Colorado Shooting Suspect Declares ‘I’m Guilty’ in Court

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Accused Planned Parenthood gunman says he’s guilty.

FILE – In this Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, file photo, Colorado Springs shooting suspect, Robert Dear, right, appears via video before Judge Gilbert Martinez, with public defender Dan King, left, at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center for this first court appearance, where he was told he faces first degree murder charges in Colorado Springs, Colo. DENVER (AP) — Eight minutes after the call went out about a gunman opening fire outside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic, an officer called into his radio the words that no cop wants to hear: “I’ve been shot.” Hit in the hand, the officer asked for help — he had just arrived at the chaotic scene and didn’t know if the gunman was approaching him to finish him off. “I will shoot him if he moves toward you, brother,” another officer replied.David Daleiden, head of the Center for Medical Progress — the organization that claims to have collected evidence through an undercover video series that Planned Parenthood profits off of the sale of fetal tissue — recently spoke out in a sweeping interview with The Church Boys podcast.

The gunbattle ultimately claimed the life of one officer and injured a total of five, the highest police casualty count in a single incident in the U.S. in two years and a reflection of the danger that mass shootings pose to police. The group, which represents abortion providers, has worked to prevent Daleidan “and others from releasing recordings and materials they illegally obtained at NAF’s educational meetings,” according to a press statement. King — who represented Colorado theater shooter James Holmes — has asked the judge to impose a gag order on participants in the Planned Parenthood case before a trial. The charges include eight first-degree murder charges and 131 attempted first-degree murder charges, District Attorney Dan May said at a news conference after the court hearing.

Dear also claimed King “drugged” Holmes and that “he wants to do that to me.” Holmes was on anti-psychotic medication during his trial this year in the 2012 shootings that killed 12 people and wounded 70. Dear’s attorney said the suspect’s mental competency must be investigated before the case proceeds. “I’m a warrior for the babies,” shouted Deer, his wrists and and ankles shackled.

I’ve heard it very specifically from Planned Parenthood and from Planned Parenthood supporters in the mainstream media,” he said. “Before the blood was even dry, Planned Parenthood started politicizing the tragedy in Colorado.” While that scared young woman was lying on the table in only a thin paper gown in the tiny back room where abortions were performed, my friend holding her hand, a group of abortion protesters barged into the room. And officers hoping to save victims’ lives often confront the gunman without backup and without much information about what he looks like or where he is. Five of those injured by gunfire were law enforcement officers; all of them have been released from the hospital and are recovering, officials said Tuesday night. What would happen to that young woman today, and women like her, if congressional conservatives succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood, the Supreme Court overturns Roe v.

And a law enforcement official said this week that the gunman asked at least one person in a nearby shopping center for directions to the clinic before opening fire. One of his three ex-wives, Barbara Mescher Micheau of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, said he vandalized a South Carolina abortion clinic at least 20 years earlier, announcing to her that he had put glue in the locks of its doors, a common protest technique among activists trying to shut down abortion clinics.

Three more officers were shot and wounded inside the clinic about two hours later as SWAT teams tried to corner the suspect and rescue people from hiding places, the radio reports show. Killed in the attack were Garrett Swasey, 44, a University of Colorado-Colorado Springs officer who rushed to the scene; Ke’Arre Stewart, 29, an Iraq war veteran who was accompanying someone at the clinic; and Jennifer Markovsky, 35, who also accompanied a friend at the clinic. As a nurse working among poor immigrant women on New York’s Lower East side, Sanger witnessed married women with many children who were desperate not to have more.

Most police and sheriff’s departments give individual officers the authority to decide whether to take on an active shooter immediately or wait for backup, said Sid Heal, a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s commander and now a consultant with the Police Policy Studies Council. His trailer in Hartsel lacked running water or mains electricity, although it was equipped with solar panels and a television aerial, and a small black cross on the front. He told Congress, “No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition.” Nixon also supported abortion rights in certain cases, such as rape. Publicly, however, Nixon railed against it at the urging of advisors who made a political calculation to create a Republican majority by recruiting Southerners and Catholics. Following standard practice at the time, officers waited outside until commanders believed they had sufficient numbers, equipment and information to enter the building, but they came under widespread criticism for not moving in sooner.

In last week’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, responding officers entered a social service center without knowing how many gunmen there were or whether they were still in the building. The best discussion I’ve heard took place on the NPR program, “On Being.” David Gushee, a pro-life evangelical Christian and a Christian ethicist at Mercer University in Georgia, and Frances Kissling, a long-time pro-choice advocate and founder of Catholics for Choice, engaged in a rare dialogue.

Gushee expressed concerns about a society that depends on abortion as the answer to the consequences of modern casual sex, but he also said he wasn’t convinced that overturning Roe v. Wade was the answer; that might actually lead to more abortions, he said — particularly if there is a shredding of the social safety net at the same time.

Kissling condemned the pro-choice approach that essentially ignores a fetus’ value and only considers what the woman wants — the idea that abortion is OK for any reason, however late in the pregnancy. She recognized that there is crassness on either side of the issue, noting that pro-choice advocates are crass about the fetus, and pro-lifers are often crass about women. Abortion would remain legal with restrictions and enhanced family planning programs for poor women, who have 60 percent of the nation’s abortions, would result in a decline in abortions. Most would agree that abortion shouldn’t be used casually for birth control, but being forced to bring an unplanned child into the world can be a major burden on a woman and society.

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