Death of Woman in Tank at a Nevada Cryotherapy Center Raises Questions About …

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24-year-old Nevada woman froze to death in cryotherapy chamber.

HENDERSON, Nev. Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, the manager of Rejuvenice in Henderson, Nevada, was found dead last week by her co-workers in one of the salon’s cryotherapy chambers.A local news station in Las Vegas reported that Chelsea Ake, of Henderson was trapped in the chamber for at least 10 hours at Rejuvenice, a local clinic that offers cryotherapy, which involves stepping into a “cryosauna” or “cryochamber” with dry air and that dips below -240 degrees Fahrenheit. — Chelsea Ake-Salvacion felt she was on health care’s cutting edge, working at a cryotherapy center in this Las Vegas suburb that promised to help clients burn calories, reduce pain, strengthen immune systems and halt aging by embedding them in freezing tanks for a few minutes at a time.

The therapy has been used to reduce inflammation, slow signs of aging and help heal sports injuries, but effects are seen after only about two minutes. “I do know that she was alone closing the shop up, and then did go into the machine and apparently did not turn off,” her friend Shae-Lynn Bee told the news station. A police report obtained by KSNV says that she operated the machine on her own, and investigators ruled her death an “occupational error.” In a piece published last week, Ake-Salvacion had spoken to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about cryotherapy, which is meant to “aid in the healing of tissue, improve blood circulation, fight aging and boost serotonin, metabolism and the immune system.” “The Cryochamber is a multi-person walk-in device which exposes the patient’s entire body to hypercooled room-air,” reads a description on Rejuvenice’s website. Investigators said the death was due to an “operator error.” “It’s very frustrating to know because you know there are no cameras in there,” Bee told “Basically, the only person that does know what happened is Chelsea.”

She was my best friend, and I’m going to miss her dearly.” The owners of Rejuvenice told KSNV that they had no comment on the incident except that they are saddened by her loss, and are mourning with her family. Medical examiners told her family she died in “seconds” on Oct. 20 after she entered the machine alone, and her family says she “froze to death.” Cryotherapy is described as the use of low temperatures for “medical therapy,” the centre’s website said. It’s been used as “early as the seventeenth century.” Ms Ake-Salvacion’s family disagrees with TV news reports that said the woman’s death was the result of operator error. Ake-Salvacion’s uncle said the coroner had told him his niece’s body was found “rock-hard solid.” “Something went wrong,” said the uncle, Albert Ake, 48. “What she told me is that there is nothing dangerous about doing this. Ake-Salvacion died — a two store chain called Rejuvenice — said they were “devastated by this accident,” and that they were “voluntarily scrutinizing each and every one of our internal procedures to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.” The company’s website says that its chambers are “equipped with numerous safety features” and that doors are never locked, allowing clients to exit at any time.

There are two forms of cryotherapy offered: a one-person cryochamber, which requires the client to wear earmuffs, a mask, gloves, slippers, socks and underwear; and a three-person cryosauna, which does not require the mask or earmuffs. Cap said. “She would post her workouts on Instagram.” Cryotherapy is billed as being excellent for muscle pain. “She must have been really sore,” Ms.

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