Did the GOP wait too long to disown Donald Trump?

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Carson threatens to leave Republican Party.

The retired neurosurgeon issued a statement Friday morning condemning reports of a closed-door meeting of Republican establishment leaders earlier in the week. Republican Party officials are starting to have serious conversations about the prospect that none of their presidential candidates will win a majority of delegates in upcoming primaries and caucuses — creating the possibility of an historic and chaotic “brokered” party convention next summer.

The newest back-and-forth on this issue came Dec. 8 with the release of a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll that indicated 68 percent of Trump’s supporters would follow him out of the party and vote for him if he went ahead with a third-party candidacy.• The prix fixe three-course meal at the Source, an Asian fusion restaurant near the Capitol, was part of a regular invitation-only dinner series hosted by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in which he solicits candid input from party leaders. Those familiar with Monday’s deliberations spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the private matter. • Attendees included Ward Baker, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee; Rob Simms, his counterpart at the National Republican Congressional Committee; Ron Kaufman, an RNC committeeman and Romney confidant; and pollster Linda DiVall.

But this year, the lavish event, held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City with ticket prices starting at $1,000 a plate, has been overshadowed by controversy. Carson said, “if this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite, I assure you Donald Trump will not be the only one leaving the party.”

He tweeted the poll out and posted it on Facebook, perhaps as a warning to any GOP official thinking of bashing his proposal to bar US entry to non-citizen Muslims. Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from coming to America, Republican lawmakers have been distancing themselves from the billionaire real estate mogul and those from the Keystone State are in the same boat. Those who attended the meeting “see a floor fight as a real possibility,” according to the Washington Post, and they talked about how a brokered convention would happen only if no candidate has enough delegates to win on the first ballot.

And here is a compilation of their thoughts — plus ours Terrorism fears: It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that Trump’s renewed rise in the polls comes after Paris and San Bernardino. Look, we know Bush is not having a great week, what with the news that his super PAC has spent $50 million this year – almost half its initial cash haul – while his poll numbers have slid into the single digits.

From the NYT/CBS poll: “A month ago, only 4 percent of Americans said terrorism was the most important problem; now, 19 percent say it is, above any other issue… More than four in 10 Republican primary voters say the most important quality in a candidate is strong leadership, which eclipses honesty, empathy, experience or electability. Trump’s call for a moratorium on Muslims. “I’ve heard of folks who aren’t coming,” said Val DiGiorgio, chairman of the Chester County Republican Party. “People have expressed disappointment with the choice, especially with the comments from the last week.” The backlash could be a preview of what local candidates might face if Republicans pick Mr. Just because the Clintons attended Trump’s 2005 wedding, Bill Clinton called Trump for a private chat just weeks before Trump entered the race, and some of Trump’s nonimmigration positions are actually kind of liberal? Trump’s political future,” she said, warning that ousting Trump would give him a reason to run as an independent. “I think for weeks, you know, you and everybody else were just bringing folks to hysterical laughter and all of that,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” “But now he has gone way over the line. A protest is scheduled to take place before the noon event and the liberal group Keystone Progress has garnered nearly 11,000 signatures on a petition seeking to have Mr.

But Trump — who is campaigning against free trade and against attempts to cut/reform entitlements — is tapping into the economic insecurity of Americans who haven’t felt the recovery over the last couple of years.Remember, this recovery has been VERY uneven… good on the coasts and urban areas, less so in exurban and rural America. GOP’s split between elites and the rank and file: If “the party decides,” as the political scientists put it, well, the Republican Party finds itself at one of its weakest points. But near the end, McConnell and Priebus acknowledged to the group that a deadlocked convention is something the party should prepare for, both institutionally within the RNC and politically at all levels in the coming months.

When asked Thursday about the dinner and convention planning, Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist and spokesman, said: “The RNC is neutral in this process, and the rules are set until the convention begins next July. Trump’s rise “has also been helped by the split between conservatives and Republican politicians amenable to bipartisan cooperation and gradual reform on the one hand, and conservatives and Republicans eager to make polarizing stands and wholeheartedly reject liberal premises on the other.” What may be really going on is a battle to define the word “conservative.” The country’s changing demographics and the GOP stoking the resentment of white voters: This is the point that Paul Krugman makes in his column today: After GOP politicians have warned voters that President Obama is coming after their health care, that he’s radically changing the America they know, and that he doesn’t believe the country is “exceptional,” Trump has trumped this rhetoric. “So along comes Donald Trump, saying bluntly the things establishment candidates try to convey in coded, deniable hints, and sounding as if he really means them. Several of Pennsylvania’s top lawmakers say they are staying home to work on the budget, others cited scheduling problems, and some, such as Representative Patrick Meehan, have publicly expressed concerns about associating publicly with Mr. Remember, this country is gone through some dramatic cultural changes, and as we wrote just after the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage, don’t be surprised if there is a cultural backlash of some sort. Third-party candidacies typically fade in the stretch – independent John Anderson went from 21 percent at the declaration of his candidacy in 1980 to 7 percent in the election.

Trump raise money for them. “After Donald Trump’s latest offensive attack on the Muslim community, it’s simply not enough for Pennsylvania Republicans to just skip Friday’s fundraiser when the proceeds will benefit their campaigns,” said Jermaine House, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The jockeying for delegates on a second ballot – or third, fourth or fifth – would be intense and full of political dealmaking, thus the term “brokered” convention. The distrust in media: Trump’s rise is a story about the political media, too — given all of the attention he’s received, as well as the fact that he’s used the media as a foil. That’s nearly two-thirds of the country calling the Fourth Estate a bad thing for the U.S.” The opposite of Obama: President Obama also has played a role in Trump’s rise, though maybe not for the reason you expect.

This makes the task of securing delegates more difficult in many states, because Republican candidates must, in some cases, push for support in overwhelmingly Democratic districts. They must also qualify for each state’s ballot in order to win any delegates at all, making the arduous series of state-by-state rules governing ballot access a potentially critical factor as well. Consider: The confident, upbeat Ronald Reagan replaced the worried and troubled Jimmy Carter; the youthful and working-class Bill Clinton replaced the older blue-blood George H.W. The total number of right-leaning voters will go up. “And that ought to help down-ticket Republicans,” writes Longman. “So, what might doom their presidential candidate could well be what limits their losses in the congressional races.” Ted Cruz, R-Texas, seems to have mastered the intricacies of state ballot-access rules and is said to have qualified in more than 40 states and territories, more than any other candidate.

And if anyone out there is an opposite to President Obama and his army of millennials and minority voters, it’s Donald Trump and his band of disaffected whites. Bennett, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s education secretary, said the unrest on the right echoes the run-up to the 1976 GOP convention, when Reagan challenged President Gerald Ford.

First, the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein: “[]n Trump, liberals have finally found a Republican candidate who embodies everything they’ve been saying about the party’s voters all along… This has delighted liberals, who now feel vindicated. But Bennett called this moment “a little more intense.” “That said, people shouldn’t be panicking, and I think things will calm down when people in the party leadership realize there are core truths to what Trump is saying and he’s not trying to take down the party. For many conservatives, his candidacy is a positive disruption,” Bennett said. “Let things run their course.” If anything, he added, the GOP convention “may get a ton of interest.

But here’s one reason he might be able to survive: Due to a lack of a contested Democratic presidential race, we aren’t seeing much pressure among the candidates to demand Rahm’s ouster. Think about it – if the Democratic race were as competitive as the GOP’s, there would be incentive for a presidential candidate to call for Rahm’s resignation, and that would lead to an avalanche of other resignation calls. Clinton stumps in Oklahoma and Missouri… Trump holds a rally in Des Moines, IA at 8:00 pm ET… Ben Carson is also in the Hawkeye State… Chris Christie and John Kasich are in New Hampshire… So are Fiorina, Paul, and Graham. My disadvantage is that I’d be going up against guys who grew up with each other, who know each other intimately, and I don’t know who they are, okay?

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