Hillary Clinton releasing eight years of tax returns

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Clinton releases tax, health records on busy Friday.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton’s physician said Friday that the Democratic presidential candidate is in “excellent physical condition” and has completely recovered from the effects of a concussion she suffered in 2012. Hillary Clinton suffers seasonal allergies, eats a protein-rich diet and is taking a prescribed blood thinner, according to a letter released Friday by her physician outlining the state of her health. The assessment, which pronounced Clinton “fit to serve as president of the United States,” came as part of flood of disclosures Friday into details about her private life and work history. In a statement released by her campaign Friday, the Democratic candidate for president says the couple has paid nearly $44 million in federal taxes since 2006 and donated nearly $15 million to charity.

Within a three-hour period, the State Department made public more than 2,200 pages of emails sent from Clinton’s personal account, her campaign released the information about her health and she planned to unveil eight years of tax returns. The 67-year-old has no lingering effects from a 2012 concussion that caused a health scare when she was secretary of state, the candidate’s campaign said on Friday.

Meanwhile, Clinton herself was campaigning at the annual meeting of the National Urban League and calling for an end of the nation’s trade embargo of Cuba during a speech in Miami. Lisa Bardack, the chief intenist at Mount Kisco Medical Group in New York, reveals Clinton’s medical history, including her a 2012 blood clot and concussion and medications she currently takes. Clinton sustained the concussion in December 2012 after fainting — a result of a stomach virus and dehydration, according to the two-page letter from Dr.

Friday was also the deadline for super PACs to file their first financial reports of the 2016 campaign with federal regulators, revealing the names of a slew of billionaires and millionaires paying for the early days of the election fight. She had been forced to wear special glasses for a while to counteract double vision that resulted from the concussion, which caused a blood clot in her head that dissolved through the use of anticoagulant medicine, Reuters reported. Clinton’s statement doesn’t comment on her earnings in that time, but the couple earlier reported having earned more than $30 million from speeches and book royalties since mid-2013.

Bardack said testing the following year showed “complete resolution” of the concussion’s effects, including double vision, which she wore glasses with specialized lenses to address. Her campaign said she will also release Friday an itemized list of her and former President Bill Clinton’s paid speeches and details about their business holdings. According to her doctor’s assessment, Clinton’s cholesterol and blood pressure are in normal, healthy ranges, and she has had the major cancer screenings and exams recommended for someone her age. Republican strategist Karl Rove later cast the incident as a “serious health episode” that would be an issue if Clinton ran for president, fueling a theory the concussion posed a graver threat to her abilities than Clinton and her team let on.

There was no mention of Clinton’s height or weight, but it did say Clinton gets routine mammograms and breast ultrasounds, as well colonoscopies and gynecological exams. Clinton’s doctor said she exercises regularly — practicing yoga, swimming, walking, and weight training — and eats a diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables and fruits.

She has a very common thyroid condition and seasonal allergies, and takes a blood thinner — Coumadin — as a precaution since her fall and the blood clot. “There’s no red flags there,” said Dr. Her total cholesterol was 195; her LDL or “bad” cholesterol was 118, and her HDL or “good” cholesterol was 64 — all within healthy levels and not signaling the need for any medications.

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