Cats and dogs partying like animals in ugly holiday sweaters

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Cats and dogs partying like animals in ugly holiday sweaters.

Zigzilla “Ziggy” and Chopper “Lambchop” got sweaters from PetSmart this year so they’ll be ready when they get an invite to their first ugly sweater party, said the cats’ owner Catie Savage of New York City. “My non-cat lady friends definitely think I am crazy,” said Savage, who handles her cats’ Instagram site (@life_of_ziggy), with 43,000 followers. Either way, the colorful items are meant to be worn — often at ugly Christmas sweater parties — with more of a flair for fun rather than for haute couture.

We are a generation inclined toward irony, so it’s not surprising that the style of holiday sweaters once worn in earnest by our grandparents is wildly popular again. She says she enjoys the sweaters more than the cats do, “which makes it even funnier to me.” “PetSmart’s ugly sweaters for dogs and cats are among our top five best-selling holiday apparel items so far this season,” said Eran Cohen, chief customer experience officer for the pet store. “We even have ugly sweaters for guinea pigs.” Television ushered the ugly sweater in and out in the 1980s. The event is sponsored by the Centralia Police Officers Association. “One hundred percent of the money we raise goes to Special Olympics of Lewis County,” said Officer Mike Smerer with the Centralia Police Department. We dubbed them “ugly Christmas sweaters” and organized parties around them, intending for our friends to wear the bejeweled penguin pullover their great-aunt got them years ago.

The Surprise Shop is making the most of its seasonal inventory, hanging several holiday sweaters on the porch of the historic stone former rectory of Trinity Episcopal Church facing Allegheny Avenue in the heart of Towson. The top ugly sweater prize also went to Smith, who showed up in a homemade sweater shaped like a Christmas tree, complete with hanging ornaments and presents.

Now that mainstream companies like Urban Outfitters are churning out purposefully “ugly” holiday sweaters for ”National Ugly Sweater Day” on December 18th, the business of ugly sweaters has changed. Ugly sweater dog events across the country this month included an ugly sweater contest for dogs at a park in Anaheim, California; a dog-friendly ugly sweater 5K run and walk in National Harbor, Maryland; and separate ugly sweater parties for big and little dogs hosted by Chicago Party Animals, one of the nation’s largest canine clubs with 2,000 members. The material is wrinkle resistant, made so that you can wear it immediately after taking it out of the box, said Macy’s spokeswoman Juliana Echavarria. It’s a trendy party theme that they have a lot of fun with.” “Every year we promote the sweaters,” she said. “A lot of times it’s college kids from Towson and Loyola who buy them before they go home for winter break. The Beautiful Breastfeeding Facebook page shared a photo of the sweater with the caption: “Bahaha, ugly sweater BF style …” The post was shared more than 6,000 times and counting, and has racked up hundreds of comments. “Too bad we’re not breastfeeding any more,” Judy Clarke wrote, to which Brock Michaels responded: “It’s almost worth getting knocked up again just to get one for next Christmas!” “‘How come I didn’t know about this sooner,’ I asked my husband,” she wrote. “It would have been perfect to have for the holidays while I was nursing our babies.” The sweater is offered by the YourSassyGrandma Etsy shop for $49.99.

The product description says it’s not meant for nursing because the eyes pose a choking hazard. “So if the mother needs to feed her baby she would have to take the nose off, clean her nipple to feed the baby and wouldn’t be able to put the reindeer nose back on,” he told the website. “Unless of course, she purchased extra toupee tape. Back in 2011, Time published a cultural history of the ugly holiday sweater, citing 2001 as the beginning of the craze and blaming “hipsters” for the aesthetic. They are the only type of consignments we take during Christmas, because we know we can move them.” One customer, Rachel Miller, browsed the seasonal sweaters on a mild afternoon before Thanksgiving, and took home a thick, wool black cardigan embroidered with orange pumpkins, squirrels and cats for $12. “I’ve been coming here since I was able to get here on my own,” said Miller, 42, a Towson High School grad who lives in nearby Govans. “When I want vintage clothes, I always come here. But even in 2011, as Time pointed out, major fast-fashion retailers like H&M were already mass-producing garish holiday-themed sweaters for young teenagers.

The bolder the colors, the brighter and the more stuff on it, the better — bring on the bows, snowmen, Santas, trees, buttons, stars, sequins, rickrack, felt, glitter and cotton. We serve a hot lunch, too.” Plato’s Closet, which is billed as a chain retailer for trendy second-hand clothing for teens and young adults, displayed only one holiday sweater in its Loch Raven Village store on a recent visit, and it was emblazoned with the word “humbug.” At women’s high-end consignment shop Waist Not Want Not’s new digs in on York Road in Anneslie, owners Stephanie Denison and Nancy Pappas had only one such holiday garment. Fetty Wap’s personally branded holiday sweater sold out in minutes, and even Beyoncé recently was photographed entering and exiting her office Christmas party in a collection of ugly Christmas gear (including a sweater).

Sleeves can be mismatched, misshapen or missing. “Dog vision is different than human vision and because patterns are not particularly useful to their vision, dogs probably could care less what their sweater looks like,” said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, executive director of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and a professor at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. As for the Rudolph’s red nose? “Remember your nipple is the reindeer’s nose!” the description says. “The more hair you have on your chest the better, it will make your reindeer look even more furry!”

Michael Gerald, a company that produces a DIY holiday sweater kit sold in department stores, estimated it would sell 400,000 kits during the holiday season. If a dog has grown up wearing clothes or if a dog is small and short-haired and it is cold, a sweater will be OK, but wearing one for a contest “is of no consequence to the dog, which will be focused on the scents around it and not on the real appearance of other dogs,” Beaver said. According to Bloomberg, many craftsfolks used Etsy to sell their designs in 2014, and some made tens of thousands of dollars simply by adding extra details to ugly sweaters bought in bulk in thrift stores. Tipsy Elves, a San Diego sweater-producer that won a huge grant on Shark Tank, allegedly made “several million” dollars in 2013 off a single sweater design. The Tipsy Elves design of 2014 was an embroidered Jesus with the caption “Birthday Boy.” This year the company has produced sweaters featuring ninja gingerbread men (ninjerbread?), an off-brand Grumpy Cat (Sorta Unhappy Cat?), a drinking game sweater with a target on it, and Jesus and Santa standing next to each other without comment.

Now that ugly holiday sweaters are more likely to be a theme at your father’s insurance company’s big holiday party, rather than the theme at any of the parties you’ll attend, ugly sweaters may see a decline in demand.

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