Hillary Clinton Takes the Cool Seat Next to Stephen Colbert

28 Oct 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Hillary Clinton explains why she loves when Republicans are on Colbert.

In light of recent reports linking red and processed meats to cancer, and the discovery of human DNA in certain hot dogs, self-professed carnivore Stephen Colbert had several things to say on the subject during Tuesday’s “Late Show.” Regarding the matter of cancer-causing processed meats, the “Late Show” host had a lot of trouble believing the facts at first: “How can cured meat be bad for you? Hillary Clinton sat down with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night to talk about a bizarre range of topics, from the TV shows that she and the former president binge-watch to banks that are Too Big To Fail. It’s got the word ‘cure’ right in the name!” So now Colbert can’t smoke, and he can’t eat bacon, but since “doctors” (quotes are Colbert’s) haven’t said anything about “smoking bacon,” the comedian proceeded to pull out a plate of the popular breakfast meat, loaded the contents into a pipe, and, yes, smoked the pipe: “That is actually better than I imagined,” he said through giggles.

Apparently the former First Couple finally caught up on the Netflix series “House of Cards.” Her other favorite shows include “The Good Wife” and “Madam Secretary,” which features Tea Leoni as the Secretary of State of the United States. We had the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.” Clinton praised the economic growth while her husband Bill Clinton was president, and said that was lost in the eight years when President George W. The real targets of this segment though, were the social-media commenters using the hashtag #SmugVegetarian (“Which is redundant, by the way,” quipped Colbert). She discussed a wide array of policies with Colbert, and assured the host that it wasn’t in her interest to build “the Clinton administration 2.0,” a reference to her husband, former president Bill Clinton. “I’m not running for my husband’s third term,” Clinton said. “I’m not running for President Obama’s third term. While he insisted he doesn’t engage in schadenfreude, Colbert went on to say to vegetarians that it gave him “absolutely no pleasure to tell you that the same hot dog study I mentioned earlier, also found that 10 percent of vegetarian hot dogs contain meat.

But Clinton said she would likely have to wait to do it, “maybe after November of next year.” Clinton acknowledged that in previous conversations Colbert was in his “alter ego” when he did interviews. Colbert said that this felt like the first time truly having a conversation with Clinton, because on “The Colbert Report” he didn’t much care for her. She had entered college as a Republican, taking her father’s side in political discussions, but after her first year decided she needed to rethink things and began working for Democratic candidates from there. Clinton answered she hopes to make it possible for more people, particularly younger generations, “to live up to their God-given potential.” She also pledges to defend women’s rights, LGBT rights, voting rights and immigrant rights. “We’ve got to get back to making the middle class the center of our politics,” She later added, “The wealthy need to pay more.

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