Can Joe Biden, once heir apparent, reclaim Democrats’ attention?

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Adriana Cohen: Hillary Clinton should focus on the real terrorists.

Joe Biden may be considering whether to enter the race for president, but he sat out this past week’s meeting of the Democratic National Committee. Hillary Clinton spent the beginning of her campaign doing everything she could to avoid the perception that she believed her nomination was inevitable.Not only is Donald Trump an unconventional candidate, he’s got a campaign operation that turns the conventional wisdom of electoral politics on its head.

You know Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to salvage a presidential bid on life support when she libels her Republican rivals as “terrorists” at a campaign event. “Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups.Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday drew parallels between terrorist organizations and the sector of Republican candidates for president in terms of their views on ladies, telling an Ohio viewers her potential GOP rivals have been pushing “out-of-date” insurance policies. “Now excessive views about ladies? In his place, backers greeted a curious few in a hotel suite 20 floors above the official gathering, handing out chocolate bars wrapped with a stylized photo of Biden behind the wheel of a convertible and an “I’m Ridin’ with Biden” label.

But with Bernie Sanders continuing to draw massive crowds and the Beltway buzzing about the possibility of a late challenge from Joe Biden, Clinton’s camp is finally changing its tune. He was back on the attack when it came to Megyn Kelly, he threw Univision’s Jorge Ramos out of a news conference, he declared himself “king of the tax code,” and he suggested that a Hillary Clinton aide shared confidential information with her “perv” husband, Anthony Weiner.

It includes a coterie of about a dozen paid staff operating out of the campaign headquarters at Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the same building where Trump lives and runs his real estate empire. Clinton particularly named Rubio’s place to make all abortions unlawful even in case of rape and incest and Bush’s place—together with lots of his GOP opponents—to defund . “I would really like these Republican candidates to look the mother within the eye who caught her breast most cancers early as a result of she was capable of get a screening for most cancers or the teenager who did not get pregnant as a result of she has entry to contraception,” Clinton advised the gang. “Or anybody who has ever been protected by an HIV check.” Republicans instantly pounced on the feedback, with the sending out a press release calling her feedback a “new low” and calling on her to apologize. “For Hillary Clinton to equate her political opponents to terrorists is a brand new low for her flailing marketing campaign. Lest you feel Trump overload, remember, he’s likely not going anyway soon – and even if he did, he’ll probably still be mentioned on Jeopardy a lot. We anticipate that from individuals who do not need to reside within the trendy world,” Clinton stated. “However it’s somewhat exhausting to take coming from Republicans who need to be the president of america, but they espouse out-of-date and out-of-touch insurance policies,” she added at a rally with 2,800 individuals in Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve College. “They’re lifeless flawed for 21st century America.” In her remarks, she didn’t point out any particular terrorist or militant teams, such because the Islamic State, which has held ladies as intercourse slaves in Iraq and Syria.

The total number of delegates who will decide the nomination is expected to be roughly 5,000—the vast majority of which will be selected by next year’s primaries and caucuses—but the 440 figure nonetheless represents about one-fifth of the delegates Clinton will need to claim the nomination. Trump’s chief Republican contender, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is also experimenting with his operating structure, offloading many of the traditional responsibilities of a campaign to a super PAC led by a longtime Bush confidant. Following a series of staffing shake-ups and high-profile departures, Trump’s campaign is now effectively run by two men: Himself and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, a constant presence at his side. Rather than inheriting his party’s machine, a Biden campaign would have to find a way to take it back. “Secretary Clinton’s folks have been talking to these people for a very, very long time,” said Vermont Sen. As Hillary knows better than most, there’s nothing preventing a superdelegate from pledging his support today and changing his mind tomorrow—but that hasn’t stopped her camp from effectively shouting “scoreboard” with the first official nominating contest still five months away.

The growing team so far consists of a mishmash of well-respected and connected early-state insiders and newcomers who appear to be just out of college or who have never worked on a national or even statewide campaign. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the terrorists are ISIS and Boko Haram, mass murderers who behead, rape and torture people as part of their jihad against humanity.

Bernie Sanders, whose vibrant crowds and steady poll numbers make him Clinton’s strongest current challenger. “So she has a huge advantage.” Yet Biden’s supporters see an opening, due in no small part to Clinton’s inability to shake questions about her use of a personal email server while serving as secretary of state. His candor, long history of fighting for Democratic causes and personal struggles — a widower at a young age now grieving over the recent death of his son Beau — make him an admired figure in the party. “He’s one of us. I’m not going to take a seat by whereas extra good individuals die, make it 24 or 48 or 72 hours of TV protection after which all of us simply say there’s nothing we will do till the subsequent time individuals are murdered by gun violence.” Clinton was interrupted at occasions by Black Lives protesters, however stated “We’ve obtained to return to phrases about some onerous truths about race and justice in America.

Clinton has defended Deliberate Parenthood within the wake of undercover movies launched by anti-abortion activists that present officers discussing how the group typically supplies fetal tissue to medical researchers. Their sacred cow Planned Parenthood gets busted on multiple videotaped recordings discussing their gruesome practice of “crunching” baby skulls, altering abortion procedures to harvest intact baby parts and haggling over the price of fetal tissue “donation,” so they recycle their phony war on women spiel to excite their base and gin up fundraising cash. The movies have prompted investigations by congressional committees and Republicans in Congress, and a number of other states have sought to dam authorities funds to the group.

It sent five employees to the DNC meeting, emailing attendees and passing out fliers in hallways to invite people to their pro-Biden hotel suite. “I asked them, ‘What’s his path?’” said Mitchell Ceasar, a Florida attorney and party operative. There are plenty of good reasons to believe she really is—her current 20-point lead in national polls chief among them—but with her email scandal continuing to dog her campaign and with Biden weighing his options, more important than being confident is looking confident. If a Republican like Donald Trump says anything politically incorrect about immigration, Clinton supporters in the mainstream media and Hispanic special interest groups howl.

Clinton, in search of to develop into the primary lady to win the White Home, stated she took it “slightly private once they go after ladies,” pointing to Republican efforts to chop entry to ladies’s well being facilities and opposition to abortion rights. Their answer — that he could cobble together votes from all sorts of Democratic coalitions — prompted a shrug. “The challenge to the vice president is to present a compelling argument why someone should get on a different train, a different train that’s going in the same direction,” he said. While Democratic contender Hillary Clinton maintained her lead in that Quinnipiac poll released this week, it also showed Biden outperforming Clinton in general election matchups against Trump, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. While Biden has no campaign operation beyond the small Draft Biden group, Clinton has for months built a sprawling machine of hundreds of employees working out of her Brooklyn campaign headquarters and in dozens of offices across the country. Within the Senate, Rubio co-sponsored a 2013 invoice that may have banned abortions after 20 weeks and contained various exceptions, together with instances of rape or incest which were reported to regulation enforcement or the place the mom’s life is in danger.

Her version of Draft Biden, a since shuttered outside group called Ready for Hillary, spent years before Clinton got into the race amassing millions of email addresses of potential supporters. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO’s campaign car hit a deer in Iowa. “Everyone is fine,” she tweeted Friday, “but, per (Sen.) Chuck Grassley, assume deer dead.” Run-ins with deer in Iowa seem to happen every election cycle – just ask Sens.

While supporters say bigger checks have been rolling in recently, Clinton is a former first lady and senator from New York with a strong fundraising history. As governor, Kasich signed a invoice that funded rape disaster facilities, however the invoice stored the cash from amenities that referred sufferers for abortions.

Clinton backers, who sported gold “H’’ lapel pins at the DNC meetings, were rewarded for their loyalty with invitations to private briefings from Clinton and top campaign officials. He and fellow Ohio Republicans have imposed different restrictions involving abortions, together with prohibiting the process in additional instances and growing regulatory hurdles making it more durable for abortion suppliers to proceed to function. Clinton talked for about 15 minutes, drawing cheers when she assured them, “I’m not a quitter.” Ed Cote, a Washington state Democratic leader and a Clinton admirer, said that event was a perfect example of why Biden would find himself in a tougher primary than a sitting vice president might expect. “Most of the people there have votes on the first ballots, and they’re solidly with her,” Cote said. “She’s doing exactly what she needs to be doing.” Clinton learned the importance of that support in 2008, when she ended her long, hard-fought primary campaign after it became clear she lacked enough delegates to capture the nomination. “We are working really hard to lock in as many supporters as possible,” Clinton said Friday. “This is really about how you put the numbers together to secure the nomination.”

Hillary Clinton’s path of scandal is many years lengthy, and solely continues to worsen.” The exchanges got here as Clinton sought to construct help in Ohio, one of many nation’s prime common election battlegrounds, which Clinton carried in her unsuccessful 2008 main bid towards Barack Obama.

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