John Kasich Tries to Spoil Donald Trump’s Ohio Welcome

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Donald Trump coming to Ohio amid feud with John Kasich.

The 47-second Web ad is the first spot from the New Day for America super PAC in its planned $2.5 million campaign to knock Trump from his perch atop Republican primary polls.

John Kasich’s presidential bid said that the Ohio Republican has the resume to avoid making the type of inflammatory statements that are tripping up GOP rivals who lack similar government experience. Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, has stepped up his criticism of the billionaire businessman in recent weeks and is warning that the party risks losing Ohio in a general election if he is the nominee. Trump prepares for his latest nonsensical rant, Brussels is on lockdown, Paris remains under a state of emergency and cities across America are implementing measures to prevent a terrorist attack on U.S. soil,” Connie Wehrkamp, a New Day spokeswoman, said in a release. “The times are far too serious to entrust America’s ‘entertainer in chief’ with the grave responsibilities that come with the title of commander in chief.

Kasich’s allies made remarks in a conference call with reporters ahead of Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s first campaign stop in Kasich’s home state. Jeb Bush tried this approach back in September and without any effect, but the latest Kasich-backed PAC ads may bring different results since they hit Trump where he is most vulnerable – in foreign affairs. On the day that Trump is holding a rally in Kasich’s state, the Ohio governor is hosting two conference calls challenging Trump and his electability. John McCain isn’t a war hero, followed by Trump joking that “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I would be dating her.” Next comes audio of Trump saying, “I have a great relationship with the blacks. In the first conference call Monday morning with Ohio elected officials, the Kasich supporters challenged the idea of a President Trump by alluding to Trump’s positions and experience but rarely mentioning his name. “Our nation has too much at stake to risk putting another experienced person in the White House,” state Congressman Pat Tiberi said also on the call.

Trump’s bellicose brand of politics is not welcome. “While the American public appears to really like it when a politician tells it like it is, these kinds of brash statements on the international stage could be extremely costly,” Peggy Lehner, an Ohio state senator, said in reference to Mr. In the afternoon the Kasich campaign is hosting a second conference call for reporters with veterans to “discuss Donald Trump, national security prior to Trump’s Columbus speech.” The conference calls to denounce the front-runner are following the announcement that a super PAC backing Kasich bought a $2.5 million ad buy in New Hampshire attacking the bombastic Republican front-runner.

The ads pulled sound bites from previous Trump interviews where he acknowledged he was “very pro-choice,” and supported universal health care as an entitlement. Trump an “entertainer” and argued that he was dividing the Republican Party and the country with hateful language. “It’s not something that our party should be for and it’s not something that the American voters should be for,” Mr. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Central Ohio Works Center and the Ohio State University Coalition for Black Lives planned a protest march in conjunction with Trump’s appearance at the Columbus Convention Center downtown. The groups said they were protesting Trump’s “disparaging comments about people of color and women.” In battleground-state style, a simultaneous anti-abortion protest was also planned, this one by supporters of the so-called Heartbeat Bill which has been introduced – but not passed – for several years. A PAC supporting Kasich joined in, scheduling a plane to fly around the convention center with a banner reading: “Ohioans Can’t Trust Trump.” “I really believe the electorate wants a candidate who shares what I call our ‘Midwestern values,’ ” said U.S.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manger, brushed the attacks aside in an interview with The Hill last week, where he jokingly questioned whether Kasich is still in the presidential race. Our lives depend on a Commander-in-Chief with experience … who understands the world.” The voice then plants seeds of doubt by reinforcing Americans fear of terrorism. Consultants within the party have been working to band together donors who have backed other Republican candidates in hopes that they can dislodge Mr.

He’s obviously leading the national polls, and he’s pretty provocative in what he’s said … the entertainment wing of our party, one that doesn’t have to govern, attracts a lot of viewership, attracts a lot of listenership. (But) being president of the United States is not like being a billionaire CEO.” Kasich and Trump have been openly warring for about a month. The two clashed in back-to-back debates after a stagnating Kasich decided to call out what he calls “crazy” ideas, such as Trump’s proposal for deporting millions of people who are staying in the U.S. illegally. Ben Carson to Barack Obama and his “on-the-job training for president.” Trump lit into Kasich in a Twitter rant that night, and Kasich’s campaign fired back. The media buy will be more expensive in local markets that intersect with Boston, but it will be nowhere near the cost of a national or New York-centered media blitz. Trump has made, questioning Senator John McCain’s heroism, discussing Mexican “rapists,” and making contentious comments about the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Commentary by Mark Macias, head of Macias PR, a global public relations firm that has run media and branding campaigns for politicians,tech start-ups, financial firms, nonprofits and companies.

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