It’s make or break time for Jeb Bush

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Bush not concerned about weekly polls, but says he needs to be better candidate.

Jeb Bush, appearing on Fox News Sunday, defended remarks about African-Americans and “free stuff” and also said implied people would regret running House Speaker John Boehner out of town. “I admire John Boehner greatly. Jeb Bush is entering a critical phase of his Republican presidential campaign, with top donors warning that the former Florida governor needs to demonstrate growth in the polls over the next month or face serious defections among supporters.Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush defended his recent comments about impoverished people on “Fox News Sunday,” blaming the Left and pointing out President Barack Obama’s record on poverty. “Our message is one of hope and aspiration, it isn’t one of division, and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff,” Bush said Thursday while campaigning in South Carolina, drawing scorn from critics.

Bush is also literally the only person on the planet earth who will be utterly incapable of tapping into a sense that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is a bit of a exhausted retread. “He kept us safe”.But Hispanic activists wanted Bush to answer questions about immigration policy, interrupting his speech with chants of “No hope without our vote!” “We have to diversify. He’s a great public service,” Bush said. “He left at the apex of his — of his time in service to this — to the country with the pope speaking in Congress. The warnings, expressed by numerous senior GOP fundraisers in recent days, come as Bush and an allied super PAC are in the early stages of an aggressive television ad campaign that they believe will help erase doubts about his viability. I mean that’s just the way it is.” Fox Host Chris Wallace noted in the interview aired Sunday that economists assessing Bush’s proposal have found that while middle-class Americans would get a 2.9 percent boost in income, the top 1 percent would get an 11.6 percent boost – and Bush himself would save $3 million. “Does Jeb Bush need a $3 million tax cut?” Wallace asked. “Look, the benefit of this goes disproportionately to the middle-class,” Bush responded, adding, “Because higher income people pay more taxes right now and proportionally, everybody will get a benefit.

Unlike Republican rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, each of whom is the product of a traditional immigrant narrative of wholesale assimilation and striving, Bush is a complicated outlier. I think people are going to miss him in the long run, because he’s a — he’s a person that is focused on solving problems.” Last week Democrats latched onto Bush’s comment that black voters couldn’t be attracted to the GOP by offering more “free stuff,” raising comparisons to something Mitt Romney said in 2012. “What we’ve heard is 6 million more people are in poverty today than the day that Barack Obama got elected president. But proportionally, they’ll pay more in with my plan than what they pay today.” Under Bush’s plan, tax deductions would be capped at 2 percent of gross income, with an exception for charitable donations. The Tribune’s Patrick Svitek was on hand to report first on remarks given by GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, who both chided current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump (“We don’t need to build a wall.”) and claimed the great majority of Republicans still believe in immigration reform. He received 7 percent of the vote, and billionaire businessman Donald Trump finished first with 26 percent. “It is a marathon, and we just started advertising,” he also said. “We’ve got a great ground game in these early states.

In fact, every major presidential candidate since 2004 has reached this conclusion, as has almost every senator and congressman/congresswoman, at least publicly. Bush – will serve as national co-chairs of Catholics for Jeb, his campaign says. “I mean, I don’t want to surprise eveybody, but the real game is the game that they play on Sundays and we’re not even close to that”. Two thousand less dollars in Americans’ families in the — in disposable income. “This — this idea that you can regulate and tax and spend your way to prosperity has failed. Bush had previously said Trump had erred by not correcting his questioner, and said Monday the whole issue was needlessly divisive. “Whether Democrat or Republican, the next president should give those ideas careful attention”. In reality, practically everyone coming to this country from overseas feels it’s important to learn English. “In order to become citizens, immigrants must demonstrate fluency in English and pass an examination on basic American civics and history”. “The country is changing and not for the good“, he said.

We spend a trillion dollars a year on poverty programs, and the net result is the percentage of people in poverty has remained the same,” Bush said. “We should try something different, which is to give people the capacity to achieve earned success, fix or schools, fix our economy, lessen the crime rates in the big urban areas. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard”, Bush told a Salem, New Hampshire crowd. “As a result, it has become increasingly hard for Americans with less than ideal credit to access capital to start, upgrade, or expand businesses and pursue their ambitions”, his campaign said. At least a third of the bundlers who signed up to raise money for Walker have switched their allegiance to Rubio, while a smaller number have gone with Bush, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Last Friday, speaking once again in Michigan, he echoed those earlier comments by suggesting that he is uniquely qualified to restore the country’s global relations. He added that he’s had to overcome his ” wonkiness” in making his presidential run, calling that trait “a defect, not a strength” when campaigning.

Bush is also facing fresh scrutiny for comments that critics say bear echoes of remarks Mitt Romney made during his 2012 GOP presidential bid, part of a pattern of awkward statements that have forced him or his campaign to clarify. And that’s what we need,” Bush said. “If people think 2 percent growth is OK, then we’ll have more people living in poverty and disposable income for the middle class will continue to decline. The group is arranging meetings with candidates to quiz them on the issue, and Palomarez said Cruz is among the hopefuls who has already “spent time with” the chamber.

Sexual Assault Common, Outcry Rare at UT, A&M, by Matthew Watkins – More than 18 percent of female undergraduates at the University of Texas at Austin and about 15 percent at Texas A&M say they have been sexually assaulted since arriving on campus, according to comprehensive surveys released Monday. His comments could undercut what Bush allies argue would be his great strength in a general election contest: A cultural fluency that would give him crossover appeal to a diverse electorate. Bush’s regulatory plan specifically criticizes the new Clean Water Act rule that re-defines the wetlands, ditches and streams that are regulated under the law as “waters of the United States”. Party strategists said that Bush must find a way to recharge his campaign with a compelling message about his conservative governing record as governor of Florida. “I think if people get to know Jeb and they give him a chance, he’s going to be tough to beat,” Barbour added. “But they don’t know him yet.

Later, he wrote that “We must ensure that the immigrants who come do so for the right reasons – and once they are here, that they assimilate into American culture and heed American values”. “We should not have a multicultural society”, Bush said, before beginning a longer explanation of his views of what comprises culture in the United States. But with where Trump has dragged the Republican primary on immigration, Bush was forced to talk about where he stands in relation to the increasingly rightward tilt of the candidates on immigration. Boehner (R-Ohio) — who publicly encouraged Bush to enter the race — announced plans to resign on Friday after dozens of conservative lawmakers threatened to oust him. Given those developments, Bush “needs to get his favorables up,” said a senior GOP bundler who is backing him and requested anonymity to speak candidly. “People are looking at the stage and saying: ‘Jeb and Marco? And, by the way, history and responsible economic modeling (the Treasury Department, the Joint Committee on Taxation) offer little basis for crediting the rosy scenarios, the rosiest of which, from the Tax Foundation, ladles in a dollop of regulatory relief to jack up the promised growth rates.

I’m going with the new,’” said a top party fundraiser not aligned with a campaign. “You’re seeing people really gravitate to him and saying, ‘OK, we’ll buck the Bush machine.’” But those within the Bush camp say they are not yet alarmed over the dynamics of the race, confident that their financial war chest will enable him to outlast opponents, according to campaign strategists and top Republicans familiar with internal discussions. In private conversations, however, Bush advisers betray signs of anxiety about Rubio’s rise. “They are prepared for a long, grinding fight and being the last person standing,” the GOP fundraiser said. “But they are concerned about the trends and they are concerned about Marco.” Rubio has jumped ahead of Bush in recent polls of Republicans in New Hampshire and Florida — two states critical to Bush’s campaign strategy.

The candidate kept a breakneck pace as he traveled the country raising money in the third quarter, holding events in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Silicon Valley, Calif., Portland, Ore. and Birmingham, Ala. There is a big prize being dangled to motivate fundraisers: Those who help bring in at least $50,000 by Sept. 30 will be invited to a “Jeb Celebration” retreat in Houston in late October that is scheduled to be attended by three generations of the Bush family, including both presidents. With his financial dominance, Barbour said, Jeb Bush “is clearly a guy who has built a campaign that is looking beyond the first few states and is in it for the long haul.” “I think the race is fairly wide open and there are a lot of people with a path to the nomination. But he’s got to continue to perform well and arguably better.” One persistent problem for Bush has been a tendency to wander into verbal culs-de-sac, drawing the ire of minorities, women, Democratic leaders or Republicans. He defended the term “anchor babies” — widely viewed as offensive among Asians and Hispanics — as an appropriate way to describe how some undocumented immigrants exploit U.S. citizenship laws.

That was my whole point.” Before the Sept. 16 debate at the Reagan Library, senior Bush strategists believed that he needed to improve his performance in order to stop a precipitious drop in polling that began shortly after Donald Trump entered the race. A more pugnacious performance — including an, off-the-cuff defense of his brother prompted by an attack from Trump — was cheered by some supporters as a sign of much-needed passion. “As people start to focus and look at each person and the positions they have on how to take the country forward, I think Jeb will do well,” said Chicago private-equity executive Bill Kunkler, who is helping Bush raise money. “Right now the polls are measuring mood.

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