Gun rights activists to hold ‘fake mass shooting’ at Univ. of Texas

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Gun Rights Groups Plan Mock Mass Shooting at Univ. of Texas to Show the Need for More Guns.

For gun-rights advocates, a mass shooting at a school is perhaps the most difficult national tragedy to respond to. Amid the ongoing debate over guns, the public discourse has turned into an escalation of hyperbole, one that’s reached a new peak with the upcoming plans by a group of guns rights advocates in Texas who are planning on staging a mock mass shooting near the campus of the University of Texas in Austin to protest gun-free zones.GUN nuts in Texas have come up with an extraordinary way to make their point that all Americans should be allowed to be armed, everywhere and at all times.

Faced with the macabre spectacle of young people — or, in the case of the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Conn., children — lying dead in classrooms, groups such as the NRA can only suggest that more guns would lead to less violence, a conclusion met with skepticism by many Americans. The controversial Saturday event, replete with cardboard handguns and fake blood, was planned by the groups Come and Take It Texas, and to oppose campus “gun free zones.” “Many groups seek to use the university’s facilities each year, and they are all treated equally and turned away,” said a statement from UT-Austin representative J.B. The Austin campus is the site of one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history: sniper Charles Whitman killed 16 people in 1966, shooting dozens of victims from a perch atop the central clock tower. The stunt is designed to demonstrate the need for armed good samaritans who can take down attackers in mass shooting incidents quicker than police can arrive on the scene.

But the bizarre plan has been branded disrespectful as it is scheduled 10 days after the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino, one month after the Paris terrorist attacks, and one day shy of the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The event raises a few questions, including whether or not passersby, unaware of the pretend proceeding, might be duped into thinking an actual shooting was taking place. Now is the time to stand up, take a walk, and put pressure on politicians to ban Gun Free Zones.” On the event’s Facebook page, organizers added: “In the wake of yet another gun free zone shooting, Obama is using it to aggressively push his gun confiscation agenda. The protest will begin at 12 noon in Austin, with gun owners marching with loaded weapons, while the performance is scheduled to start at 2:30pm on campus. People were able to be murdered people because no one was armed.” The scenario the group wants to act out isn’t as far fetched as you might think, as new state laws will allow students at UT to carry firearms to class or in their dorms beginning in August; those with a concealed handgun permit can already carry on certain parts of campus.

In addition, a 15th victim would die years later as a result of wounds suffered that day, and Whitman’s wife and mother, who he had killed hours before his shooting spree, would bring the total number of those killed to 17. But asked if he thought the nature of the demonstration was in bad taste following the San Bernardino and Paris mass shootings, he said, “Not at all”.

As you can imagine, the university wasn’t happy with the idea of a mock shooting (by non-students) as a form of protest and said the groups could face criminal trespassing charges for staging it on campus. Bird said in a statement, pointing out that the Westboro Baptist Church has also been denied the right to stage events at the school. “If they do not, it becomes a criminal trespass matter. State lawmakers voted to allow concealed handgun license holders to bring their weapons on campus, including classrooms and dorms, with some limitations.

Bird told the Statesman that while the campus prides itself on being “a place for the vigorous exchange of diverse viewpoints,” campus grounds are not “open to outside groups for assembly, speech, or other activities, including theatrical performances.” Because of this, organizers have shifted the event, originally planned to be held on campus, to just off campus property. More than 10,000 people have vowed to carry dildos to their classes when they resume in August in what’s being called the “C***s not Glocks” protest. We have told outside sporting groups that they may not use our sporting facilities.” “When outside individuals come on campus and violate our rules regarding use of our grounds and facilities, they are asked to leave. The new campus carry law, which goes into effect in August 2016, will allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry their handguns into dorms, classrooms and other public university buildings, though universities may draft some campus-specific rules that may include limited gun-free zones.

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