For Clinton, a challenge to keep black voters energized about her campaign

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Clinton’s ideas on race draw applause, protest on same day.

WASHINGTON • The White House will not allow the immediate release of e-mails exchanged between President Barack Obama and Mrs Hillary Clinton from when she was secretary of state, a senior administration official has said. CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton picked up endorsements from another major labor group and a longtime ally of Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday.Atlanta — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Friday began in earnest what will likely become the toughest slog of her campaign to win the White House: Convince black voters that she deserves President Barack Obama’s mantle. The e-mails may be withheld until after Mr Obama leaves office under the Presidential Records Act, which governs public access to the president’s records.

But a new batch of State Department emails from when Clinton ran the agency reveals the breadth of her personal network — from Lady Gaga to then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. At an NAACP dinner Friday, she watched silently as relatives of the nine people killed in June by a white gunman during a Bible study a historic black church in Charleston took part in a memorial. Both events in this early voting state demonstrate the delicate balance Clinton has to maintain between withstanding her closest primary rival, Vermont Sen. The 7,000 emails released Friday show her Rolodex included powerful celebrities, CEOs, political advisers and politicians that she’s now tapping for her Democratic presidential campaign.

Afterward, to rounds of applause, Clinton said, “People in this room … have shown grace and resilience.” Charleston, she said, has inspired Americans who often “don’t know what to do about that kind of hate and violence stalking our land.” Clinton said the church slayings and the April killing of Walter Scott, a black man shot by a North Charleston police officer who has since been fired and charged with murder, were part of a trend. “The last few years have shone a bright light on the systemic effects of racism and injustice,” she said. Currently, only the first $118,500 of income is covered subject to payroll taxes, which funds Social Security. “We need not only to extend social security benefits, we need to expand them,” he said. A federal judge has ordered the State Department to publicly release all of Mrs Clinton’s e-mails from her four years as the nation’s top diplomat between 2009 and 2013 after a Vice News reporter sued the department under freedom of information laws. The answers, she said, include overhauling the criminal justice system, tightening gun regulations and expanding economic and educational opportunities in communities held back by generations of institutionalized racism. Clinton on Wednesday raised some eyebrows on the left during her own appearance in the Granite State when she did not categorically rule out Social Security benefit cuts or raising the retirement age.

But a small group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters – who upstaged Clinton for nearly 12 minutes during an event at Clark Atlanta University – symbolize Clinton’s challenge in the general election as well as a primary contest that will feature Southern voters early and often starting this winter. The same alliance twice elected President Barack Obama: enthusiastic turnout from minorities, women and young voters, with just enough additional support from white working-class voters of all ages. Lady Gaga complimented her, Blair praised her for doing the “Lord’s Work,” Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi asked for technology help and former President Jimmy Carter pitched in on negotiations with North Korea. And she declined to endorse an across-the-board expansion of benefits, as favored by many progressives. “If there were a way to [raise the retirement age] that would not penalize or punish laborers and factory workers and long distance truck drivers and people who really are ready for retirement at a much earlier age, I would consider it.

It was the first time BLM protesters had interrupted a Clinton event – as they have interrupted other candidates – and it came at a gala designed to showcase Clinton’s solid support in the black community. At the ILA union hall, Clinton credited unions with bringing fair working conditions and better wages that “raised hopes … and gave people a chance to have a better life.” And she assailed Republican-led efforts to “dismantle collective bargaining rights.” Clinton has attracted more support from organized labor since coming out against the Obama administration’s Pacific rim trade agreement that unions loathe and that Sanders opposed long before Clinton. An administration official told Fox News there is a “small number” of such exchanges and described them as “mostly non-substantive” because the two leaders conducted most their discussions in person or by phone. On Saturday, he was in New Hampshire, where the postal workers’ statewide union and two local trade unions have endorsements. “They understand that at a time when the middle class of this country continues to disappear, we need an economy that works for the middle class and not just the top 1 percent,” Sanders said in a statement. Bush White House likewise held that his correspondence would not be released until he left office, while the Clinton campaign has pledged to make her records public.

Meanwhile, the cap was an intentional mechanism put in place to make Social Security less redistributionary so the program would not feel like welfare to wealthier Americans. The group – fewer than 10 – eventually left the college gymnasium only after the crowd of more than 2,000, most of them young African-Americans, chanted, “Let her talk!” The Georgia-South Carolina campaign swing, set to continue Saturday in Charleston, is part of Clinton’s emphasis on Southern states that dominate the early weeks of the presidential nominating calendar. Labor is particularly important to Sanders’ bid, given his difficulty in attracting significant support from another key Democratic constituency: African-Americans.

Why was there no positive response to the 600 email requests that were supposed to have been made a few months before the attack took place for security equipment and personnel? Clinton has faced questions about whether her unusual email setup, which involved a private server located at her New York home, was sufficient to ensure the security of government information and retention of records. And what about all those private emails to Sidney Blumenthal who used to work for the Clinton Foundation and whom President Obama debarred from working for Hillary Clinton after she took over the state department?

Cummings argued that after spending $4.5 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money on collecting evidence for an inquiry investigating the lapse, and after holding seven previous investigations, the committee was no closer to discovering the truth than it was at the beginning of the investigation. Republicans and others investigating the 2012 terror attacks on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, have shown that Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died in the strikes, made numerous official requests for additional security. Yet on Saturday, in front of a more racially mixed audience, she also noted that she was raised around firearms. “My dad taught me to shoot,” she said. He wanted to know why out of the thousands of emails that had been floating about the ether, the only ones that were publicly discussed centered on Clinton’s private communication with Blumenthal. Though past email releases showed Blumenthal offering advice mostly on Libya, this batch showed him also writing to Clinton about Syria and other countries.

The changes would build on a 2010 act of Congress that narrowed the disparity between crack crimes – concentrated among minorities – and powder crimes, which are more likely to involve whites. On gender pay equity, she argued that it’s a “family issue” and “an economic issue” rather than “a women’s issue.” But she roused her supporters with the conclusion: “Sometimes Republicans accuse me of playing the gender card. Actor Ben Affleck, a longtime Clinton supporter, urged her in April 2012 to review a draft of a report about security problems in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Clinton hasn’t detailed how her idea would go beyond existing law, but her campaign cited previous congressional proposals that would make it easier for alleged profiling victims to recover damages from government agencies in civil court. Roughly half of Clinton’s 30,000 work-related emails are now public, and the State Department’s effort to release the rest will linger into next year. She agreed it’s a difficult needle to thread, particularly on guns: The very working-class whites that Clinton wants to reach in swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia are same kinds of voters who don’t identify with national Democrats on many cultural issues, including guns.

Most of the correspondence made public to date involves the mundane workings of government — scheduling meetings, organizing secure phone lines and booking flights. A few of them hint at the ways Clinton maintained her network of campaign donors, even while serving in a position at a distance from electoral politics.

Indeed, a Suffolk University/USA Today poll in early October showed Clinton’s support plummeting by 31 percent among black voters. (The poll had an unusually large 10 percent margin of error.) Last week, Mr. In a June 2011 message, an aide informs Clinton that longtime donor Susie Buell contributed $200,000 toward a summit at which Clinton was scheduled to speak. Sanders, in an interview with Ebony, acknowledged that he struggles to appeal to black voters. “Yes, it’s true — I’m from a state that is overwhelmingly white,” he said. “I am also aware that I am running against someone whose husband is very popular in the African American community,” Sanders added, referring to former President Bill Clinton. Throughout the question and answer session, she stood thoughtful and patient, firm and resolute, mulling over each question before answering as if each query had a tricky legal subtlety. In April 2011, daughter Chelsea Clinton, using the email alias Diane Reynolds, emailed her mother a link to a Wall Street Journal story headlined “The Sleepless Elite: Why Some People Can Run on Little Sleep and Get So Much Done.”

But “the proposals that I talk about are actually more relevant to the black community,” he said, citing his calls for criminal justice reform and better youth education. Though she had a prolonged coughing fit which left her a little gravelly, she remained polite and firm, not losing her temper as she did the last time she appeared in the hall. But the question as to why the committee chose to ignore the fact that Congress had refused the state department’s request for funding certain American missions abroad was never asked. Those policies have been credited at least in part for putting millions of nonviolent drug offenders in prison, and nearly tripling the US prison population in the span of two decades.

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