Hillary Clinton Gets A Clean Bill Of Health From Her Doctor

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Clinton’s Doctor Says 2016 Candidate in ‘Excellent’ Health.

WASHINGTON — Federal tax returns released by Hillary Rodham Clinton show she and former President Bill Clinton paid an overall 35.7 percent tax rate on tens of millions the couple earned between 2007 and 2014. With all the media focus on Donald Trump’s antics and the anxiety over the upcoming Republican primary debate, the mainstream media are mostly ignoring the surreal drift of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s troubles.Hillary Rodham Clinton’s physician said Friday that the Democratic presidential candidate is in “excellent physical condition” and has completely recovered from the effects of a concussion she suffered in 2012, pronouncing her “fit to serve as president of the United States.” Clinton is the first 2016 presidential candidate to release her health records.

Hillary Clinton suffers seasonal allergies, eats a protein-rich diet and is taking a prescribed blood thinner, according to a letter released Friday by her physician outlining the state of her health. In a statement released by her campaign Friday, the Democratic candidate for president says the couple has paid nearly $44 million in federal taxes since 2006 and donated nearly $15 million to charity.

And it helps explain why scores of federal workers, including several members of Congress, would make maximum contributions of $2,700 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In fact, to be considered as a leader who is in sync with the Democratic faithful and the disconnected yet growing left-wing base of the party, you have to put yourself through ideological, intellectual and moral contortions.

Lisa Bardack, the chief intenist at Mount Kisco Medical Group in New York, reveals Clinton’s medical history, including her a 2012 blood clot and concussion and medications she currently takes. Clinton’s statement doesn’t comment on her earnings in that time, but the couple earlier reported having earned more than $30 million from speeches and book royalties since mid-2013.

Clinton suffered a stomach virus after traveling, became dehydrated, fainted and sustained a concussion.” A follow-up exam diagnosed “transverse sinus venous thrombosis,” and she was prescribed an anti-coagulation drug, which she continues to take. Clinton as a healthy 67-year-old woman who has suffered from deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and 2009, an elbow fracture in 2009 and a concussion, which was well documented in 2012. Today, it is the truth that Democratic candidates and activists have to: Pretend that a video of a Planned Parenthood executive swilling wine and stuffing her mouth with salad while nonchalantly talking about how to properly kill an unborn baby in order to harvest its body parts is no big deal.

The blood clot, which was in a vein in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear, led Clinton to spend a few days in New York-Presbyterian Hospital and take a month-long absence from the State Department for treatment. They both donated to Clinton in late June, just before the most recent deadline for campaigns to file finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. Pretend that President Obama going to a prison and kibitzing with prisoners is a good use of his time and good imagery. (But if he were to visit a police department to deliver a morale boost, it would rile Democrats everywhere.) Fake enthusiasm for Clinton’s presidential campaign, as well as either ignore that she is starting to trail in swing states and that her favorability ratings are dropping or just pretend those aren’t bad omens. Bardack said testing the following year showed “complete resolution” of the concussion’s effects, including double vision, which she wore glasses with specialized lenses to address.

Pretend that it’s okay to shut down part of a Fifth Avenue luxury department store for a $600 haircut while surrounded by a huge entourage, and that it doesn’t take a toll on Clinton’s image. According to her doctor’s assessment, Clinton’s cholesterol and blood pressure are in normal, healthy ranges, and she has had the major cancer screenings and exams recommended for someone her age. It must be occurring to some Democrats and the media how the cumulative effect of all of these preposterous events, scenarios and positions offends common sense. She has a very common thyroid condition and seasonal allergies, and takes a blood thinner — Coumadin — as a precaution since her fall and blood clot a few years ago.

Blinken could be in line for any number of jobs in a Clinton administration, including the one he has, secretary of state, or national security adviser to the president. There was no mention of Clinton’s height or weight, but it did say Clinton gets routine mammograms and breast ultrasounds, as well colonoscopies and gynecological exams. “There’s no red flags there,” said Dr. The Democrats are vulnerable, and every day they have to pretend all is well and nothing matters, the hole they are digging gets deeper and the possibility there will be some sort of dramatic shift becomes greater.

In terms of heart problems, he said, “she is at low risk for anybody, particularly for somebody in her age group.” At her most recent exam in March, her blood pressure was 100 over 65. Her total cholesterol was 195; her LDL or “bad” cholesterol was 118, and her HDL or “good” cholesterol was 64 — all within healthy levels and not signaling the need for any medications.

Clinton’s doctor said she exercises regularly — practicing yoga, swimming, walking, and weight training — and eats a diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. After all, he plays the 195-dimensional chess of international politics for a living, and she’s one of the more capable unelected politicians in Washington. Blinken declined to comment for this story, but it doesn’t take much training in game theory to figure out his basic incentive structure and the optimal choice. The campaign cast the releases as part of an unprecedented disclosure, but critics saw a flood of information on a summer Friday afternoon that would be challenging to absorb all at once. In Washington’s unwritten code of loyalty ethics, it would be perfectly appropriate for Blinken to support Biden if his former boss made the surprise decision to run.

Clinton could forgive him for owing greater loyalty to just one person — perhaps even find that decision honorable — and look at his early donation to her as a sign that he likes both of them. Not all of the 200-plus federal workers who gave to Clinton — a group that poured at least $350,000 into her coffers — have the same kind of incentives for giving.

The data only include those who gave $200 or more to Clinton or Bush, because that’s the threshold at which campaigns are required to itemize the names and occupations of contributors. Clinton’s givers include Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell (who listed herself as a “manager” at her department), Deputy Labor Secretary Christopher Lu, and US Treasurer Rosie Rios.

Burwell’s case is a little different: She was a deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Clinton administration and has risen through the upper echelon of the executive branch under Obama. McCaskill had said on Meet the Press in 2006, as she campaigned for the Senate for the first time, that she wouldn’t let her daughter alone in a room with Bill Clinton.

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