Clean bill of health: Hillary Clinton’s doctor says 2012 health scare resolved

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Clinton releasing health, tax records.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been given a clean bill of health and is “fit to serve”, her personal doctor has announced. Democratic presdiential front-runner Hillary Clinton is fit enough to serve in the White House, according to her doctor, who issued a health-summary on Tuesday that her campaign will use to counter claims about the candidate’s age and a recent history of health scares.By now, The New York Times already corrected its botched story about Hillary Clinton, in which the paper reported that she was the subject of a Department of Justice criminal investigation. (Spoiler alert: she wasn’t.) However, this is the first time during the election cycle that the Hillary campaign, already in a contentious relationship with the press, had a legitimate grievance—and boy, are they airing it.Hillary Rodham Clinton’s doctor has pronounced her fit and healthy despite a concussion and associated medical problems in 2012, according to an assessment released by the Clinton campaign on Friday. The 67-year-old has no lingering effects from a 2012 concussion that caused a health scare when she was secretary of state, the candidate’s campaign said on Friday.

The assessment, which pronounced Clinton “fit to serve as president of the United States,” came as part of flood of disclosures Friday into details about her private life and work history. The Clinton camp published the document Friday as the State Department released the latest batch of documents related to the former diplomat’s long-simmering email controversy. In an open letter to the Times, Clinton campaign director Jennifer Palmieri blasted the Gray Lady for claiming the candidate was under federal investigation for her use of a private e-mail server.

Mrs Clinton will be keen to dispel any worries about her health that may still exist within the public mind since she fainted and suffered from concussion after fainting in December 2012 after contracting a stomach virus while traveling abroad. She had been forced to wear special glasses for a while to counteract double vision that resulted from the concussion, which caused a blood clot in her head that dissolved through the use of anticoagulant medicine, Reuters reported.

The “health letter” was released on the same day the campaign also plans to release seven years of joint tax returns for Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton. But Palmieri saved her proxy rage for what she saw as the Times’s refusal to accept wrongdoing, issuing it directly to Baquet: In a statement to the Times’ public editor, you said that the errors in the Times’ story Thursday night were “unavoidable.” This is hard to accept. I’m not unsympathetic to the defense – this has admittedly happened to me, too – but it does raise questions as to who, exactly, the Times relied on for the bogus information. “In our conversations with the Times reporters, it was clear that they had not personally reviewed the IG’s referral that they falsely described as both criminal and focused on Hillary Clinton.

Bardack said testing the following year showed “complete resolution” of the concussion’s effects, including double vision, which she wore glasses with specialized lenses to address. FRESNEL LENSES: Clinton testified before a Senate committee in 2013 while wearing special glasses designed to correct her double vision after she fained and suffered a concussion The ‘transverse sinus venous thrombosis,’ if left untreated, can grow break loose, travel through the bloodstream and lodge in the lungs – blocking blood flow and potentially causing death.

As noted above, the Justice Department official that incorrectly confirmed the Times’ initial reports for other outlets does not appear to have been the initial source for the Times. She also noted that Clinton suffers from seasonal allergies and hypothyroidism, an imbalance of thyroid hormones that can be corrected with a daily pill. Her prescription is for Armour Thyroid, an alternative to the more typical Synthroid medication that some holistic physicians prefer because it is produced from dried pig thyroid glands instead of being synthesized in a laboratory. ‘Mrs. Her vital signs showed blood pressure 100/65, heart rate 72, respiratory rate 18 and temperature 98.7.’ ‘The remainder of her physical examination was normal,’ she said. ‘Laboratory testing revealed a normal EKG and normal laboratory testing, including cholesterol of 195, with an LDL of 118, HDL of 64 and triglycerides of 69.’ It was at that session that she angrily told a senator, “what difference, at this point, does it make?” whether the attackers were terrorists or criminals.

The letter from Bardack does not contain detailed medical records or a medical history from Clinton other than the doctor’s brief summary of the candidate’s few prior health issues. There was no mention of Clinton’s height or weight, but it did say Clinton gets routine mammograms and breast ultrasounds, as well colonoscopies and gynecological exams. Clinton’s doctor said she exercises regularly — practicing yoga, swimming, walking, and weight training — and eats a diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, Clinton was also making news in Florida, campaigning at the annual meeting of the National Urban League and calling for an end of the nation’s trade embargo of Cuba during a speech at a Miami university.

We’ve also reported on several instances in which House Republicans, in the name of congressional oversight, have also leaked information to news organizations that turned out to be deliberately misleading – some related to Benghazi, some not. The next time a GOP lawmaker’s office calls up a reporter and says, “I’ve got a good scoop for you,” why in the world would the reporter take the tip seriously?

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