John Boehner Says There Won’t Be a Government Shutdown

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California’s McCarthy to Be Next Speaker, Republicans Say.

House Republicans could vote internally as early as this week on who will replace current Speaker John Boehner, who unexpectedly announced on Friday he plans to resign in the midst of difficult budget negotiations.During a campaign swing last fall, the California Republican was midway through a story about his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers’ winning the 1988 World Series when that team’s manager appeared unexpectedly.

“I think it signals the crazies have taken over the party, taken over to the party that you can remove a speaker of the House who’s second in line to be president, a constitutional officer in the middle of his term with no allegations of impropriety, a person who’s honest and doing his job. McCarthy, who currently holds the No. 2 position in the Republican leadership, will likely move up, Representatives Mick Mulvaney and Tom Cole said on “Fox News Sunday.” “The Senate is expected to pass a continuing resolution next week,” Boehner said on the CBS program “Face the Nation,” his first interview since announcing his resignation. “The House will take up the Senate bill.” He indicated that he will rely on Democratic votes in the House to pass the measure. “I expect my Democrat colleagues want to keep the government open as much as I do,” he said. This has never happened before in our country,” King said in an interview on CNN. “He could have stayed on.” Boehner’s resignation came amid intense pressure from extreme conservative members to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, even at the cost of shutting down the government. The Ohio Republican, now unshackled from any worry about his leadership post or re-election, may in his last month in Congress try to forge deals on contentious issues ranging from increasing the U.S.debt limit to a long-term highway bill and re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank — initiatives many conservatives oppose.

A group of about two dozen House conservatives, aggravated about their inability to force a direct showdown with President Obama on government funding of Planned Parenthood and other issues, had been preparing to call for a vote to force Boehner out of his seat. Several times during his four-and-a-half-year tenure as speaker, Boehner has found his room to maneuver severely curtailed by his conservative wing, which opposes virtually all efforts to negotiate with the White House.

King accused conservative members of the GOP caucus of trying to “hijack and blackmail the party,” and argued that Boehner’s decision would only embolden them. “They’re not going to see it as a gesture of peace, they’re going to just look for more,” King said. Other Republicans are urging a delay so that the party can debate its priorities and so potential McCarthy challengers can consolidate support. “The important question is, will things change? We’re paying more attention to worrying about polls and who is getting blamed for a shutdown, or more attention to the filibuster rules in the Senate than actually helping people and doing what we promised we would do.” Next week, the House will vote on, and very likely pass, a spending bill that will extend the current federal budget until Dec. 11.

Such is life for the fireman’s kid from Bakersfield, Calif., who parlayed a winning lottery ticket into a successful sandwich shop and a series of breaks to rise to the pinnacle of American politics. Just coming close to a breach was enough for Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history, and for other ratings agencies to threaten downgrades. The Californian rose to be majority leader, the position he currently holds, after the shocking defeat of his predecessor, Eric Cantor of Virginia, in 2014. Money for Social Security, Medicare, defense and dozens of other essential programs would dry up overnight, and financial markets would be thrown into a panic. Report after report has warned this, and yet the far right, which would have even more power over the new speaker, refuses to recognize the danger, encouraging a debt ceiling breach and imperiling the entire country.

Under Senate rules, Republicans need 60 senators to agree to bring such a measure to the floor, and Democrats mustered enough opposition to stop that effort. “The Bible says beware of false prophets. In the worst-case scenario, Boehner is replaced by a tea partier like Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who would be at least sympathetic to indulging the far right’s insane brinksmanship. But in addition to the pressure on McCarthy not to compromise with Obama right after winning the speakership, The Post reported Friday that “many believe McCarthy lacks the political and tactical gravitas to exert control over what has become an essentially ungovernable House.” Either way, the moment Boehner leaves his post, the odds of averting fiscal and economic trouble a lot shorter.

Peter Roskam, R-Ill., a former member of the leadership team, has requested an extended version of the weekly meeting of all House Republicans to hash out the party’s future direction. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., a Boehner ally, said Friday that Republicans should be paying less heed to the Freedom Caucus, not more. “We can’t continue to allow this super-ultra minority to dictate” the GOP’s legislative agenda, he said. Party leaders were forced this year to pull two high-profile measures, a 20-week abortion ban and a replacement for the No Child Left Behind education law. McCarthy and his deputies overcame conservative and liberal resistance to approve new rules to ease the passage of trade bills, a priority for President Barack Obama. McCarthy, in a sign of his growing confidence, made the decision to vote on the bill after Republicans defeated a workers-aid package that Democrats wanted to support the underlying legislation.

McCarthy approaches his job with the zeal of an energetic camp counselor, trading gossip and jokes with lawmakers over email, text messages and phone calls. He has continued a tradition he started in the California General Assembly of hosting regular dinners and movie nights to keep colleagues close. “If you’re around members, you know what’s happening,” Mr. Many of these conservatives said they wanted only to push the party to listen to its grass roots, on issues such as defunding the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood. “I hear a lot of frustration at home about the Republican agenda,” said Indiana Rep.

Tom Graves from the team responsible for counting votes, only to reinstate the Georgian after he lost a bid to lead the conservative Republican Study Committee. “He said, ‘Hey, look, I know things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, but the one thing that’s clear is that you have an obvious amount of influence in the conference, and we’d like you back on the whip team,’ ” Mr. McCarthy’s critics complain he isn’t a policy expert—preferring instead to dive into the details of politics and campaigns—and too often favors the carrot over the stick. He delivers regular PowerPoint proposals to the rank-and-file to explain voting patterns and discuss messaging, and he talks often about SWOT analysis, an acronym for “Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.” In interviews, he acknowledged the complaints—and dismissed both. “I always know what I have to improve and what I have to work on,” he said. And while he projects a happy-go-lucky persona, the Californian has been known to upbraid colleagues, in public and private, when he feels like they are being unreasonable. “Kevin didn’t get where he got by being stupid or inattentive,” said John Burton, chairman of the California Democratic Party and a former state Senate leader who worked with Mr.

McCarthy relishes the trappings of his perch in Washington, regularly posting photos to his Instagram account with business moguls and celebrities, such as Kevin Spacey, who shadowed Mr.

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