John Boehner Reacts to Gay Marriage, State of the Union Address in Epic Fashion

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Chicago teen invited to Obama speech wants to shoot hoops with president.

President Barack Obama devoted some of the most soaring passages in his State of the Union address on Tuesday to an appeal for what he called “better politics” — less partisanship, more decency and a focus on ideas and policies over party talking points. “Better politics is one where we debate without demonising each other; where we talk issues and values and principles and facts rather than ‘gotcha’ moments or trivial gaffes,” the president said. Having announced economic initiatives that Republicans have vowed to block, Mr Obama must have been aiming to start the clock on “better” after his own speech. The Speaker of the House’s reactions to Obama were so great in 2014 that HuffPost Live put them all together in one video, and since Boehner is just so much fun to watch, we went for round two in 2015.

But it was Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy that many Republicans saw as not just a non-starter, but a sign that finding a way forward on tax reform will be much more difficult this year. Malik, 13, a seventh-grader from the Englewood neighborhood, made the rounds with the media Tuesday before his night in front of the president and the world’s cameras. “It’s just a lot of killings.

This was a calculated effort to accentuate the domestic and foreign policy divides between the two parties as Mr Obama steers the Democrats to the left in response to the shellacking the party suffered in November’s midterm elections. “The biggest problem is the president made a speech that made it look like he’s going to run for office again,” said Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader. Sign up here for Live Today, HuffPost Live’s morning email that will let you know the newsmakers, celebrities and politicians joining us that day and give you the best clips from the day before! According to the United States House of Representatives archives, the coin-silver inkstand is placed on the rostrum before the Speaker calls the House to order.

It’s really dangerous,” he said. “I go outside, and I sit, and I fear a lot, because, you know, I don’t want to be the next person.” The boy said he knew his family would be giving him Christmas presents — he lives with his mother and has sisters ages 9 and 18 — so he thought he’d ask for something else. Last year, House Speaker John Boehner inspired a flurry of tweets when he adjusted Vice President Joe Biden’s suit. “His suit and tie looked pretty nice, fancy,” Boehner says. “I wanted him to know that I noticed that I thought he was stepping out a little bit with his fancy suit.”

Few of the proposals Mr Obama outlined in his speech stand a chance of becoming reality, as appealing as free community college tuition and paid sick leave may sound in the abstract to struggling families. In response, House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Congress and the White House should be working on ways to simply the tax code. “I found the president’s tax proposals to be misguided,” Ryan said. “A $320 billion tax hike is the last thing we need. The new revenues, estimated at $320 billion over the next 10 years will finance tax breaks for the middle class and other proposals such as free tuition for community college students.

But with one eye on his own liberal legacy and the other on his party’s future, Mr Obama’s effort to galvanise support for a deeply progressive agenda marks a turning point. What we really need is to make our tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer, so we can create more jobs.” While Obama talked about the need for the parties to work together, many Republicans dismissed that as an empty call, and one that Obama himself has not followed. “Last year, the president promised he would use his pen and phone to ignore the legislative branch and push through his agenda by executive fiat,” said Rep. The president’s “middle class economics” may not be the most elegant turn of phrase but it captures the central conundrum with which both parties are grappling: how to ensure that more Americans reap the benefits of a resurgent economy. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.). “We have witnessed one executive power grab after another, setting a dangerous precedent and eroding the constitutional balance set forward by our Founders.” I just wanna be safe” — went viral after Chicago musician Spencer Tweedy, 19, tweeted it in December, saying, “This is a real letter from a kid in Englewood, Chicago.” Spencer Tweedy, in an interview, said he saw the boy’s letter when Chicagoan Michelle DiGiacomo sent an email to people who support her DirectEffect Charities.

Even as unemployment has fallen and jobs growth accelerates, median household income, when adjusted for inflation, still lags behind the level it was at when Mr Obama took office. “These days though, many families feel like they’re working harder and harder, with less and less to show for it,” Ms Ernst said. “We see our neighbours agonise over stagnant wages and lost jobs.” The president sought to claim much of the credit for the economy’s rebound, and experts agree that some of his policies, such as his decision to bail out the car industry and 2009’s economic stimulus package, were key to halting the slide. Energy executives say that while America’s shale gas boom may be one of the brightest spots in the economy, the fact it has coincided with the Obama presidency appears more fortuitous than anything else. And he called on Congress to pass “a resolution to authorize the use of force against ISIL.” In light of recent hacking events involving China, North Korea and Russia, the president also called on Congress to “pass the legislation we need to better meet the evolving threat of cyber-attacks, combat identity theft, and protect our children’s information.” Mr.

It was poetic — that’s the reason it captured so many people’s attention.” Malik was among 23 guests invited to join Chicago native Michelle Obama, who planned to attend the speech with White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife. Obama went on to recite a list of achievements for his administration from opening diplomatic relations with Cuba to a climate change agreement with China.

Instead, Mr Obama deftly sidestepped accusations of class warfare by glossing over his tax plan and focusing on broader concepts of fairness and helping middle-class workers to gain a leg up.

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