Friend of San Bernardino terrorist arrested

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Criminal complaint illuminates San Bernardino gunman’s ties to Islamic militarism.

It was there that he studied the magazine published by Al Qaeda that explained how to blow up a crowd of people and spent his days absorbed in conversation about Islamic extremism with his friend Enrique Marquez Jr.CALIFORNIA: Enrique Marquez, who supplied the assault rifles used to kill 14 people in a massacre in San Bernardino, California., this month, was arrested Thursday and charged with crimes including conspiring to support terrorists.

Court papers show that he and one of the attackers had steeped themselves for years in radical and violent Islamist propaganda, including the teachings of the extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and bomb-making techniques from an Al Qaeda magazine. An FBI affidavit released Thursday provides a close-up look of the fateful friendship that would bind the two young men, that within a few years would turn to talk of radical Islamic ideology and plans, never carried out, to attack a college they had attended or slaughter motorists on a nearby highway. The film, the first new installment of the Star Wars franchise in more than 10 years, screens in 4,134 domestic theaters, a record for a December opening.

The duo, who had become adherents to radicalized Islam ideology as neighbors in Riverside, wanted to maximize carnage by using pipe bombs and guns to kill innocent people at a campus cafeteria and those stuck in rush hour traffic, court documents said. The 37-page document provides a fuller picture about the Dec. 2 attack and shows that Farook was attracted to teachings about violent Islamic militarism several years before he married Tashfeen Malik. In 2011, according to the document, Marquez spent most of his time at Farook’s house, where they read and listened to lectures and videos involving radical ideology. Marquez was charged with illegally purchasing the rifles that the shooters used in the slaughter and were found with hours later after dying in a gunbattle with police. They spent time studying Inspire Magazine, the official publication of Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, and videos by Shabab, the group’s affiliate in Somalia.

The summer 2010 edition of the magazine included instructions, both notes and photos, on how to use pipes, powder and the filament inside Christmas lights to make an explosive device. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew chaired the meeting — the first ever for Security Council finance ministers — to hold a vote on the resolution, jointly written by the United States and Russia. By late that year, Farook was discussing Islam with the younger Marquez, and soon Marquez visited a mosque and was praying more frequently at Farook’s home. In the footnotes of the criminal document, an FBI special agent said lectures by Awlaki helped inspire terrorist plots across the Western world, including the 2005 London subway bombing, the 2010 Times Square attempted bombing and the 2012 plot to bomb the New York Federal Reserve. The complaint also states that in the early months of 2009, Farook told Marquez that he was interested in joining the U.S. armed services, saying he was especially disgruntled by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign from an important national voter database as punishment for accessing rival Hillary Clinton’s private campaign data. A technological problem in the voter data system accidentally made Clinton’s proprietary voter data available to see; reportedly four different user accounts from Sanders’ campaign ran searches while Clinton’s account was compromised. Sanders’ campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said, “After discussion with the D.N.C., it became clear that one of our staffers accessed some modeling data from another campaign. Marquez, a former licensed security guard, was working at a Riverside bar at the time of the shooting and is not alleged to have had a role in the attack.

The documents offer previously unreported details about his actions and attitudes, including his disdain for American Muslims who went into the military and killed other Muslims, along with the specifics of the attacks he and Mr. That behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired.” Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, a former hedge fund manager, was arrested early Thursday on federal securities fraud charges. The couple used that material in a remote-controlled pipe bomb that never detonated at the conference room where the shootings occurred. “His prior purchase of the firearms and ongoing failure to warn authorities about Farook’s intent to commit mass murder had fatal consequences,” U.S.

Federal prosecutors accuse him of plundering Retrophin, a bioparmaceutical company that he once ran, and using it to “enrich himself” and pay off other investors. He said the men specifically planned to toss pipe bombs into crowds of students in the cafeteria from the second floor, a spot that would allow them to get out for another phase of the attack. In the freeway attack plan, the two identified a stretch of eastbound state Route 91 where traffic is badly congested in the afternoon and there are no nearby exits for motorists to flee. That’s pretty chilling.” The affidavit said Marquez called 911 hours after the attack to say his neighbor had used his gun in the shooting, using an expletive to describe Farook.

The signing of the landmark deal, held in Morocco and sponsored by the U.N., was intended to mark the start of a new push to bring peace to rival politicians and warring militias in the North African country, which spiraled into chaos after the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi. “This is just the beginning of a long journey for Libya,” said U.N. envoy Martin Kobler. Around 11:15 a.m., after the couple had fled, a post appeared on a Facebook page linked to Malik referring to the self-styled “caliph” of Islamic State, Abu Bakr Baghdadi. Hastert is set to be sentenced in February after pleading guilty to a felony charge for evading bank reporting laws to withdraw roughly $950,000 in cash in smaller increments. The purchases were unlawful, prosecutors allege, because Marquez signed legal documents saying the guns were for only the personal use of himself and his immediate family.

Sometime after 3 p.m., law enforcement officers discovered the couple in a black SUV several miles away from the center and, after a chase, killed them in a gun battle. The pair decided Marquez should buy the guns because his appearance was less likely to draw suspicion than Farook, whose parents were born in Pakistan, Marquez said. He said he agreed to buy them because “Farook looked Middle Eastern.” Authorities previously said Marquez had legally purchased the guns Farook and Malik used. The legal pairing created a family tie between Marquez and Farook — Marquez became a brother-in-law to Farook’s brother, Syed Raheel Farook, and gave Marquez and his friend a common sister-in-law. He tells the operator he’d given a gun to suspect Farook for “storage.” The call indicates the apparently distraught Marquez was also considering suicide.

Beauregard at the entrance of City Park, another of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and an obelisk dedicated to the Battle of Liberty Place. “The Confederacy, you see, was on the wrong side of history and humanity,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. He said they didn’t see much of each other after it unraveled, though he deepened his connection with the Farook family, marrying the Russian sister of the wife of Farook’s brother last year. Pope Francis has approved the recognition of a second miracle attributed to Mother Teresa — the healing of a Brazilian man with brain tumors, the Vatican announced Friday. When his mother visited him at the hospital two days later after the shootings, her son again referred to Syed Rizwan Farook by an expletive and said he did not know “he was going to do that,” Anderson said in the affidavit.

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