Hometown mourners celebrate life of slain TV cameraman

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Andy Parker: Father of dead Virginia journalist says he will work to ensure ‘some good comes from this evil’.

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) — The scene inside a Virginia high school auditorium sounded more like a celebration of life Monday than a visitation after a death as the family of a cameraman who was slain on live TV greeted mourners at a hometown reception. The father of a young journalist shot and killed with her cameraman during a live broadcast, has said he will devote his life to “seeing that some good comes from this evil”. “Last Wednesday, my daughter Alison was brutally struck down in the prime of her life by a deranged gunman.Now Andy Parker, whose daughter Alison could have been anyone’s daughter last week, speaks with more anger and more clarity about guns than any politician running for President. Adam Ward’s father, Buddy, exchanged long hugs with just about anyone he came in contact with at the stage, where the slow-moving line went past his son’s open casket.

The service was open to the general public and was organized by WDBJ-TV, the native CBS affiliate the place reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward labored, . Since then, I have stated in numerous interviews with local, national and international media that I plan to make my life’s work trying to implement effective and reasonable safeguards against this happening again. Jeff Marks, station basic supervisor at WDBJ, stated he struggled to seek out the proper phrases to make the loss imply one thing. “I’ve given many talks through the years, by no means with so heavy a coronary heart,” Marks stated throughout a service held at Jefferson Middle, a live performance corridor in Roanoke, Virginia, the place the station is predicated.

In recent years we have witnessed similar tragedies unfold on TV: the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona, the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut and of churchgoers in South Carolina. So Alison Parker’s father, talking to the country from a place in his heart raw with grief, will be the latest parent to find out what it is like to go up against the permanent government of guns in America, and against his own government, one too cowardly to do enough about background checks that aren’t tough enough and gaping gun-show loopholes that are so often big enough and wide enough that 16-wheelers can drive through them with ease. Parker and Ward have been filming a stay interview phase on native tourism Wednesday once they have been fatally shot by a disgruntled former WDBJ worker, , who was reportedly fired over efficiency and conduct points.

Salem High School Principal Scott Habeeb said Ward “loved life and he was truly kind to people.” Habeeb was the offensive line coach when Ward played middle school football, was one of his teachers as a high school freshman and was an assistant principal for Ward’s final three years of high school. Mr Flanagan had accused the station of racial discrimination and rambling letters discovered since his death suggested he was struggling with mental health problems. Flanagan fled the scene and later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, after leaving a suicide word detailing his grievances together with his former station. That means we must focus our attention on the legislators who are responsible for America’s criminally weak gun laws; laws that facilitate the access dangerous individuals have to firearms on a daily basis.

The shame of America isn’t immigration, even as Scott Walker, desperate to get some sort of traction, actually talks about building a wall between the United States and Canada, perhaps as a way of keeping us all safe from hockey players. He claimed many politicians were cowards and accused them of being in the pocket of the National Rifle Association, a gun industry and users advoacy and lobbying group. “I am entering this arena with open eyes. Within the current previous, nationally publicized incidents of gun violence have not prompted Congress to enact expanded background checks for gun gross sales or bans on sure weapons. In his more than two years as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Goodlatte has had plenty of opportunity to bring up universal background check legislation and other gun violence prevention bills. Nicole Hockley, whose son was killed within the 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, wrote a letter to Parker’s household, CNN reported. “This [gun control debate]shouldn’t be concerning the views of extremes on both aspect,” Hockley stated in an interview Sunday. “That is about having the on a regular basis, smart middle of America rise up and say that we’re going to do no matter it takes to get [gun control] completed.

Mr Parker finished his article by recalling the week before his daughter was killed and a rafting trip she took to the Nantahala River in North Carolina with him, her mother, her boyfriend, Chris, and her close friend Katy. “We told each other often the mantra all paddlers must keep in mind while fighting the force of the rapid water: Never stop paddling. Ward and Ott, of Gibbstown, New Jersey, were planning to get married in July 2016. “Adam, I will never find a man so happy, selfless, protective, funny, or charming like you. Michael Bloomberg, whose Everytown for Gun Safety is one of the proudest and most important advocacy groups for gun control in modern American history, continues to spend his own money on political races from coast to coast, even as he is mocked constantly by the NRA and its lapdogs in Congress. Cuomo acted before anybody else in the aftermath of Sandy Hook Elementary, with the NY SAFE Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act) that officially gave New York State the toughest gun laws in the country.

Edwards’s district also contains the Virginia Tech campus, so he is fully aware of how easy it is for dangerously mentally ill individuals to acquire guns in the commonwealth of Virginia. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, another loud and angry spokesman for gun sanity, went right at Bernie Sanders last week, essentially calling out Sanders’ record on gun control, which is tame at best, even as Sanders tried to make himself sound tougher than Ray Kelly on guns when he went on Sunday morning television. The GVRO is a life-saving reform that allows family members and/or law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily remove firearms from an individual in crisis. Really, these emails are parents speaking to other parents about unspeakable loss, wanting the federal government to find a way to make gun killings in this country at least a little more difficult. Friends have described Ward as especially close with his parents, and he and his father were scheduled to cover Salem High football games for WDBJ on Friday night before the shootings occurred. “I don’t know if there has ever been another person who better embodied what it meant to be a Spartan than Adam Ward.

Yet when Edwards and Stanley had a game-changing opportunity to vote on a similar GVRO policy in Virginia, they elected to serve their gun lobby masters and voted no.

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