For Cruz and Rubio, a bitter brawl over immigration

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Feud between Rubio and Cruz rages on.

The feud between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz that lit up the GOP debate stage spilled over to Wednesday, with Cruz finding himself on the defensive over his role in the doomed 2013 immigration overhaul effort and with Rubio whacking Cruz from all angles on national security. In the week before Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, when reporters asked Jeb Bush how he planned to regain control of the narrative in the presidential race, Mr.

The approaches to combat terrorism advocated by the Republican Presidential candidates during last night’s debate came up short when it came to addressing the many facets of the conflict, a professor specializing in terrorism said on Boston Herald Radio. “A lot of it struck me as a very ‘one note’ approach to terrorism, which any counter terrorism specialist will tell you is not sufficient,” said Christina Cliff, an assistant visiting professor at Franklin Pierce University said on Herald Radio’s “Primary Matters” show. “There is a multi-faceted approach that needs to be addressed.WASHINGTON – For Republicans, this week’s presidential debate highlighted a brewing fight to define the party’s foreign policy posture, exposing divisions among candidates about the U.S. role in fostering regime change in the Middle East and tactics to prevent terror attacks at home.

Fresh off a subdued performance in Tuesday night’s Republican debate, Donald Trump rolled up to an airport hangar in Mesa, Arizona, where he regaled a large, raucous crowd with some of his classic lines. “George Will, you fall asleep listening to this guy. While both scored points against each other during Tuesday night’s showdown, Rubio managed to redirect questions about his own position on immigration and sow fresh doubts about Cruz’s that dominated the following news cycle. “My stance on immigration has been consistent. Ted Cruz for his debate performance, calling him an articulate and “happy warrior” of the conservative movement. “He loves doing what he’s doing. George Will, if he didn’t wear the little spectacles, he wouldn’t even be bright,” Trump said, going on to describe Charles Krauthammer as “terrible” and “the worst” and Stephen F.

I categorically oppose amnesty,” Cruz said Wednesday afternoon during a news conference in California. “What they’re [the Rubio campaign] asserting, laughingly, is his record and my record is the same on immigration. Chris Christie said he would shoot down any Russian planes that violated a no-fly zone if he occupied the Oval Office, but Cliff said the strategy, while a safe political play, does little to eliminate terrorism. “It was interesting for a lot of them to jump on the ‘no-fly zone’ bandwagon and suggest that as a solution,” she said. “It’s a very safe political proposal. While there’s little appetite among GOP candidates for the sweeping military intervention and nation-building Bush championed, most are wary of being pegged as isolationists, particularly given Americans’ heightened fears of terrorism following attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California. “The fundamental debate is, well, if Bush did too much and Obama did too little, what’s the right amount of international engagement?” said Richard Fontaine, a former foreign policy adviser to Sen. That position is ridiculous.” Rubio acknowledged on the debate stage that his openness to an eventual path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants might put him outside the current GOP orthodoxy on the issue.

Jeb Bush pushed back against Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. “He thinks he wants to be this ‘Oh, I am great and strong on national defense,’ ” Paul said, “but he is the weakest of all the candidates on immigration. And he is relishing this opportunity to put on display what he believes and what millions of the rest of us believe,” Limbaugh continued, remarking that the Texas senator “may have even damaged Marco Rubio a little bit.” As far as Donald Trump goes, for Limbaugh, he did enough to be the other winner of the main event. “You know, Trump did what I thought he would do: He basically shut up,” he said, adding that the Manhattan businessman “served himself very well last night.” Limbaugh complimented both Cruz and Trump for eschewing the politically correct “niceties and the details” when discussing the Islamic State, NSA surveillance and fighting terrorism writ large. “The PC crowd and the moderators say: Well, you can’t do that! Trump’s call to bar all Muslims from entering the country, Tim Miller, the campaign’s communications director, said, “Every candidate had the opportunity to stand up and say that was wrong and say that he was not serious and not ready to be commander in chief, and every one of them took a pass tonight to do that, except for Jeb Bush.” It was a strategy Mr. While foreign policy rarely decides presidential elections except in times of war, national security concerns are likely to remain a top issue for Americans at least through the early voting contests that begin in February.

There are innocent children and civilians and so forth,” the host continued, lauding them on their take-no-prisoners style. “I think it’s effective. As GOP leaders eye the general election, they believe voters disappointed with President Barack Obama’s foreign policy stewardship will be reluctant to elect his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Trump “unhinged” on Twitter after his Muslim comments and repeatedly describing him as an insufficiently serious candidate and leader, and one his campaign hopes to build on going forward. “And so I think that’s something we can be proud of Jeb for, but also something that we can really take to the marketplace in the coming weeks as he’s the one that’s standing up to Trump on this and the one that’s standing up for the party and the country,” Mr. First, though, Republicans must work out their own divisions, which could be viewed most clearly in Tuesday’s debate through the prism of the rivalry between Florida Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, one of the Senate’s biggest immigration hard-liners, backed Cruz in an interview Wednesday, saying, “No, I didn’t,” when asked whether he interpreted Cruz’s actions as a sign he supported legal status.

So you have the potential for creating more terrorists than you are eliminating.” “I get where they are going, we should monitor, we should pay attention…but they don’t blatantly say I’ am going to come out and commit Jihad,” she said. “This is not the old school chat rooms we are accustomed to.” “None of it is recorded, are we going to shut down gaming systems?” she said. “Shutting down the Internet is not going to sufficient save anybody.” Cliff did credit former Florida Gov. She wakes up in the morning, she goes out, she’ll go to New Hampshire or Iowa one day a week or something,” Trump said, remarking upon how the campaign seems to always “pick the four nicest people” to ask her questions, “and then she leaves and goes back to sleep for a week.” Trump ended his rat-a-tat criticism by indicating that he might have more in store for Clinton as the race continues, alluding to “what I did to [Jeb] Bush.” Turning to the refugee situation, Trump wondered aloud why some migrants were carrying cellphones with Islamic State images, a claim that he has repeated in past rallies, which came from a Norwegian news report that people had photos of severed heads and ISIL logos on their devices. Rubio was really for open borders, the Gang of Eight bill wouldn’t have been 1,198 pages long while doubling the size of border patrol,” said Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration expert at the libertarian Cato Institute. In another juicy scene from the immigration showdown, Rubio tried to portray Cruz as being more willing to bend on undocumented immigrants than he lets on, which Cruz dismissed. Much as he has suggested with “bombing the hell out of” the oil holdings of the terrorist group, Trump suggested that it might be necessary “knock the hell out of their Internet system in the ISIS territories.” “People said, ‘Oh that’s freedom of speech, you can’t do that, this one, that one,'” Trump said, mimicking those who opposed his idea. “The good news is, we have people in Silicon Valley who are better than we are,” he added, noting the importance of getting those companies to cooperate.

Toward the end of the rally, Trump dismissed the notion that he is not presenting solutions, touting the fact that he is not taking money from super PACs and has turned down “tens of millions of dollars.” Cruz, who never misses an opportunity to link Rubio with Schumer, said Wednesday that Rubio’s acknowledgement of his position Tuesday night was “an important moment of candor.” Ironically, it’s Cruz whose candor is now being questioned on immigration, at least in the conservative media and by the Rubio campaign.

But it would have kept intact the language in the Senate bill that allowed illegal immigrants to still apply for the Registered Provisional Immigrant program in the overall bill, which would have resulted in a work permit and 10 years later application for permanent residency. She also said those types of attacks – referencing the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado – still pose a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. He was again pressed about the issue on Fox’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Wednesday evening, which seemed to knock Cruz off balance. “Bret, of course I wanted the bill to pass — my amendment to pass.

Trump’s Muslim comments, the Bush campaign had begun doing what one aide described as “due diligence” to see what it might take for him to break the Republican National Committee pledge to support the eventual nominee, if that nominee is Mr. As Cruz’s campaign spent much of Wednesday facing questions that forced them to relitigate his position on the amendment, Rubio was on the attack — not just muddying the waters on immigration issues but sharpening contrasts between himself and Cruz on the national security questions that have come to dominate the Republican race.

Now fully engaged, the fight between these two 44-year-old senators could increasingly dominate the primary from this point forward and may presage a long and nasty two-man race for the GOP nomination. The first use of the term dates to around World War II, when Allied strikes during and following the invasion of Normandy killed an estimated 40,000 French civilians. Since the debate ended Tuesday night, Rubio’s campaign and super PAC have been working hard to focus on that gulf between Rubio’s interventionist tendencies and Cruz’s more cautious, if still tough-talking, approach. Every one was retired early because they told President Obama things that he didn’t want to hear.” Fiorina was on solid ground with two of her examples: Gen.

Jack Oliver, a veteran fund-raiser, also urged fellow supporters on the call to use Wednesday to call their two or three friends who had been reluctant to commit to Mr. Most of the candidates have called for more aggressive action, though their plans have largely lacked specifics or been similar to steps the Obama administration is already taking. The focus on the phrasing is part of a larger attempt by Rubio’s team to cast Cruz not just as an isolationist at a time when growing foreign threats have many conservatives longing for a more muscular U.S. foreign policy, but also as an “isolationist hawk”—a candidate, who, Rubio’s campaign will try to show, is trying to be all things to all people.

Rubio’s campaign wasted no time linking Cruz and Paul, referring to them in a fundraising pitch to supporters blasted out right after the debate as “the isolationist tag team duo Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.” “You know, Ted stood up there and said, ‘I’m gonna utterly destroy ISIS,’ Rubio said Wednesday morning during an appearance on Fox News Channel. “Anyone can say that. You can easily make those calls and go after those people who have been sitting on the sidelines and confidently say, ‘Tonight we saw a president on the stage.’” I have repeatedly supported an effort to take that out of that bill, and I honored that campaign commitment.” Cruz also faced unhelpful headlines Wednesday morning when Sen. The comments Bush had in mind came Sept. 28, when Trump appeared to suggest to CNN’s Erin Burnett that Russia and Syria should be the countries to primarily fight ISIS. By Wednesday afternoon, Burr’s staff was walking back his comments, telling reporters that the Senate Intelligence Committee was not, in fact, investigating Cruz’s statements.

Cruz didn’t condemn Trump’s Muslim ban as strongly as the other candidates, saying, “everyone understands why Donald has suggested what he has,” given Obama’s response to the attacks in California and Paris. “President Obama and Hillary Clinton are proposing bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to this country, when the head of the FBI has told Congress they cannot vet those refugees,” Cruz said. In his testimony, Comey said he could not personally vet every refugee admitted to the United States (which would be required under a bill put forward by House Republicans).

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