocking out a bully who was attacking a visually impaired student. But while his actions have led to him being hailed as a “hero” by many his school has taken a different approach, kicking him off the football team, CBS Los Angeles reported.A high-school student was arrested for an attack on a visually-impaired classmate which was captured on video, police in California said late Thursday.

Cody Pines, a 17-year-old Huntington Beach High school junior, said Thursday that he stepped in and knocked the suspect to the ground to protect the visually impaired boy whom he has known since the sixth grade. The suspect was arrested. “I felt like he was getting really hurt and I felt like it was my obligation to go up there and help him,” Cody told Times Community News. “That was my only reaction, to be honest.

The bully lies bleeding while the attacker, after checking on the well-being of the victim, turns back to him asking: “’You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro? I really don’t want this kid’s life to be ruined.” A video of the incident that has been widely circulated on the Internet was removed from YouTube on Thursday afternoon. The school issued a statement Thursday saying officials were investigating: “The school is now responding to this isolated incident by interviewing students and witnesses to determine exactly what happened.

What the f*** is your problem?” The bully was later arrested on suspicion of misdemeanour battery by Huntington Beach Police, who said in a statement that he and the victim “have a history of not getting along”. As the bully’s friends start to confront the student perceived as the blind guy’s savior, he yells at the attacker, motionless on the ground, “Trying to [expletive] jump a blind kid, bro!” As he walks away holding the victim, the hero turns one final time and says, “I swear to God, if you [expletive, expletive] with this kid again, I will [expletive] you up!” “I saw like a half circle around a group of kids,” said student Grant Morel, “and I wanted to see what was up. And I got kinda mad and was ran over there and I was going to go break it up, but then my step-brother Cody like pushed me inside.” “A lot of people are calling him a hero,” she said, “And I would as well.

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