Junior High Student Accused of Bomb Threat Against School

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13-Year-Old Arlington Boy Arrested For Making Threat To School.

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Police in North Texas say a Sikh junior high student of Indian descent has admitted threatening to detonate a bomb at school, but investigators deny social media claims from a young woman who says she’s the boy’s cousin that a bully falsely accused him of making the threats. Police say he told a classmate at Nichols Junior High School he had a bomb in his backpack and he was going to take it into a bathroom and blow up the school.“On Thursday, I was doing my test in my class and then the student behind me saw inside my backpack,” said Singh. “He saw this battery thing I have for charging electronics and he assumed that it was a bomb, and I said, ‘No, it’s not.’” Singh’s backpack was a “charging backpack” with wires to charge electronics. Police said they responded to the school and evacuated the classroom, making sure the student in question, didn’t have any kind of detonation device, Cook said.

Investigators said, the teenager apparently told another student about his plans that involved leaving a backpack in the schools bathroom and talked about the plans two days in a row. The officer disclosed in his offense report he was trembling he was so scared.” An Arlington ISD spokeswoman says the district tried to contact the boy’s parents Friday after his arrest, but didn’t have the correct phone number. He has been charged with making a terroristic threat. “Whether it’s written or spoken, when it crosses the line and causes this type of alarm, this panic in the community, that’s when it really rises into this terroristic threat statute that on the books,” said Lt. Cook says, “It’s unfortunate someone would try to politicize or gain an emotional response from the community and that’s what someone tried with this Facebook post, and it’s just not accurate.” (©2015 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc.

Cook said the student later said that he was “joking.” The youth’s older sister said the parents didn’t want to comment, but she said she believed the arrest was racially motivated. Cook. “When children claim to have bombs or threaten to do harm to students and tell other students this, we don’t consider it unreasonable to call the police.

Armaan was subsequently arrested “for making a bomb threat,” officials with the Arlington Independent School District told the Dallas Morning News. His parents were not informed of his arrest, she claimed, adding that they only found out where he was because the parents “started calling every police department in the area, only to find out he was sent to a Juvenile facility.” “It hurts my heart and boils my blood that there are people stupid enough out there not only accusing us, but our innocent children of being terrorists! AISD released a statement on Friday afternoon saying, “We would love to fully respond to the family’s allegation, but we cannot release information on specific disciplinary matters due to the family educational right and privacy act. The case comes three months after a 14-year-old Muslim boy of Pakistani descent was arrested at his high school in nearby Irving, another Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, after he brought a homemade clock to school that was mistaken for a possible bomb.

Justice Department is investigating the incident. “The suspect never told us anything about being bullied,” the lieutenant said. “The ethnicity or race does not figure into our investigation in any way. After taking social media by storm with rants against anti-Muslim bigotry, the Mohammed family announced they were emigrating to Qatar and seeking $15 million in damages from the school district.

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