Funeral for Corey Jones will be held Saturday in West Palm Beach with Rev. Al …

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Corey Jones shooting: Funeral arrangements set.

The top prosecutor in the investigation of a plainclothes police officer’s fatal shooting of a black musician confirmed that the victim did not fire any shots. The funeral for , the 31-year-old man shot and killed by a Palm Beach Gardens police officer, will be held at noon Saturday in West Palm Beach, according to a news release from the family’s lawyer. No, “the white supremacy system/culture” just lets white people, mostly law enforcement officers, shoot black people down, strangle us or otherwise send us into the hereafter with impunity. On Wednesday, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg released a statement in which he backed up some details previously given by attorneys and family members.

The white officer, Nouman Raja, rolled up on Jones in an unmarked police department vehicle that displayed no blue and/or red flashing lights, dressed in a T-shirt and not displaying a badge or any other identification. Jones’ family and lawyers said the drummer and public housing inspector had a concealed weapons license – and insisted he would not have had his .380-caliber gun out as Raja approached had he known he was an officer. The Palm Beach Post obtained records of calls made by Jones on his employer-issued cell phone after his car broke down on his way home from a gig in nearby Jupiter. A recording would prove a crucial piece of evidence as no video footage exists – Raja’s van had no dashboard camera and the department’s officers do not wear body cameras.

Every generation of white people since the formation of the thirteen colonies have been taught to despise people of color, especially earth’s darkest humans from the continent called Africa. Never forget that 13 of the first 15 United States presidents were staunch advocates of, and/or direct participants in, the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade. Politics had to support the economic structure that brought theretofore unheard of riches to the new so-called democracy later named America, a nation forever burdened with the unrighteousness of its past; indeed, its very formation.

The greater sin is lived in the lives of those who want America to forget slavery and its aftermath yet blame those African Americans for their plight while spewing hatred for generational descendents of slavery’s survival. It is most unfortunate that subjugated people listen to those who propagate dependence on the Lord – GOD – wherefrom independence through free will is given with each proceeding breath taken as we grow from birth. So as lost souls we try to blot out our misery with drugs, liquor and licentious behavior while our youth roam the streets as feral, saturated with deadly self-hate, seeing other blacks as mirror images. They are expecting to annihilate black people in what they call “a race war.” White people, including their children, spend time on weekends at shooting ranges and develop competence with handguns, rifles and machine guns.

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