John Boehner, former House speaker: I used ‘Catholic guilt’ to persuade Paul …

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How John Boehner got Paul Ryan to take over his job as speaker of the HouseWell, Republican-in-name-only Ryan, you are adding to the nation’s problems by failing to address our unsustainable national debt by doing what politicians do: kick the can down the road. The newly elected leader of the Republican-controlled House said in several interviews Sunday that he will not work with Obama saying he went around Congress with an executive order announced last November but put on hold by the courts, that would shield millions of people from deportation.

House of Representatives speaker Paul Ryan yesterday ruled out working with President Barack Obama on overhauling US immigration policy, saying it would be “a ridiculous notion” to pursue legislation because Obama cannot be trusted on the issue.John Boehner pretty much characterized his job as speaker of the House as thankless, so how, exactly, did he get one of the rising stars of the Republican party to take it? ‘I laid every ounce of Catholic guilt I could on him,’ Boehner said to CNN’s Dana Bash on this morning’s State of the Union. ‘You have no choice.

The immigration issue has driven a wedge between Hispanics, an increasingly important voting bloc, and Republicans, many of whom take a hard line on illegal immigration, to the benefit of Obama’s fellow Democrats. USA TODAY, you don’t fess up to the fact that absolutely nothing is going to change from the business-as-usual politics in Washington until a new constitutional amendment gets passed that limits terms for these lawmakers to a maximum of eight years in office, the same limit as set for the president. For Ryan, the move removes the prospects of a clash with the same House conservatives who made John Boehner’s life difficult and helped push Boehner into retirement. It came, in one form or another, in taped appearances on five Sunday morning television talk shows, where Ryan laid out an agenda for unifying his party and outlined his approach to relationships with congressional colleagues, President Obama, and the Republican presidential candidates.

Ryan was a proponent of the stalled comprehensive immigration bill, and conservatives had been concerned that he would try to revive it as speaker. “We have none,” Ryan said. “We have to have a vision and offer an alternative to this country so that they can see that if we get a chance to lead, if we get the presidency, and if we keep Congress, this is what it will look like. Boehner said he knew that Ryan was the right guy at the right time, so he needed to do everything in his power to convince the one-time GOP vice presidential contender to take the speaker’s job. When asked Sunday to comment on Ryan’s statements about immigration, a White House spokesman referred back to Friday’s news briefing, in which Josh Earnest, the press secretary, called Ryan’s stance — which had been reported based on private meetings — “a source of deep disappointment.” Ryan said that if the Republicans are to be a successful opposition party until the presidential election, they will need to become an aggressive “proposition party,” laying out a clear policy vision with alternatives to Democrats, such as a plan for reforming the tax code and replacing the Affordable Care Act. “We have been too timid for too long around here,” Ryan said on ABC’s “This Week.” “We have been bold on tactics but not on policy, not on an agenda. This is how we’ll fix the problems that working families are facing.” Obama issued directives a year ago that gave temporary relief from deportation to about 4 million immigrants in the country illegally, along with permits authorizing them to work in the U.S. We have to show people what our alternatives are and that is the kind of leadership I think people are hungry for here.” Such proactive agenda-setting, Ryan added, will help avert the kind of brinkmanship over spending that was common under Boehner’s leadership.

We reach consensus.’ Previously, the Freedom Caucus bucked at the idea of GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy taking Boehner’s reins, as the two pols were too politically similar, instead putting their weight behind Rep. Congress writes laws.” In the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, candidate Donald Trump and others have talked tough about illegal immigration. It also requires that congressional leaders be “honest with people up front about what it is you can and cannot achieve,” Ryan said in response to a question on CNN’s “State of the Union” about defunding Planned Parenthood.

Ryan voted for a budget deal that also raises the debt ceiling until mid-March 2017—joining Republican leaders who had also previously rejected a debt-limit increase. Ryan repeatedly made it clear he will take a different approach than Boehner, whose almost five years as speaker were fraught with Republican Party infighting. Export-Import Bank, which finances American exports, and last week he voted against the reauthorization of the bank, which passed the House. “The bank is just one example of how bureaucratic government is corrupting free enterprise through and through,” he said last year. “Conservatives must stop defending this.” TAXES: Wants to lower tax rates for businesses and individuals, remove some tax breaks and make it easier for U.S. companies to repatriate foreign income. TRADE: Helped build the bipartisan coalition for trade promotion authority, which will let Congress take a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership without procedural delays or filibusters. The Senate in 2013 voted to pass bipartisan legislation for the biggest overhaul of US immigration laws in decades in a generation, but the measure failed to win House approval thanks to opposition by conservative Republicans.

Republicans consider this a step toward greater workplace flexibility, while Democrats and their union allies worry it could dismantle the protected 40-hour work week. ‘If I really wanted to be president I would’ve run in this cycle for the presidency,’ Ryan said. ‘I had the chance and the opportunity to do so and I chose not to do that. His thinking underwent “a metamorphosis over a few weeks,” as he realized the role he could play in “wiping the slate clean” in the House and the ways it does business, Ryan said. In Washington, he will continue to sleep in his old House office, rather than the speaker’s suite, which his staff is trying to rid of the odor of Boehner’s cigarettes. Some Republicans have criticized Boehner for failing to pass appropriations bills in an attempt to win concessions from the White House on policy issues.

Ryan’s most contentious proposal called for overhauling Medicare to allow Americans who turn 65 in the future to choose between private insurance plans with government support for premiums or staying in traditional Medicare, though their costs could rise.

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