Deputy who threw South Carolina student from her desk is fired

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Deputy in S.C. classroom video fired.

Richland County, South Carolina has fired Ben Fields, the sheriff’s deputy recorded using force on an African-American student during a school discipline incident.The South Carolina sheriff’s deputy who was caught on video violently flipping a female high school student from her classroom chair will be fired Wednesday, according to a report. Footage of Fields throwing the student across the classroom has caused outrage. “From the very beginning that’s what’s caused me to be upset, and continued to upset me is that he picked the student up and threw the student across the room,” Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said at a press conference Wednesday, announcing that Fields was being let go.

— The South Carolina sheriff’s deputy who flipped a student backward in her desk and tossed her across the floor for refusing to leave math class has been fired. The department interviewed witnesses and reviewed several cell-phone videos taken in the classroom, and concluded the moves Fields used in the confrontation were “not acceptable.” After talking to Fields, the sheriff said the deputy “tried to do his job,” but that he should not have used force against the student.

Columbia attorney Todd Rutherford told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Fields should have been fired as soon as Lott saw the video, which quickly went viral and sparked a firestorm of controversy. “She now has a cast on her arm, she has neck and back injuries. While the teen was non-compliant and disrespectful, Lott said, she was not a danger to the deputy. “Police officers make mistakes too, and they have to be held accountable.

Videos taken by students and posted online show Fields warning the girl to leave her seat or be forcibly removed Monday after she apparently texted in class and refused to surrender her phone to the teacher. More than a dozen parents and other residents spoke about the videotaped arrest at last night’s regularly scheduled board meeting for Richland School District Two, which includes Spring Valley High. “My son said to me, ‘Dad, no white child would have been removed from Spring Valley like that,’ ” said Stephen Gilchrist, of the district’s Black Parents Association, according to WIS-TV. Lott said the video made him want to “throw up” –but also pointed out that the girl can be seen trying to strike the officer as she was being taken down.

He also said that he doubts whether race played a role in the incident, noting that Fields “has been dating an African-American woman for ‘quite some time,’ ” as the AP reports. Some, black and white alike, said the issue wasn’t based on race, and, while the officer may have used unnecessary force, the whole incident shows that teachers and administrators need to work harder on finding ways to handle defiant students. The sheriff, for his part, said race would not factor into his evaluation: “It really doesn’t matter to me whether that child had been purple,” Lott said. She refused, so he called an administrator, who summoned the officer. “The administrator tried to get her to move and pleaded with her to get out of her seat,” Robinson told WLTX. “She said she really hadn’t done anything wrong.

She said she took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second, you know, please, she was begging, apologetic.” Lott said there have been school resource officers in the county ever since he has been sheriff for the last 19 years. In another case, a federal jury sided with Fields after a black couple accused him of excessive force and battery during a noise complaint arrest in 2005.

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