Chicago family gunned down, wounding baby, killing mom, grandmother

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‘Domestic terrorism’ in Chicago streets.

CHICAGO — Six people were killed and eight others wounded since Monday morning in the latest spate of bloody violence in the nation’s third-largest city.

(CBS) — Two women were fatally shot, and an 11-month-old boy was injured, in a South Side gunfire attack on a family Monday night that also left two men wounded, Chicago police said. The flurry of gun violence comes as Chicago has experienced a 21% surge in homicides and a 20% increase in non-fatal shooting incidents so far in 2015, according to Chicago Police Department data. The boy’s 23-year-old mother, identified in local reports as Patricia Chew, was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital along with the unnamed 46-year-old grandmother. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel expressed outrage on Tuesday, blaming the rise in violence on there being too many guns on the streets of Chicago and weak gun laws. “It is time that our criminal justice system and the laws that relate to access to guns and the penalties for using them (in crimes) reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago,” Emanuel said.

The victims had returned from a family gathering around 7:30 p.m., and were walking home near 53rd and Aberdeen streets in Back of the Yards, when someone in a vehicle fired at them. Any time you can shoot and kill a pregnant mother and a grandmother and wound an 11-month-old in one incident — not to mention several other people shot Monday night alone — we’ve clearly lost you. Sadly, my words also are not for the people who have lost loved ones and who are devastated Tuesday morning, and the neighbors who woke up to bloodstained streets and police tape and swirling blue police lights, and just one more reminder (as if you needed another) that you live in a war zone. The two men’s names were not released. “Lolita was shot up from the back,” said Williams, a nurse who administered first aid to the victims. “Lolita was all right, then she faded out.

I write this as someone who just traveled to Charleston, S.C., trying to understand the conditions that gave rise to a white supremacist who brutally killed nine black people who had invited him to join their Bible study group last June. Instead, I mean it in a way that expresses a human desire to solve a puzzle or find the pieces so that a more complete picture of some horrible thing can begin to come into view. Garry McCarthy said he’d spent hours today re-evaluating tactics and strategies, But when CBS Chief Correspondent Jay Levine asked about a plan B, it seemed like more of the same. “First of all, let’s keep track of the fact that we just came out of two years of the lowest shooting and murder numbers in the city using the methods that we are using,” McCarthy said.

The frustration that I feel — that perhaps many of us feel — regarding Chicago’s shootings, is not so much over how we can stop it, but whether we can stop it. Would we pursue these cases with the same vigor that, for example, law enforcement in the Boston area went after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, or the way law enforcement in South Carolina tracked down Dylann Roof? A 2-year-old boy who was grazed by a bullet is in good condition at the hospital after someone accidentally discharged a gun in his home early Tuesday morning. Whenever the shooting is particularly bad, as it was Monday night, we string together words that almost feel predictable: “Oh, the senselessness.” “We have to reallocate police officers.” “Stop the violence.” A 26-year-old man was in critical condition after being shot late Monday evening as he rode a bicycle in the West Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

In a separate incident incident in the Washington Park neighborhood, a 23-year-old man was shot in the left shoulder as he stood outside in a drive-by shooting, according to police.

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