Judge Blocks Alabama From Ending Planned Parenthood Funding

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Carly Fiorina slips two new words in a rarely told tale: Planned Parenthood.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said Monday that her office has been in touch with Texas officials over state efforts to block Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid dollars, but she didn’t indicate whether any federal action would be taken. “I’m not familiar with all the specifics of the local case,” Burwell said during a news conference at Parkland Memorial Hospital.A Planned Parenthood doctor describes how she uses what may be a partial-birth abortion technique to deliver fetal trunks intact, then laughs as she says she will “strive” for an intact fetal skull in an undercover video released Tuesday.

Sanger, who helped found the American Birth Control League, the organization that became Planned Parenthood, is represented in the National Portrait Gallery, one of the Smithsonian museums, by a bronze bust. Schultz says “Ann Richards, the feminist of withering wit and deadpan delivery” and the late former governor of Texas, “left us in good hands by launching [Planned Parenthood CEO] Cecile [Richards] into the world.” Cecile Richards, described as “her typically calm, rational self trying to answer a question,” is contrasted with U.S. The latest footage, the eleventh in a series of graphic videos by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress targeting the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, raises more questions as to whether the abortion provider is in violation of federal law. “My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” says Dr. It is currently part of an exhibition called “The Struggle for Justice,” which records, through the faces of those involved, this country’s slow movement toward civil rights.

This year, Fiorina, as a Republican candidate for president, started regularly telling another powerful, personal story that she said helped harden her antiabortion position. Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, speaking to center investigators posing as representatives of a fetal-tissue procurement company. Earlier this month, the legislators sent a letter to the museum which describes Sanger as a racist who was bent on carrying out a genocide, the “extermination” of black Americans—a charge for which, as at least some of them surely know, there is no sound historical basis—and said that her bust should “not be displayed in or on any Smithsonian operated property.” Gohmert, in a press release that accompanied the letter, went further, saying that the bust should be “removed” from the collection.

Burwell’s comments came during a visit to Parkland to promote efforts to boost participation in the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplace ahead of the Nov. 1 start of the open enrollment period. Texas has the highest rate, and the highest total number, of uninsured residents in the country, according to data released by the Census Bureau last month. Last week, Sajet wrote back to the Republicans, stating that the museum would keep Sanger, on the ground that excluding her “would deny the public and future generations insight on an important chapter in American history.” Sajet is waiting to see what comes next from Cruz and Gohmert.

She accompanied a very good friend to an abortion clinic and saw face to face the effects of abortion on that woman, she said in January at a March for Life event. Schultz said his performance “looked like a bad audition for the junior class play.” In his questioning, which lasted five minutes, 34 seconds, Ms. In 2014, 19.1 percent of Texans, about 5 million people, didn’t have health insurance, a slight decrease from the 22.1 percent uninsured the year before. Instead, she said she will sometimes use ultrasound guidance to flip a second-trimester fetus to a breech presentation, meaning that the feet exit the womb first, and described how she recently performed the procedure an abortion on a 20-week-old fetus. “It was a trunk intact, so usually what I do, if it’s a breech presentation, I’ll remove the extremities first, the lower extremities, and then go for the spine and sort of bring it down that way,” said Dr. Richards had to be silenced “15 times.” Evidently she had difficulty with succinct and sharp answers to legitimate questions American listeners wanted to hear.

Fiorina already has styled herself as an opponent of Planned Parenthood; the new reference to the group in her anecdote could strengthen her appeal among conservatives. She added that, “Especially the 20-weekers are a lot harder versus the 18-weekers, so at that point I’ll switch to breech,” she says in the video. Burwell touted the progress being made in Texas, but said much more work needs to be done to raise awareness about the available options and to educate residents about the subsidies available that can help drive down costs of insurance. “Emphasizing this affordability point and the importance of the Advanced Premium Tax Credits so that people know care can be subsidized so they can have affordable premiums is such an important part,” she said. For example, there are portraits not only of Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth but of Laura Keene, the actress who starred in “Our American Cousin,” the play that Lincoln was watching when Booth shot him; Keene was a highly regarded performer, and a good reason for Lincoln to get out of the White House that night. (Some of his blood ended up on her costume.) The Founding Fathers are there, but so is Samuel Seabury, the clergyman who admonished New Yorkers just to listen to the King.

She was also criticized, though, because a video she described during the debate, of an aborted fetus at a Planned Parenthood clinic, apparently does not exist. Sanger has been accused of being a eugenicist in the mode of Josef Mengele, but the presence of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, who were actually deeply compromised by their anti-Semitism and ties to Nazism, has not attracted the same complaints. Dermish said she had not been able to deliver an intact calvarium, or skull, during an abortion procedure, but added with a laugh that, “Well, this will give me something to strive for.” Partial-birth abortion is prohibited under federal law, as is altering abortion procedures in order to keep fetal specimens intact for medical research. Later, campaign spokeswoman Anna Epstein said she “could have been wrong” about the story being in Fiorina’s book and pointed to two news stories in which the anecdote had been mentioned.

Schultz, support for the organization is a habit born of longtime practice and “powerful memories.” Mother and daughter sentimentality doesn’t belong in a congressional hearing. There’s Josephine Baker and Michael Jackson, Nikola Tesla and Bill Gates, Generals Patton and Schwarzkopf, the boxer Jack Johnson (known as the Galveston Giant) and George Steinbrenner. In the end, the campaign declined to comment for this story — or to name the friend. “We have nothing to add,” Epstein said in an e-mail when asked about Fiorina’s decision to add the story to the campaign trail this year. The world’s mothers and fathers wanted to question those who collect the refuse of vicious acts against humanity, the blood and tissue of life destroyed. Who walks away with a six-figure salary in a nonprofit organization, while the poor, troubled girl or woman later lives with a troubled conscience because a helpless life ceases to exist?

That’s the easy explanation, anyway—to not exactly defend Sanger but to note that, if Al Capone (also in the collection) is O.K., then she should be, too. But Sanger was a socialist, which often put her at odds with the eugenicists, and with her own organization.” Lepore also quotes Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s assessment that “there is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger’s early efforts.”) Sanger solicited money for her cause from eugenicists.

In a statement this week, Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Eric Ferrero said Planned Parenthood leaves decisions on abortion, adoption or raising a child to a woman and her health-care providers. She also worried about overpopulation, and some of what she had to say about that is unattractive, such as when she suggested that it would be better if poor families had fewer children, and “imbeciles” none at all. Those who know her say Fiorina has been staunchly against abortion for years, even when she ran for the Senate in California, a socially moderate state. An earlier era’s complaint about Planned Parenthood was that it didn’t put enough clinics in black neighborhoods or work hard enough to provide service to those communities. Sanger’s views have been represented, and misrepresented, by Republicans as evidence that minorities should be wary of not only Planned Parenthood but of the Democratic Party.

May’s brother, Richard Mellon Scaife, has been a prominent funder of conservative causes, and May herself gave money to anti-immigration groups. (Also, to birds.) May was also wrapped up in a political-corruption scandal involving her second husband, Robert Duggan, an Allegheny County district attorney, who was found dead of a shotgun wound, in 1974, shortly before he was expected to be indicted. “Although his death was ruled a suicide, questions surrounded the circumstances, and his family, including Mrs. A certain tentativeness has crept in even among Planned Parenthood’s supporters in the face of the recent onslaught against the group, which has included the production of an undercover sting video that accuses it (with no basis) of illegal organ trafficking. At the Republican Presidential debates, there seems to be a competition among candidates as to who can do more to defund and prosecute the group; one can expect more of that at Wednesday night’s debate in Boulder. People who incline to be pro-choice seem, at times, to be searching for what might be called a rhetorical Al Capone option—defending while also distancing—a way to say that Planned Parenthood, and the clinics that serve poor women, should remain open, without sounding too happy about the enterprise.

Both of those things are legal, but the investigators, the Times reported, were asking for “a complete copy of certain patients’ records, including doctors’ orders, nursing notes and lab tests, as well as the center’s appointment books, patient sign-in sheets and contracts.” These are records that women would expect to be confidential; if they are handed over, the women might have to worry about investigators showing up at their doors.

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