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Man kills Mississippi Waffle House employee over smoking policy

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Man kills Mississippi Waffle House employee over smoking policy.

Biloxi police Sgt. BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — Police in Biloxi say they have arrested a man who shot and killed a woman at a Waffle House restaurant after she asked him not to smoke.The 52-year-old Waffle House server was doing her job and enforcing the no-smoking policy at the restaurant when she was shot by a customer she told to put out a cigarette.A waitress in a Biloxi Waffle House asked Johnny Mount, 45, to snuff out his cig but he refused and instead pulled out a handgun and shot the woman a little after 1 a.m. on Friday. “Julie was a friend to many as well as a valued member of the Waffle House team.

Donnie Dobbs said the customer, Johnny Max Mount, 45, is accused of fatally shooting the waitress early Friday after he fired up a cigarette inside the business. Our prayers are with her family, friends, co-workers and customers.” A grueling five-hour standoff between Colorado police and a gunman holed up in a Planned Parenthood clinic ended with a police officer and two others dead, nine more wounded and the shooter in custody, police said Friday. The names of the two civilians killed in the Colorado Springs shootout weren’t released as of late Friday night, while a law enforcement official identified the gunman as Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina. However, Waffle House prohibits firearms inside their restaurants unless the customer works in a law-enforcement field or is in the military, Warner said. She asked Bonin and his friends if they were having a good Thanksgiving. “She told us she was tired, but she was making the whole conversation about us,” he said.

Planned Parenthood was politically targeted around the country after a series of controversial videos from an anti-abortion group depicted officials talking about donating aborted fetuses for medical uses. The area was still on lockdown as night arrived because police weren’t sure if the gunman had left behind possible explosive devices — including propane tanks. Police evacuated as many of the clinic staffers and patients as they could during the standoff — hustling them into the nearby Veterans Administration building. According to police dispatch records, the gunman entered the clinic at roughly 12:15 p.m. — and began firing out the windows at propane tanks placed around the parking lot. The franchise closed immediately after the shooting while Biloxi police investigated the crime, but then reopened. “We have lined up some grief counselling for the employees as well,” Warner said. “We are going to help the employees any way we can.

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