Delaware Officials Investigate Fatal Shooting of Man in Wheelchair by Police

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Family demands probe of police killing of wheelchair-bound man ‘shot like roadkill’.

Activists in Delaware have demanded an independent investigation into the fatal shooting by police of a paralysed man in a wheelchair who was carrying a gun and may have been trying to kill himself. (CNN) — Police officers, their guns raised, approach the man in the wheelchair and yell out loudly and repeatedly: “Drop the gun” and “hands up.” The police chief in Wilmington, Delaware, defended his officers Thursday. Police have claimed officers shot Jeremy McDole, 28, after he refused to obey their commands to show his hands and that he was killed as he began to remove a handgun from his waistband. But the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has cast doubt over whether the agency can be trusted to carry out a fair investigation, according to the Associated Press. Mike Wilson via YouTube After appearing to ignore officers’ order to raise his hands, McDole is seen being fatally shot by the officers who are heard firing at least 10 shots.

The handicapped man, Jeremy McDole, was armed with a .38 caliber gun — the same one he’d apparently used on himself earlier, Chief Bobby Cummings said. As with all other police shootings that have resulted in casualties in the state, this week’s incident is being investigated by the Delaware Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust, which will determine whether any officers will be charged. Phyllis McDole alluded to a video — which Cummings acknowledged but said he hasn’t authenticated — which she said shows that her son “didn’t pull a weapon.

He did not know if Mr McDole pointed the gun at any of the four officers. “Only our thorough investigation will reveal that,” said Mr Cummings, who said he did not know whether Mr McDole was depressed or suicidal, or why he might have shot himself. The shooting comes at a time of increased scrutiny over police violence in the United States following several high-profile police killings of unarmed black men over the past year.

Yet Phyllis McDole — who spoke at the same news conference as Cummings, despite their obvious differences of opinion — doesn’t understand why her son died. We cannot continue having all our folks being shot and nobody held accountable,” said Smith. “Every time there was a shooting, it came back [a] justified shooting. The man’s uncle, Eugene Smith, said he had been with his nephew a short time before the shooting and denied he had a weapon. “He had a book bag, but I never seen a gun”.

Last year, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman also said that the department’s professional standards unit, which once ran inquiries into officer behavior until it was merged with internal affairs, would be brought back, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune. But Chief Zimmerman, who fielded questions from more than a hundred residents at a 2014 town hall meeting, declined to elaborate on what the unit would do specifically. “I want it to be very mysterious,” she said. “They are going to proactively go out and find those few officers who make the terrible decision to dishonor the badge. That’s when, the Wilmington police chief said, McDole “began to remove the weapon from his waist, the officers engaged him and — as a result of the injuries Mr. McDole sustained — he lost his life.” Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams promised at Thursday’s news conference that the family “will be notified step-by-step throughout the investigation.

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