Citadel Suspends Cadets in Photos With Pillowcases on Heads

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Citadel Suspends Cadets For Wearing Costumes Resembling KKK Hoods.

Photos showing cadets from Charleston-based military college, The Citadel, posing in white KKK-style hoods have prompted an investigation and suspension of the freshmen involved.At least eight students at The Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina have been suspended after photos of them dressed in white hoods surfaced on Facebook Wednesday night. A statement by the college president called the photographs “offensive” and “disturbing,” and said the college has begun proceedings to suspend the eight students involved.

The images, shared on several social media sites, show seven cadets in white clothes wearing white, pointy pillowcases with eye cutouts over their heads. The college said the seven students wearing the pillowcases were knobs — freshmen who get that name from the close-cropped haircuts they receive when they report to school. Rosa was quick to explain the incident as a group of students “singing Christmas carols as part of a ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’ skit,” that excuse looks even flimsier when considered in the context of the school’s racist past. In accordance with college policy, we immediately began suspension proceedings for those cadets known to be involved, and we are continuing to investigate this incident.

Rep Mia McLeod, a Democrat representing Richland County in District 79, wants doctors to obtain a notarized affidavit from at least one of a man’s sexual partners before the doctor can prescribe erectile dysfunction medication. Melvin said “activities that led to this social media posting were not a mistake and should be dealt with severely because symbols matter.” “This is not the first, second or third time that racially charged events have been documented to have occurred at The Citadel,” he said on Facebook.

The Post and Courier recalls an October 1986 incident in which five white Citadel cadets “entered black student Kevin Nesmith’s room wearing white sheets and towels, and shouting racial insults. A bill filed by McLeod would also require patients taking ED medication to undergo cardiac stress tests every 90 days and attend outpatient counseling that would include “sexual counseling and resources for patients to pursue celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.” U.S. They left a charred paper cross in his room.” According to a Washington Post report about the incident, Nesmith was one of 31 black students in a freshman class of 651. We will provide more information upon completion of the investigation.” A source told WSOC’s partners at WCIV that the photo was taken in one of the barracks on campus, and that the ritual could be considered a form of hazing.

The woman confessed that he had told her he “always wanted a black girl.” Having discovered the photos, she felt “offended” and decided to post them on Facebook. “Would anybody else take this as really just singing Christmas carols or supposed to be dressed up as ghosts? ‘Cause in my opinion that’s not what it looked like at all,” the woman told ABC. The cadets who terrorized him were not expelled—instead, Citadel officials ordered them “to walk 195 hours of punishment.” Nesmith, however, resigned from school citing continued racial harassment. Hazing has from time to time put the college in the limelight and novelist Pat Conroy wrote about it in his book “The Lords of Discipline” — a fictional account based on his Citadel experiences in the 1960s. Bobby Scott of Virginia and 31 other House members in calling on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to stop its current permitting process and conduct an environmental review.

Melvin, chairman of the CMMA, issued a full statement regarding the incident on Facebook, again calling the actions of their cadets “disgraceful” and saying they were pleased that Lt. Race relations have been an acute issue in Charleston after a church shooting on June 17, 2015, when a gunmen opened fire during a prayer service, killing nine people including the senior pastor. Sanford said in a statement that the “current basis for issuing seismic testing permits … does not take into account the long-term effects that seismic testing will have on marine life or the impact on the economy due to industrialization of the coast.

Accordingly, we don’t think testing that could profoundly affect our coastal communities should be allowed to proceed.” State Attorney General Alan Wilson will join GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in Aiken on Saturday for a town hall meeting put on by the Conservative Leadership Project. Charleston County Councilman Henry Darby received hundreds of phone and email messages after he asked The Citadel to remove the Confederate Naval Jack flag from Summerall Chapel on campus. Melvin ended his post by saying, “When racist acts occur on campus, ALL students, black and white should feel the same degree of outrage that we do.

Only this year did the Citadel form a “Diversity Council,” aimed at “promoting a culture of inclusion and equal treatment on campus” for minority cadets, who now make up 22 percent of the student population.

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