Hawaii fisherman bit on leg by shark recalls fight for life: ‘I punched her in …

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Hawaii fisherman says he fought off tiger shark as it bit his leg.

HONOLULU (AP) — A Hawaii spear fisherman said Wednesday he fought off a large tiger shark by smacking it in its nose after it locked onto his leg along a remote stretch of Big Island coastline.But when the call failed, Braxton Rocha told The Associated Press from his hospital bed, he did the next best thing — he posted a video of his wounded leg online. After checking an underwater cave, he caught a flash of stripes in the corner of his eye and was face-to-face with the largest tiger shark he had ever seen.

Fortunately Braxton’s mum Laurie confirmed the doctor had given him a “good prognosis”, although the extent of his injuries aren’t fully known. Braxton Rocha was bitten on his left leg by a 13-foot-long tiger shark on Sunday afternoon before swimming back to shore off the northern tip of the Big Island and calling for help.

But the fish was too strong, he said, and its massive jaws clamped down on his leg. “I started making some strokes in after I punched her and that’s when the blood just started gushing everywhere in the water, and I was like, this is not good,” he said. “I started getting scared because I thought she was going to come back in for more.” Rocha said he swam as hard as he could against a strong current to get to shore about 60 yards away. He frantically shouted for his friend, Shannon Pasco, who was diving close to the rocky shoreline. “I was screaming to him for a few minutes,” Rocha said. “But the wind was howling so loud and the waves were crashing so loud, you couldn’t hear a thing.” Once out of the water, Pasco loaded his injured friend into his truck before placing a tourniquet around his thigh. Margaret Cruse was snorkeling when she was fatally bitten by a shark at Ahihi Bay on April 29. ‘WOO, I just got attacked by a tiger shark!’ says Rocha in the video.

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