Lindsey Graham Got 800 On His SATs And Won’t Stop Talking About His Bad Grades

29 Oct 2015 | Author: | No comments yet »

Graham Promises China A ‘Clenched Fist Or An Open Hand’ — ‘You Pick!’ [VIDEO].

He had two chances to talk before the first break – and both times he made sure to make it about his pet topic, even when it seemed to have little to do with the questions. “Without national security, there is no economic security.

“I think it sucks,” the South Carolina U.S. senator told a CNN reception on the eve of the debate, discussing the one hour debate featuring four Republicans low in polls. “With all due respect, I know there are a lot of us running, but I don’t think I’m an undercard candidate when it comes to national security. I think I’ve got something to offer.” At the reception, moderator Dana Bash got Graham to play a popular bar game she called “date, marry or disappear forever.” He was asked about Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin as his choices. “On our side, you’ve got the No. 2 guy (who) tried to stab somebody at 14 and the No. 1 is high energy and crazy as hell,” Graham said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” referring to Carson, who has recalled the violent instant recently, and Trump. Additionally, Graham said that, as president, he would project a strong foreign policy which would no longer make America look “weak in the eyes of our enemies.” GRAHAM: We’re being bowled over because our commander-in-chief is weak in the eyes of our enemies. Do you think Putin would be in the Ukraine today if Ronald Reagan were president? … At the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, the foreign policy of Barack Obama needs to be replaced, and the last person you want to find to replace his foreign policy is his secretary of state.

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