Lindsey Graham roars out of the debate gates

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Graham On ISIS: We Need To Go Into Syria And ‘Kill Every One Of These Bastards That We Can Find’ [VIDEO].

“To every candidate tonight — are you willing to commit that you’re going to destroy [ISIS], and you understand that we’re going to need ground troops to do it?” Sen.These are the ones who didn’t make it, the presidential candidates who had to walk tall to the debate stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, even as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer announced that the “second-tier candidates” had arrived for their second-tier debate: Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina; Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana; former governor George Pataki of New York; and Former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. Lindsey Graham asked at Wednesday’s second Republican debate. “If you’re not ready to do these things, than you’re not read to be commander in chief.” This isn’t just hyper-hawkishness: It’s hyper-hawkishness on steroids, raised to the level of obsession.

Some in the crowd chuckled. “I’m Lindsey Graham from South Carolina in case you can’t tell.” At last month’s Fox News debate, the earlier gathering for candidates who were not polling in the top 10 was not open to the public — and that debate lacked the applause and crowd noice of the later, prime-time debate. He began by thanking CNN for bringing any audience to the undercard debate at all. “One, thanks, CNN, for having people at this debate,” Graham said before even introducing himself. Even as Pataki complained that the first four questions were about Trump, he added a strong statement about the erstwhile billionaire in hopes of getting attention: “Let me say this flat out, Donald trump is unfit to be president of the United States.” The next series of questions were dominated by Trump’s favorite issue, immigration. We’ll go in on the ground, and we’re going to pull the caliphate up by its roots, and we’re going to kill every one of these bastards that we can find because if we don’t, they’re coming here. Jindal called Trump a narcissist and a non-Republican who would destroy the party’s chances of winning the nomination, then praised him later as a man unafraid of confronting DC insiders.

Santorum sort of defended him, saying “personal attacks just please one person, Hillary Clinton.” The sunniest warrior: Yes, Lindsey Graham is campaigning as a single-issue candidate determined to scare the snot out of America over the threat of Islamic extremism. And yes, he opened his comments by suggesting that anyone unwilling to send thousands of combat troops to Syria should not be considered presidential material. Graham’s position has a lot of support among Republican voters and the conservative foreign policy establishment, and the ISIS crisis has pushed people away from Paul’s position.

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