Lindsay Graham pours beers, contemplates marrying Carly Fiorina

28 Oct 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Graham pours drinks, jokes about Clinton, Fiorina and Palin.

The Washington Post’s David Weigel has an account of a CNN happy hour event featuring Lindsey Graham, and the whole thing is oddly delightful, if only for reminding us of a time, in the sepia-toned long-ago, when Lindsey Graham still existed.CNN host Dana Bash then had him play a round of “date, marry or make disappear forever,” forcing the Congressman into selecting people for each option.BOULDER, Colorado — Republican presidential candidate and South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham played a game of “fuck, marry, kill” and confessed to having never smoked pot in a ribald appearance in Boulder ahead of Wednesday’s Republican primary debate. CNN’s annual “Politics on Tap” Happy Hour was held in Boulder, Colorado and Graham was the event’s first “celebrity bartender,” where “celebrity” can be understood to mean “man who is apparently still hanging around.” Graham, whose family owned a bar in Central, S.C., took to the evening with aplomb, posing for pictures and joking with the journalists and activists who’d RSVP’d.

Even though he’s never been hitched, Graham would bypass marrying for love the first time and go straight for the money, opting for Fiorina “because she’s rich.” Graham pretty much stole the show not only for his responses, but also for the show he put on behind the bar — while also taking shots and toasting to the health of Medicare and Social Security. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), GOP presidential rival Carly Fiorina and Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton. “And polling, at this point, is based on celebrity or soundbites.

Unlike most presidential candidates when faced with a question like this, Graham played along, saying that out of the three, he would go on a date with Palin. It was not a happy time for Graham, whose brand of folksy charm he says was undone by the lack of a live studio audience. “You’d tell a joke, and no one laughed. Kind of like right now,” muttered Graham, staring into the bottomless depths of a double old fashioned glass half-filled with tepid water, probably. Graham did not go so far as to state that he would have Clinton disappeared forever. “Personally I don’t like the idea,” Graham said. “I’m not a big fan of legalizing marijuana, I think there’s enough problems with alcohol without adding to it.” Graham said he considers marijuana a gateway drug. “I’ve been convinced that it helps people with epilepsy,” Graham said when asked by BuzzFeed News about medical marijuana after the Q&A had wrapped up. “I’ll be honest with you, this is about 10th on my list of things to worry about,” Graham said with a laugh after being asked about Colorado’s marijuana legalization and whether he would do anything to reverse it. “After I kill [ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi, I’m gonna come after y’all.” Asked who would be the first person he would email if he were to email someone, he said it would be Baghdadi, to inform him that he was coming for him.

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