Does Ben Carson have a Thomas Jefferson problem?

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Ben Carson Still Has No Idea Which One Thomas Jefferson Was.

When Ben Carson took a surprise lead in the Republican presidential campaign last month questions arose about his accounts of his personal history. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, already under fire for his foreign policy acumen, is now being criticized for his grasp of history, particularly that of Thomas Jefferson.Of America’s Founding Fathers, Ben Carson is most moved by Thomas Jefferson, partly because of the way he “tried to craft our Constitution,” the retired neurosurgeon said this weekend. “But I’m particularly impressed with Thomas Jefferson, who seemed to have very deep insight into the way that people would react and tried to craft our Constitution in a way that it would control people’s national tendencies and control the natural growth of the government,” Carson said.Ben Carson may want to brush up on his American history before his next interview, especially if one of his favorite topics — the Founding Fathers — comes up. In fact, Carson noted Jefferson’s absence in his book, “A More Perfect Union,” writing that he was “missing in action” during the birth of the Constitution as he served abroad as ambassador to France.

Just a few weeks ago, Carson tried to diffuse criticism of his lack of political experience by saying that “every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience.” That statement is totally false, as a number of signers had been elected to political office prior to 1770, and that included Jefferson. Repeatedly, Carson has blundered through interviews where he is asked about America’s Foreign policy, Egyptian history, the Big Bang theory, how the debt ceiling works, how homosexuality works, and the list goes on.

Carson’s personal history, including controversy over whether he was offered a scholarship to West Point and slight changes in a childhood story he has frequently told of once trying to stab a boy in a fit of rage. The Washington Post, which reported on Carson’s flub, also noted that “it’s not the first time Carson has abused Jefferson’s history.” The Post reported: “Thomas Jefferson himself said, ‘Gun control works great for the people who are law-abiding citizens and it does nothing for the criminals, and all it does is put the people at risk,’” he told Fox’s Neil Cavuto after the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore. in early October. More recently, the Carson campaign released a map earlier this month in support of 31 state governors who had announced they would not be accepting refugees from Syria in the wake of the Paris attacks.

There were some notable mistakes in the map – particularly in New England, where Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine were moved northeast by about 150 miles, and Connecticut was seemingly cut out entirely. Indeed, Carson himself – writing in his new book “A More Perfect Union” – acknowledges that Jefferson was “missing in action” during that period of American history while serving as minister to France.

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