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Anonymous hackers attack Trump Towers website.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Herald, the SNP MP and former First Minister revealed he has signed the parliamentary petition to prevent the would-be US president from setting foot in the UK. The best overall start and longest road winning streak to begin an NBA season have already been added to the Golden State Warriors’ historic list of accomplishments, and they’re moving closer to the longest run the league has ever seen.After months of dismissing Donald Trump’s campaign as a bad joke, Republican Party leaders have realised that American voters might be deadly serious about electing the television entertainer to the White House.NEW YORK — No other topic has dominated public discussion over the past week like Donald Trump’s call to indefinitely ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is making it clear he doesn’t take kindly to any criticism — not from his rivals, nor from Saudi princes.WASHINGTON — Donald Trump and Ben Carson could dangle the possibility of independent runs for president well into the primary season next year, but they can’t wait forever.

New York: The website for Trump Towers, the Manhattan skyscraper owned by real-estate mogul and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, has been attacked by activist hacking group Anonymous, which disabled it for a time in protest at his anti-Muslim comments. Fatigued as they may be, the Warriors face the Bucks trying to become the first team to sweep a road trip of at least seven games as they look to make it 29 straight regular-season victories before heading back to the Bay Area. Mr Trump is still leading the pack with 35 per cent of support from Republican voters, the same lead he held before his comments on Monday that Muslims should be banned from the US. At a Friday night rally in Iowa, Trump hit opponent Ted Cruz, criticizing him for opposing ethanol subsidies that are popular in the corn-producing state.

Salmond’s predecessor, the former Labour First Minister, Jack McConnell, has also backed Nicola Sturgeon’s decision last week to strip Trump of his status as a “Globalscot”. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since Golden State (24-0) set the NBA record for the best start at 16-0 and four days since they broke the 1969-70 New York Knicks’ mark for the best road start in Indiana with their 13th consecutive victory away from home. On Saturday Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal demanded that Mr Trump withdraw from the presidential race for his ban comments, calling the Republican a disgrace “to all America”.

That would give a well-financed campaign enough time to gather sufficient signatures on petitions so the candidate could appear on the ballot in every state. That tied the Warriors for the second-longest winning streak in league history at 27, but separating themselves from that mark was perhaps their toughest challenge yet. The tensions have been on the rise, following a New York Times story about a private donors’ meeting at which Cruz questioned whether Trump had the judgment to serve as president. Photo: AP A recent poll by New York Times/CBS News showed Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after September 11, 2001.

Even with Klay Thompson out due to a sprained right ankle and Harrison Barnes still missing because of a sprain to his left, Golden State overcame its first sub-40 percent shooting effort in 53 regular-season games to outlast Boston 124-119 in double overtime. “We will definitely cherish this, because it doesn’t happen often,” center Andrew Bogut said. “The record, the history, the team – it doesn’t happen often so we will cherish it. At a hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, last week where Mr Trump had come to speak to members of a police union, they held up slogans and yelled their support for the nominee. This week, Cruz pulled ahead of Trump in an Iowa poll, and scored the endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, an influential evangelical leader in the state.

But one or both could siphon enough votes from the Republican nominee to hand the election to the Democrats. “If you think about a Trump-Carson exit, then you’re talking about 51 percent of the current Republican electorate, based on the polling,” said Walter Stone, a political scientist at the University of California Davis. A gnawing sense of dread has helped lift Trump to a new high among Republicans, who will vote in primaries to choose their party’s nominee for the November 2016 presidential election. Jon Basset, 61, a former airman in the US Air Force and now a rock music DJ, came to see Mr Trump dressed in his military uniform. “This is not about racism,” he said. “I would never support a racist or a hater. Chief Executive Officer John Maraganore said in an interview in his office in Cambridge, Mass., that Trump’s statements were “outlandish” and that his company had a diverse workforce made up of all religions and he cherished and needed that.

Anonymous, a loose-knit international network of activist hackers, or “hacktivists”, is famous for launching cyber attacks on groups such as the Islamic State following the attacks in Paris last month that killed 129 people. Next year you could be on a different team and nobody’s talking about you.” Only one Warrior all season had topped 42 minutes in a game – Stephen Curry in a November OT win over Brooklyn – but the reigning MVP (47), Draymond Green (50) and Andre Iguodala (44) all got there Friday. It’s run by two painfully young Aussie billionaires, its mottos are “we’re for teams” and “don’t #@!% the customer”, and it just made a spectacular debut on the NASDAQ. But representatives of the country’s biggest banks — including Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Corp. — declined to make executives available for comment.

But what does Atlassian actually do? “JIRA’s central to everything for us because it allows you to set up and manage issues which lead into the developer workflow,” says Halogenics managing director Andy Fleming. Other products in Atlassian’s suite include an internal chat client called HipChat, not unlike that other Silicon Valley darling, Slack; and a place for developers to share code, called BitBucket, not dissimilar from GitHub. The sense is that, like many at the top of the Republican Party, corporate leaders are afraid of getting into a Twitter war with Trump and alienating his many followers, despite distaste for his statements. “Businesses will sit on the sidelines unless there’s something truly profound that is threatening their brand or their industry or their product,” said John Hudak, a fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution. The Bucks (9-15) should be relatively well rested after Friday’s 90-83 regulation loss in Toronto, but they’ll be playing their sixth game in nine days. At a recent meeting of Republican officials, they searched for a strategy that could defeat the frontrunner. “It is fair to say these elected Republicans were apoplectic at the thought of Trump being their nominee,” Larry Sabato, an American pollster who attended the meeting.

They’ll have Sunday and Monday off before beginning a four-games-in-six-days trip that includes a visit to Golden State on Friday. “We have to play a complete game,” Khris Middleton said. “We can’t take quarters, minutes, plays off. … Our margin of error is very small right now, so we can’t have any lapses.” If the Bucks hope to have a chance, they’ll likely attempt to slow the Warriors down. The popularity of Mr Trump and other “outsider” candidates has opened such deep fissures within the party that, for the first time in recent American political history, the primary elections may fail to produce a nominee. “What you’re seeing is the Party bracing for a potential ‘Hunger Games’ scenario where you have a different person win each of the first four primaries and they all have the resources to slug it out until the convention,” Stuart Stevens, a former adviser to Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, told the Washington Post. Launching an independent campaign for president isn’t as simple as holding a press conference and coming up with a catchy name for your new political party — something like, the Make America Great Party. The unique model means a much higher proportion of its staff is dedicated to building and improving its products, although Atlassian does not disclose how many developers work at the company. “The ticker symbol, TEAM, is a dedication of what matters most to us and we dedicate this day to teams everywhere and to team work,” Cannon-Brookes said, adding that Atlassian’s software was designed to “remove the friction inherent in … teamwork”. “We helped the engineering teams at NASA land the rover on Mars; the non-profit teach students to learn programming; and the IT teams of the [UK] Daily Telegraph to ship newspapers to over two million readers,” he said. Milwaukee games average the second-fewest possessions (95.29 per 48 minutes) in the league while Golden State plays at the third-fastest pace (101.74).

As the demographics in the United States change, with birthrates of racial and ethnic minorities far exceeding those of non-Hispanic whites, Republicans have watched their traditional constituency shrink before their eyes. The US Navy’s $US4 billion futuristic destroyer Zumwalt, which is beginning sea trials in the Atlantic, will be testing high-tech weapons never before seen at sea.

The Warriors, however, might welcome a less-frenetic tempo in their final contest before hopping a plane and heading home to begin a five-game homestand Wednesday. In a speech announcing his candidacy in June, Trump called Mexicans “rapists” causing NBCUniversal, Univision Communications Inc., Grupo Televisa SAB, Serta and PVH Corp. to break ties with him. The long anticipated 186-metre-long, 14,043-tonne destroyer has an unconventional pyramid-shaped hull that slopes out at the bottom with a stealthy “tumblehome” design, rather than sloping in like most warships. Trump ridiculed Senator John McCain for having been captured and tortured in Vietnam, made fun of fellow candidate Carly Fiorina’s appearance and claimed that thousands of people in New Jersey were celebrating the 9/ 11 attacks.

The Zumwalt — which will receive its “USS” designation when it is christened — is commanded by Navy Captain James Kirk, who shares his name with the fictional Star Trek captain. This split between the centre-Right and the anti-establishment approaches are leading Republicans to “cannibalise each other” said Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. The weapon uses electromagnetic (EM) pulses — known as the Lorenz Force — to launch projectiles at Mach 7, or seven times the speed of sound, at targets up to 177 km away. In a sign of the fundamental divide, “two-thirds of Republican voters” are dissatisfied with their elected representatives, said Mr Murray, but for opposing reasons.

He averages 32.8 points and is a 56.1 percent shooter with no rest, and his team’s 117.7 points per game in those situations is 10.1 better than anyone else. Many of the delegates who attend the Republican convention to make the final selection for their nominee are locked into backing the candidate that their state voted for in primaries. High-energy EM rail guns, which can be operated by just one person, are expected to be lethal and effective against multiple threats, including enemy warships, small boats, aircraft, missiles and land-based targets. But if no candidate received enough votes in the primaries or “first-ballot” votes, that restriction is lifted, opening up the potential for a “floor fight” in which the candidates and their campaigns scramble to lobby the delegates to support them – thus making it a “brokered” convention. In the 2016 scenario, Mr Trump would capture much of the anti-establishment vote, and Mr Cruz would play well with the Republican Party’s evangelical wing.

The key problem is that whilst Mr Rubio is favoured by the establishment, there is no candidate that has the charisma or who has inspired enough passion to reunite different factions and draw support away from Mr Trump.

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