One of Donald Trump’s fans took the stage in Vegas and declared: ‘I am …

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A Show of Hispanic Support for Donald Trump (Well, One at Least).

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has contended for months that he’s popular with Hispanic voters, despite comments he’s made about Mexico and his proposal to build a wall on the U.S.Instead he retreated here, to his comfort zone — Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère Theatre at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the strip — and put on a show.

A Hispanic woman and ecstatic Donald Trump supporter took the stage with the Republican presidential candidate during his rally Thursday in Las Vegas to proclaim her love to him. Trump mixed in his signature wisecracks and insults with a hefty dose of audience participation, asking supporters to call out the names of countries taking advantage of the United States and inviting a woman with a fire-red dye job to stand and be recognized, as he gushed, “I wish I had that hair.” At one point, as Trump complained about the appearance of his nose on a recent People Magazine cover, a woman seated in the front row waved a copy of the magazine. Bergdahl, who’s a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed,” Trump said to cheers at a rowdy rally inside a packed Las Vegas theater at the casino-hotel Treasure Island. Trump pulled the woman, who identified herself as Hispanic, on stage, and the crowd of 1,600 cheered as she proclaimed her support for the Republican pack leader.

It was practically an aside in a litany of complaints at the end of a more than hourlong, free-wheeling speech that included a large dose of media bashing and a claim that he was behind Rep. Though Trump’s candidacy has thrived on conflict, he pulled out of the Hispanic Chamber event last Friday, a day after POLITICO reported on the tough line of questioning the group’s leaders had planned for him there, and announced plans for a rally here. “The risk of another Jorge Ramos moment is too great and the reward for successfully navigating the event is too small,” explained Bruce Haynes, co-founder of Purple Strategies. “He’s trying to assemble a broad-based populist coalition of voters with a direct appeal to specific, visceral economic and cultural concerns.” Treasure Island, owned by Trump’s friend and business partner Phil Ruffin, is practically a Trump biosphere. His attorney, Eugene Fidell, said in a statement that Trump “has become a broken record on this subject.” Bergdahl has been accused of leaving his post in southeastern Afghanistan in June 2009.

Three hours before the event, dozens of diehards had already lined up outside the theater entrance, around the corner from the casino floor and opposite a kiosk for the Instant Millions lottery with signage proclaiming “Everyone’s a winner” below a pile of solid-gold dollar signs. As Ruffin described Trump’s success obtaining a lower interest rate from creditors to Trump Tower in Vegas by skipping payments to them, he was interrupted by a commotion towards the back of the venue. Then he completed a little riff about how the editors at People had manipulated the photo to give him a wart on his nose that doesn’t exist, signed her magazine and kissed her on the cheek. The speech was punctuated by shouts of support from the crowd that filled about 1,620 seats in the Las Vegas Strip casino theater normally reserved for acrobatic Cirque du Soleil productions. Trump arrived dramatically through a public entrance as the chords of “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito came on over the house speakers, and the main act made his way through the crowd. “I’m going to finish telling my story,” said Ruffin after Trump had taken the stage.

He went on to say that Trump had employed “hundreds of thousands” of Hispanics. “I just met with a whole group, the Hispanics,” Trump told the crowd. His speech spanned a spider-web of topics that included his disdain for media coverage, many of his fellow Republican presidential candidates and current political leadership as well as Thursday’s news that McCarthy had dropped out of a race for House speaker. “You know, Kevin McCarthy is out.

You know that, right?” he asked the crowd. “And they’re giving me a lot of credit for that because I said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. …

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