Analogous Full Tool Plant Complementary Yellow Purple What Monochromatic Combination Color Grounded Blue Garden Plants Choosing Plants By Working Together

Analogous Full Tool Plant Complementary Yellow Purple What Monochromatic Combination Color Grounded Blue

April 3, 2019 By Wendy Palma In Garden Plants

Gardens are like buildings in that they are capable of expressing a pleasing harmony, a balanced symmetry of design which is altogether gratifying. Walk around any garden which combines agreeable plant affiliation with attractive design and find out what an enjoyable experience it is, for beauty, indeed, sweeps out all that is trivial. The appeal is not in any way due to the extravagant use of color to produce a garish or startling effect. Rather it relies on artistry, subtle gradations of leaf, shade and shape, with flowers as the embellishment and not the principal factor.

Fanciful though it may seem, plants do express a personality. There are those of such a demanding presence that all the planting within their area of influence must be complementary, not competitive. Beautiful though the carpet of yellow is under a summer sun, it lacks the lyric quality of a Magnolia so carefully sited that its deep rose-pink flowers are seen framed against no other background than the blue and white of a March sky.

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