Ex-FBI Agent Accused of Lying at James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Trial

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Ex-FBI Agent Accused of Lying at James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Trial.

BOSTON (AP) — A former FBI agent lied to jurors during mobster James “Whitey” Bulger’s trial and overstated his professional accomplishments, including falsely claiming to be the first officer who recovered the rifle used to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr., federal officials said Thursday in announcing a perjury case against him. A retired FBI agent who was once second in command in the agency’s Boston office was arrested Thursday on perjury charges and accused of lying on the stand during the trial of gangster James “Whitey” Bulger.Retired FBI supervisor Robert Fitzpatrick is due to be arraigned Thursday at John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse for lying under oath during the 2013 Whitey Bulger trial, according to the Associated Press. Robert Fitzpatrick, a former assistant special agent in charge for the FBI’s Boston office in the 1980s, was the first defense witness called during Mr. Fitzpatrick, 75, is charged with six counts of perjury and six counts of obstruction of justice in the trial in which he testified that Bulger was not valuable as an informant and that he advocated for the FBI to cut ties with the gangster.

Bulger, 84, was convicted in August 2013 of dozens of crimes stemming from his bloody reign over Boston’s underworld as the head of the Winter Hill Gang. Fitzpatrick told jurors that in 1981, about six years after Bulger began working an informant, he was given the task of assessing the mobster to see if he was providing the FBI with useful information. He testified during Bulger’s trial that his goal was to stop “people inside the FBI and outside the FBI that were leaking information, causing a lot of the investigations to go south, in other words, to get corrupted.” “I met with the Assistant Director… The 85-year-old Bulger is serving two life sentences after his 2013 racketeering conviction tying him to 11 murders and other gangland crimes in the 1970s and 1980s. One focus of Bulger’s defense was the claim that he was never an FBI informant, but the government said he was and had a corrupt relationship with an agent, John Connolly, who later went to prison for it.

Fitzpatrick has said he quit the FBI in disgust over corruption, but the indictment charges that he left after being demoted for falsifying reports related to his investigation of an unrelated shooting. Kelly then told Fitzpatrick that a report says someone else took the rifle from police officers and turned the bundle over to the FBI three hours later. “I took the bundle from the scene,” Fitzpatrick explained. The ex-agent insisted that he repeatedly sought to end the FBI’s relationship with Bulger, particularly after Bulger was considered a suspect in two 1982 killings.

Speaking during the Bulger trial, Fitzpatrick said he decided to resign from the FBI because he had reported criminal activity by another agent, prosecutors say. The government convicted his former FBI handler in 2002 for tipping off a pending indictment, which helped the gangster escape Boston and evade capture.

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