Can Carly Fiorina overcome past political failures?

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Are debate rules (unfairly) hurting Carly Fiorina?.

The issue is whether the former Hewlett-Packard chief will be allowed into the main event at the next GOP primary debate, scheduled for Sept. 16 in California. Carly Fiorina’s latest foray into politics may have started slowly, but she’s gaining momentum in her bid for the Republican presidential nomination.LE MARS, IOWA — Carly Fiorina pushed back on Thursday against the requirements to make next month’s main GOP presidential debate stage, saying the method in place for calculating each candidate’s support “doesn’t seem fair.” Despite rising polling numbers, Fiorina—as of now—would not make the cut for the debate stage, currently coming in at the 12th spot based on the criteria put in place by CNN, which is hosting the September 16 debate in California.

WASHINGTON — When Carly Fiorina found herself relegated to the so-called undercard stage for the first Republican primary debate this month, she seized the opportunity to stand out.The latest New Hampshire poll by Public Policy Polling shows voters in the Granite State like what they are hearing from her because she is now in third place with 10 percent of the GOP vote, only a percentage point behind Ohio Gov.Another national poll from an outfit with CNN’s blessing allows us to look at which candidates will get to star in the network’s prime-time debate on Sept. 16.

Fiorina, a California businesswoman with a rags-to-riches narrative, is trying to build on a well-received performance at the “happy hour” debate in Cleveland earlier this month. Clad in a bright pink suit — the only woman in a sea of men — she delivered a forceful performance that catapulted her into the national spotlight and generated a bounce in public polls. Her delivery in that first debate (which preceded the Aug. 6 prime time debate featuring the top 10 Republican hopefuls) was so impressive that Fox News replayed her responses during the prime-time debate. First, the previous iteration of this image excluded a Fox News poll from July that was released within the CNN-approved window. (CNN has very detailed rules about which polls will be included.) And, second, there’s the new Quinnipiac poll, in which Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina continue their post-first-debate surges.

Why would you do that?” Taking a swipe at the cable outlet’s use of national polls, Fiorina added: “It seems strange that the RNC, who handed this off to Fox News and CNN, decided to pick national polls in the first place. CNN, which released its debate criteria in May, is planning to use an average of public polls dating to mid-July to determine which 10 candidates will appear in the main debate. Fiorina delivered a strong performance, it would not fully capture her gains in recent polls, some of which show her near the top of the Republican field.

Except there’s a flaw in the ointment for Fiorina: CNN’s previously-announced rules don’t make it easy for candidates to move between the major and minor debate leagues. But here is what is in her control and how she can use this three-point media strategy to raise her profile where it matters most — in the battleground, swing states.

It sounds illogical to ignore Fox News, since it’s the primary news source for most conservative voters, but Fiorina – and the other candidates, minus Donald Trump – blend into the background when they are stacked against each other on that network. Two of the candidates in front of her drop out of the race, which seems awfully unlikely. (One, maybe.) There is one consolation: Fiorina’s surge happened because of her strong performance in Fox News’ kiddie-table debate. Running a corporation is a different set of things.” She followed that up in an interview on MSNBC, saying that John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden also weren’t qualified to run a business.

In addition, it’s practically an endorsement when anchors comment on how refreshing it is to hear a presidential candidate answer the questions, which happened twice this week. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC and on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, the panelists and anchors all spoke in positive terms about Fiorina’s media approach. So what does that say about CNN and the R.N.C.?” She continued: “I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, coming out here and talking to voters. Fiorina won the costly primary with ease, but the campaign was marked by a bizarre ad that attacked her opponent, former congressman Tom Campbell, and featured a man dressed in a sheep suit with glowing red eyes. She lost the general election in part because she was too conservative for California voters with her stringent opposition to abortion and an immigration policy that turned off the state’s large Hispanic population.

Every presidential candidate wants to get on the national news, but Fiorina can showcase her style better by going straight to the local media in the early primary states. She was hammered for not voting in the majority of elections in the previous 10 years as well as for her rocky tenure as CEO of Hewlett Packard during which 30,000 employees were laid off and the stock value declined by 60%. “She had no record of civic engagement, she hadn’t voted or held a political office. Her PR team should be giving sit-down interviews with the main anchors and political reporters in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, so voters in those states can hear more about her policy and vision for this country.

There was a perception that she had jumped over people and not paid her dues,” said Jessica Levinson, a law professor with an emphasis on election law at Loyola University in Los Angeles. She also described the demon sheep ad as a “hail mary.” But she’s learned from those first two campaigns, said Deborah Bowker, Fiorina’s chief of staff in 2010 and a senior advisor to the presidential campaign. “Carly had never been a candidate and she was given some very good advice about defining Barbara Boxer. Every minute spent on something other than that was viewed as not a good minute spent,” she said. “But looking back on that, that was a big lesson learned.” .” “You have to define yourself, and she’s doing a much better job of that,” Bowker said, adding that running in the largely blue state of California may not be a good comparison to running nationally. It’s true that the earlier debate isn’t likely to draw nearly the ratings of the later one – Fox’s August 6 event broke ratings records for a cable nonsports show.

She’s also gotten more mature and focused, said Bill Whalen, a Republican political consultant and fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Fiorina, who could be good for ratings. “I am sure Priebus would gladly trade Fiorina for Trump,” said John Feehery, a Republican strategist, referring to Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman. “CNN, of course, wants both because it maximizes the ratings.” In retrospect, CNN’s criteria for inclusion in its debate seems intended to make it hard for a second-tier candidate to move up to the first tier — or for a top-tier individual to be excluded. Better to be the star on a smaller stage, perhaps. “It’s worth nothing that Fiorina’s placement in the second-tier 5:00 p.m. debate obviously didn’t hurt her,” Mr.

At The Des Moines Register’s Iowa State Fair Soapbox, she didn’t give a speech, but rather took questions from the audience for more than 20 minutes and spoke clearly on everything from the minimum wage to the threat of the Islamic State. And I’ve been very clear, I think you enforce the laws, and I think it’s important to send a message that we’re going to enforce the laws, no matter how people come here we’re going to enforce the laws in this country. And in those 30 seconds an opponent can talk about layoffs and stock performance.” “I was fired in a boardroom brawl,” she said in a speech in Michigan just after she announced her candidacy. “It was about what happens when you challenge the status quo.

Not only that, but if she were to maintain the same level of support she received in the two surveys conducted after the first debate, she would need 10 additional qualifying polls to be conducted before the next debate to eclipse Gov. Her biggest success has been the debate and by all accounts she won that,” she said. “She might be good enough for a vice presidential pick, but in terms of fundraising numbers and poll numbers, it’s still not good enough for the nomination.”

There are a couple of things working against her: Historically, the nomination comes after the second run for president, though President Obama broke those rules in 2008. Ann Selzer, who conducts one Iowa poll. “I think it’s hard to defend, purely from a math perspective.” Many Republican strategists lamented the fact that Mrs. Commentary by Mark Macias, head of Macias PR, a global public-relations firm, that has run media and branding campaigns for politicians, tech start-ups, financial firms, nonprofits and companies.

But, he added, “Rigging it to help or hurt one candidate does not.” Katie Packer Gage, a partner at Burning Glass, a firm that advises Republicans on tailoring their messages to women, said that while Ms. Fiorina had gained a lot of attention and had “made a real impact” on the debate in the Republican Party, she should not receive any special treatment. “It is unfortunate, but I don’t think the party or the network can change the rules for any one candidate,” Ms.

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