Jeb Bush assures Florida crowd he’s in presidential race for long haul, ‘I …

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Edit Jeb Bush has only 1,260 confirmed supporters in Iowa.

In 2004, the area was hit hard by Hurricane Charley and, through Bush’s leadership, they were able to unite school facilities and resources to provide classes for students from both schools.DES MOINES — Despite identifying just 1,260 Iowans who say they will vote for Jeb Bush in the state’s caucuses, after calling more than 70,000 registered Republicans, the Bush campaign denied that was another grim data point in a downward tumble for their candidate. “Yes, I’m sure that Cruz and Carson and Trump have more IDs than we do,’’ a senior member of Mr.* The news isn’t all bad for Jeb Bush: he picked up a notable endorsement yesterday from New Hampshire’s Judd Gregg, a former two-term senator and two-term governor from the Granite State. * Hillary Clinton will call today for equal treatment in sentencing for those convicted of using crack and powder cocaine. It’s long been a priority for criminal-justice reform advocates. * The editorial board of the New York Times is urging Chris Christie to end his presidential campaign.

News was able to obtain the full, uncensored 112-page report — which, it just so happens, contains some less-than-sunny details about how the former Florida governor’s presidential campaign is actually going. The New Jersey governor responded soon after that he’s “not going anywhere.” * Bernie Sanders has been eager to draw distinctions between his record and Hillary Clinton’s on LGBT rights, but there were a couple of good reports this week on Sanders “evolving” over time on marriage equality, too. * Speaking of the Vermont senator, a day after Clinton said she has concerns about capital punishment, though she doesn’t support ending it altogether, Sanders said on the Senate floor yesterday, “I believe it is time for the United States of America to join almost every other Western, industrialized country on Earth in saying no to the death penalty.” * In North Carolina, PPP shows a competitive gubernatorial race taking shape, with state Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) actually leading incumbent Gov. The home state swing-through comes after what’s been largely considered a poor performance at the most recent GOP debate, in which Bush and one-time protegé Senator Marco Rubio traded blows over the latter’s Senate attendance. (TM and © Copyright 2015 CBS Radio Inc. and its relevant subsidiaries. Bush’s major donors in Houston this week, and they leaked out in a 112-page PowerPoint deck on Thursday evening. “Do I wish we had more identified people who support us? Richard Burr (R) by only four points, 43% to 39%. * And in Florida’s competitive Democratic Senate primary, much of the Democratic establishment is rallying behind Rep.

The estimate comes from over 70,000 phone calls made by a 10-person paid staff in Iowa; for all their calls, the team was only able to rope in four volunteers and root up a total of 1,260 Bush supporters statewide. But the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private campaign matters, said the details of the Iowa field operation should be seen in context. “It’s not the greatest week of my life,’’ the official said. “Everybody knows we were hoping Jeb would have a better debate and that didn’t happen. Making matters worse, an advertising blitz isn’t waiting in the wings to rescue Bush’s Iowa ground-game: Of the budget set aside for advertising, Bush’s team only plans to spend $1.36 million in the weeks before voting begins, as opposed to $5.6 million set aside for New Hampshire or $2.7 million for South Carolina. There is not a smoke monster rampaging through the supply room, especially not a mean-tempered smoke monster who has somehow gotten control of all our donor records and snaps at us whenever we try to get closer. Dave is not wounded, especially not in the carotid, and we definitely have not needed to make a makeshift tourniquet for Dave, and that is not why we are so low on duct tape.

We did not discover that if you placed all the Jeb(!) posters end to end they created an ominous rune that summoned a Great Beast from the Veldt Beyond Worlds, and we have not had to devote any time or resources to fighting anything that came out of that portal, not that that portal exists, or that anything came out of it, because that definitely did not happen. WE ARE VERY ENERGETIC AND NOT PANICKED AT ALL AND THERE ISN’T A SHADOW-THING IN THE BATHROOM THAT WE CAN’T PLACATE NOT EVEN BY SACRIFICING UNENTHUSIASTIC DONORS TO IT ESPECIALLY NOT THAT. If a green slime-beast with hideous reptile jaws whom we have nicknamed Rudy bursts out of the shredder and tells you that the campaign is terminal, you should not believe it, but that definitely will not happen because there is no Rudy.

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