Hillary’s FBI nightmare

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As Clinton leans green, the oil industry frets.

The email story returns for Hillary… But here are the two central email questions to consider: 1) Did Hillary Clinton and her top aides knowingly and willfully mishandle classified information?… 2) Did hackers or foreign governments obtain classified information from her private server?… Hillary – finally – comes out against Keystone… Joe Biden and Keystone… Trump takes on Rubio… And Trump on Obama’s place of birth: “I don’t talk about it anymore. Hillary Clinton maintains that she and her team erred on the side of transparency when deciding which of her private emails needed to be turned over to the State Department for archiving, and which could safely be deleted.Hillary Clinton’s decision to voice her opposition to the Keystone XL project this week has thrust pipeline politics back into the federal election campaign.A new front is opening in the battle over Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as secretary of state, with at least one senator asking for an independent review of the deleted messages the FBI is now recovering from the private server she used while in office.Leaders of the oil and gas industry had long hoped that Hillary Clinton could be an easier president to work with than Barack Obama — but now they have reason to worry.

She’s talked policy on health care; she’s racked up key endorsements; she’s had a long, serious conversation with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board; and she’s had fun on “Ellen” and Jimmy Fallon. Bloomberg and the New York Times report that, according to unnamed sources, FBI investigators have “recovered” an unspecified number of work-related and personal emails from Clinton’s personal server that her lawyers had previously suggested had been deleted for good.

Democratic presidential front-runner waded into the North American energy development fray, the federal government’s approach to pipeline development was likely to be a key issue for voters in Alberta and British Columbia, and parts of Atlantic and Central Canada – whether they are pro- or anti-pipeline. Clinton’s email arrangement, has retrieved some portion of the tens of thousands of emails once held on the computer, a person familiar with the matter said. For the political parties, that means “there’s some careful dancing that has to happen,” said Jamie Lawson, a political scientist at the University of Victoria.

President Barack Obama’s condition for approving Keystone, which would ship bitumen from Alberta’s oil sands to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast, before he started making up new ones to appease radical U.S. environmentalists and billionaire Democratic party fundraisers. Clinton’s pronouncement, the NDP used it to criticize Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for being supportive of Keystone. “Are Trudeau and Harper both on Team Trump 2016?” said a news release from the New Democrats. Obama’s lap dog Environmental Protection Agency has since written him an embarrassing two-and-a-half page opinion that reads like a high school essay, arguing if oil prices stay depressed forever, which has never happened, Keystone could someday increase GHG emissions. The purpose of this flimsy EPA opinion was to give Obama political cover to reject Keystone, which he doesn’t need because the decision is his alone, as it will be for his successor.

The only reason we know those emails exist at all was because Blumenthal, a longtime friend of the Clintons, turned over his copies of them to the congressional panel investigating Benghazi. It’s clear where Conservative Leader Stephen Harper stands on pipelines: He is an unabashed supporter of new projects, assuming they’ve gone through his government’s environmental assessment process. Clinton’s emails have been recovered, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) said Wednesday he wants an independent authority, besides the FBI, to examine the emails to see if she deleted any connected to her government work and thus part of the public record. Earlier this year, however, leaders of the American Petroleum Institute sent more positive signals about Clinton than they had offered Obama during his second term. Clinton said Tuesday she didn’t oppose Keystone based on its merits but because the political debate in America about it is a “distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change”.

We have no way of knowing whether those messages were deleted intentionally by Clinton or simply slipped through the cracks during the sorting process. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is just as direct in her position, saying her party “opposes every single one of the pipelines that are proposed.” But Canadian voters need to decipher the nuanced take on pipeline development by the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair and Trudeau. Obama basically said the same thing in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in April 2012, where he admitted: “The reason that Keystone got so much attention is not because that particular pipeline is a make-or-break issue for climate change” but because of its symbolic value. Now that TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL has been lumped in with Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway in the category of projects with diminished prospects for success, the two leaders’ positions on other, more likely, proposed projects will come under more scrutiny. Milito praised former President Bill Clinton for having “actually signed a piece of positive energy legislation” while in office, the industry-friendly Deepwater Royalty Relief Act.

While she has not been accused of doing anything illegal—the FBI is currently only focused on determining how classified information was handled in connection with her account—the probe will keep the email controversy in the news. As Canada’s oil industry struggles with the economics of $45-a-barrel oil, Canadian midstream companies are looking past election day on Oct. 19 to whether Ottawa will be cool or welcoming to new oil pipelines. And at this point, pretty much any email-related headline that’s not “Clinton Fully Exonerated By Everyone, Wins Endorsement From GOP Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy” is a bad one for Hillary.

Enbridge spokesman Graham White said the company will do as it always has, and “focus on ensuring governments understand the fundamentals so they can best adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the industry.” Energy insiders also say they’re watching the political race to see whether the Conservative government’s three-year-old changes to the regulatory process, meant to streamline approvals and reduce duplication, will remain after the election. Obama and now Clinton have made it clear that for the sake of their own checkered political careers, they’re prepared to sacrifice America’s best interests, in addition to spitting in the face of a loyal Canadian ally.

She acknowledged in a speech that year that touting natural gas “in some places is controversial,” a nod to green groups’ resistance to the fossil fuel with a lower carbon footprint than coal or oil. So with Hillary joining the rest of the Democratic field on Keystone, here is another angle to consider: With the Obama White House still undecided on the issue, Joe Biden might find himself in an uncomfortable place – if he decides to run. He would face the situation of either having to break with his boss on Keystone, President Obama, or pray that the White House comes out with a decision nixing the pipeline.

Both of her Democratic rivals tout their long-standing opposition to Keystone and Arctic drilling as proof that the national front-runner is late to climate activists’ party. Now he’s going after Marco Rubio, attaching the word “amnesty” to his name. “Senator Marco ‘amnesty” Rubio, who has worst voting record in Senate, just hit me on national security-but I said don’t go into Iraq. Oil interests are “still treating her like they expect her to win and somehow be their friends when she does,” GOP energy lobbyist Michael McKenna said. “They are wrong on both counts.” When it comes to Kinder Morgan Canada’s plan to triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline conduit, enabling shipments of Alberta crude to Asia, the NDP leader says he shares Green Party concerns about the increase in tanker traffic. People in the government certainly knew that I was using a personal email.” The FBI’s discovery that the emails weren’t permanently deleted, reported earlier by Bloomberg News, will add fuel to a controversy that has dogged Mrs.

Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, and Mike Huckabee are all in South Carolina… Ben Carson stumps in Michigan… Lindsey Graham campaigns in New Hampshire… And Jeb Bush and his wife attend mass at the Basilica in Washington, DC. He notes that building Energy East – which would be able to ship 1.1 million barrels of crude per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries and port terminals in Eastern Canada – could reduce oil-by-rail traffic.

The Democratic candidate’s approval ratings have fallen after months of headlines focused on her use of a private email server and fewer Americans have come to see her as honest and straightforward. Lawson says the NDP must tread carefully. “There is a green kind of voter who is concerned not just about these [pipeline] developments – not just with respect to value-added or the local impacts – but is concerned because of what it does to accelerate or continue a dependence on fossil fuels.” Mr.

Clinton’s weakened standing in the primary election is feeding calls for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race and provide the party with an alternative, an option he is weighing. Trudeau criticizes the environmental and regulatory process under the Conservatives, and says Energy East needs a strong “social licence.” The NDP position becomes more difficult to read when Mr.

This will be difficult to reconcile on a number of fronts, including the fact that older pipelines, still in operation, were approved before emissions were taken into account. Clinton’s IT staffers, Bryan Pagliano, asserted his constitutional right against self-incrimination and refused to answer questions about the setup of the server. The FBI responded to the court-ordered request from State that it couldn’t confirm the existence of any investigation, or provide any additional information.

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